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Zoologists may specialize in a branch of the field that is concerned with a related group of animals, such as mamma logy (mammals), herpetology (reptiles), ichthyology (fish), or ornithology (birds). The salary for zoologists may vary based on factors such as the type of employment, level of education completed, and duties required by their specific position.

Zoologists with graduate degrees or with specialized knowledge tend to earn higher salaries in the field. Graduate-level degrees, such as a master's or a Ph.D., are generally preferred and often required for advanced research or teaching positions.

Many undergraduates earn their initial bachelor's degree in biology before focusing on zoology during their graduate-level studies. Critical-thinking skills: Zoologists must be able to draw conclusions from experiments, research results, and scientific observations.

Comfort with technology: Being tech-savvy is a plus because zoologists often use highly specialized scientific equipment and data management software during the course of their research activities. Zoologists holding graduate degrees will have the greatest number of career options, especially in research and academia.

AZA members are a network of thousands of committed zoo and aquarium professionals, organizations, and suppliers worldwide. American Association of zookeepers : Zoologists may also choose to join the AAK, a widely known group that has been active in the profession since 1967.

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The AAK is not just for zookeepers, though; membership includes all levels of zoo personnel, from keepers to curators to veterinarians. Employment opportunities for zoologists are present with zoological parks, aquariums, marine parks, state or federal governmental agencies, laboratories, educational institutions, museums, publications, environmental conservation groups, and consulting companies.

Zoologists may work outdoors in varying weather conditions and extreme temperatures while conducting research or management activities. Being a zoologist requires you to work in indoor and outdoor environments to perform research and collect valuable information for further testing and analysis.

A zoologist's salary can vary depending on the amount of experience they have and the geographical location in which they work: Generally, a zoologist works with one type of animal and has the opportunity to study the intricacies of their environment, well-being and its interactions with humans, predators and prey.

Working in these specialty fields usually requires a master's or a doctoral degree to perform research. You'll test results from specimens gathered from a zoologist's findings and assist in presenting conclusions for academic institutions and government agencies.

A marine biologist only studies life forms in saltwater environments like oceans or tidal flats. You'll need a bachelor's degree to work as a zoologist, so consider preparing yourself by taking science classes in high school.

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Some main courses you'll need to take at the university level include biology, chemistry, physics and math. You will need to work with your faculty advisor to make sure that your academic track is in line with your career path.

Your internship may consist of one-on-one interactions with your supervisor who's giving step-by-step instructions on how to complete an important project. Therefore, active listening skills you gain during your experience improves the way you ask questions, carry out tasks, read nonverbal cues and take accurate notes on specific details from your supervisor.

You'll need to enhance your technical skills to log crucial research data gathered from zoologists in the field. This is also the first time you'll be working with managing your emails on a professional level and understanding new programs used by specialists, so the application of active listening skills generates beneficial results for your development.

The careful evaluation of life, behavioral patterns and lab results requires you to compartmentalize and focus on one task at a time. You can typically go directly into this step once you get a bachelor's degree, especially if your undergraduate university has a graduate program in zoology.

As part of their routine, the zookeepers may clean the exhibits and report health problems. They may also be involved in scientific research or public education, such as conducting tours and answering questions.

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Early civilizations in Mesopotamia (present day Iraq), Egypt, China and Pakistan / NW India allowed rulers and the wealthy class citizens to keep collections of wild animals. These civilizations had individuals who caught and cared for wild animals such as fish and birds.

King Hammurabi (Babylonia, 1728-1686 BC) established the first known Code of Laws, which included fees that could be charged by “ox and ass doctors” or what we know today as veterinarians Many cultures such as the Chinese, Egyptians, Persians, Greeks, Arabian, and India collected.

In the areas known as the New World, Aztec and Inca societies also maintained large animal collections. A zookeeper's responsibilities usually include feeding, maintaining and cleaning the animals, diet preparation, behavioral observation, record keeping, exhibit maintenance and providing environmental enrichment for the animals in their care.

Some also conduct behavioral or reproductive research on a species and participate in public education through talks, programs or shows. For example, a zookeeper can train an elephant to lift their feet so that a veterinarian can check them more easily.

Some zookeepers are responsible for informing an audience, in an exhibit or presentation, about certain types of animals and their behavioral characteristics. Depending on the zoo structure, keepers may be assigned to work with a broad group of animals, such as mammals, birds, or reptiles, or they may work with a limited collection of animals such as primates, large cats, or small mammals.

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Some keepers can become highly specialized such as those who concentrate on a specific group of animals like birds, great apes, elephants or reptiles. Modern habitat exhibits attempt to display a diversity of species of different animal classes within one enclosure to represent ecosystem concepts.

Groups of enclosures are organized by themes, relating to, for example, zoo geography and bioclimatic zones, rather than taxonomy. The shift in exhibit arrangements is changing the scope of work for animal keepers, as they become habitat keepers, with a necessary working knowledge of living environment care, including landscape maintenance, plant care, climate control, and expanded knowledge of animals husbandry for many more species across taxonomic classes.

In the USA they are often required to have completed a college degree in zoology, biology, wildlife management, animal science, or some other animal-related field. In fact in many European countries, people intending to keep or take care of wild animals need to be licensed.

This license will only be given if they can prove sufficient knowledge and practical abilities (evidence of competence). Of course in the vast array of zoos in the world, some of them are still privately owned amateur facilities with a lack of well-trained personnel.

In contrast, some zoos in Australia have a strong reliance on dedicated part-time volunteer workers, who assist zookeepers in the simpler tasks such as preparation of foods and medicines, and cleaning of animal enclosures. In the USA, in addition to good academic preparation, most zoos prefer to hire people for zoo keeping positions who have prior animal-handling experience.

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Other internships can be found in an animal-related facility, including vet hospitals, humane society shelters, wildlife rehabilitation centers, farms and stables. ^ Karsten, Peter, “Staff” in Encyclopedia of the World's Zoos, Bell, Catherine E.

Curators and directors work closely together to determine the best way to contain the animals, maintain their habitats, and manage the facility. The zookeeper provides the daily care of feeding, cleaning, and monitoring the animals and their habitats.

The educational programs they design for the zoo and the animals they procure for exhibition reflect these goals. Often curators write articles for scientific journals and inform reporters for stories.

Traveling to conferences and other zoos is part of the curator’s long workweek, too. A curator also makes the arrangements for an animal’s transport to a museum when it dies.

Larger zoos employ a number of curators who specialize in specific areas. A zookeeper makes sure that they have enough water, feeds and grooms them, and cleans both the animals and their grounds.

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If the keeper notices any change in the animal’s behavior, he/she brings it to the attention of the veterinarian. They must answer the patrons’ questions and tactfully keep them from feeding or teasing the animals.

When emergencies arise, like illness, the keeper may put in extremely long hours. Most importantly, the keeper must be able to develop a rapport with his charges and be infinitely cautious to avoid being injured by the animals.

Beyond this requirement, a bachelor’s degree in a biological science is the best way to prepare to work in a zoo. Don’t underestimate the value of English classes, either-writing articles provides a significant boost to the zoologist’s income.

Most zoos and animal-care facilities have volunteer programs and internships; some even offer paid part-time positions. Experience working with large populations of animals is also advisable, for example as a ranch worker or in a veterinary hospital.

Many of the volunteer and paid training programs at zoos are specifically aimed at aspiring zookeepers. Animals may stay the same, but the technology assisting in their care and study is rapidly advancing, so whatever their particular position the zoologists education is never completed.

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Zoo-related industries are highly competitive, and zookeepers, curators, and directors must stay up-to-date in their fields throughout their careers. The earliest recordings of primitive zoos are in Asia, where emperors kept fish and animals in order to enjoy their beauty.

Few zoologists leave the profession, meaning entry-level positions are increasingly scarce, whether for keepers, curators, or directors. Well-educated zookeepers stand the greatest chance of finding employment in this highly competitive field.

Even zookeepers find that the monotony of their tasks is tolerable because of the enjoyment they receive from working with the animals. Zookeepers are happily moving forward in their careers and enjoy the more stable hours that come with experience.

Zookeepers that have become curators report missing the constant physical contact with the animals. Those with a decade of curator experience enjoy continually updating their facilities.

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