Are Zookeepers Cruel

James Lee
• Sunday, 20 December, 2020
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PETA's members converged on the Hollywood premiere of the new movie Zookeeper to remember Tweet, a giraffe who collapsed and died on set during the movie’s production. Moviegoers may be surprised to learn that the presence of American Humane Association (AHA) representatives on a movie set is no guarantee that animals were not exploited, hurt, or even killed during production.

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Such ancient collections were not held for exhibition in public parks or maintained for purposes of education and recreation. After the conquest of Dacia, Emperor Trajan held 123 days of games in celebration, during which thousands of animals were slaughtered, including elephants, lions, rhinoceroses, tigers, giraffes, crocodiles, bulls, hippopotamus and stags.

In 1898, the reason was cited by the New York Zoological Society when it resolved to inform the public of the continued decline in animal populations, to stimulate sentiment in favor of animal protection, and to cooperate with scientific organizations to ensure the preservation of species. Modern zoos play a critical role in the education of children and families about the various animals found on our planet.

Zoos also partner with local communities to extend the knowledge of animals and conservation to a wider audience. Placing such animals in zoos, especially those hunted and poached, provides them with a safe environment where the species can thrive.

With the dangers of climate change fast approaching, such measures are proving extremely important for the conservation of species. Recently Australia has had to face an unprecedented wave of bush fires that have been blamed on climate change.

The fires have destroyed vast areas of habitat and killed millions of animals, including Kangaroos, koalas, and other species unique to the continent. It is, therefore, essential to have animals in zoos and other areas where they can be accorded extra protection from such unpredictable events.

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Extensive breeding programs at the zoo and reintroduction into wild habitats helped in saving the species from extinction. Other animals that have been preserved in protected areas such as zoos include the Golden Lion Tamarin, Arabian Onyx, Freshwater mussels, and the Puerto Rican Parrot.

In addition to providing residence to animals, zoos create jobs and tourism opportunities that generate revenue for the local community. Today zoos are staffed with highly trained personnel having specialized knowledge on the animals they are tasked to care for.

Many zoos also have veterinarians, pathologists, and technicians who can provide specialized care to animals, including parasite removal and other forms of treatment. Zoo personnel are also aware of the physical and dietary requirements that each species needs to maintain them in a healthy state.

Activities do not adequately replace migration and hunting requirements for animals, but they do eliminate deterioration and boredom at the zoo. Zoos support scientific research by allowing scientists easy access to specimens or species under study.

Such studies create models that help improve zoo conditions so that animals can live longer, breed more successfully, and be happier. Many zoos currently work in collaboration with universities that research the facilities and train professionals such as veterinarians who can then help care for animals.

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Taking an animal from its natural habitat for the sole reason of human entertainment raises several moral and ethical issues. Once they were rescued, they were found to be suffering from malnutrition, kidney, and cardiac problems, as well as trauma from living in a war zone.

Due to a lack of activity, the elephant's feet began to deteriorate to a point where it became difficult for her to walk. Zoos that practice breeding programs face challenges when reintroducing animals back into the wild.

Restriction of some animals such as elephants adversely affects their migratory instincts leading to aggressive behavior. Some zoos continuously breed animals to get newborns to keep visitors coming and revenue streams flowing.

In addition to raising ethical and moral questions on such breeding, frequent births lead to overpopulation in a zoo with limited space. In a new report, an animal welfare group has flagged hundreds of zoos affiliated with the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (GAZA) for mistreating animals, including making big cats perform in gladiator-style shows, elephants play basketball, and diapered chimpanzees ride scooters.

“Zoos have this almost sacred kind of role in conservation,” says Neil D’Crude, WAP’s global wildlife advisor who contributed to the report. D’Crude says WAP included indirect members in the report because it believes GAZA should, at a minimum, outline a code of ethics and animal welfare policy for those zoos and aquariums, which it doesn’t know.

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“We started doing substantial research on and found a lot of scorned and unhappy ex-employees, donators, contributors, and many cracks and holes in the organization became clear without much effort,” she said in an email. WAP notes that SeaWorld San Antonio offers shows and opportunities to swim, pet, and pose with dolphins, which respond to commands from trainers.

In an emailed statement, SeaWorld San Antonio spokesperson Suzanne Pelisson-Beasley wrote, “Accredited zoos and aquariums like SeaWorld play an important role in raising the bar on animal welfare practices, advancing vital conservation efforts, and facilitating marine mammal rescues.” “Accredited facilities, like SeaWorld San Antonio, hold themselves to high standards and are still only a fraction of facilities that hold and display animals,” AZA president and CEO Dan Ashe wrote in an emailed statement.

In a statement, GAZA said WAP’s report was incorrect and that the organization takes animal welfare seriously. “GAZA is in accord with WAP that such practices have no place in a modern zoo or aquarium,” the statement says.

“Considering the vast range of species our members take care of,” Kirk-Cohen says, it’s not possible to provide a list of unnatural or demeaning behaviors, but they’re one's animals wouldn’t exhibit in the wild, Kirk-Cohen says. World Animal Protection’s report describes venues that offered encounters where visitors can stroke, kiss, and cuddle with big cats, shows where humans “surf” on the backs of dolphins, and performances in which elephants paint pictures with their trunks.

“There’s a difference between a domesticated species like a cat or a dog that’s been changed over thousands of years biologically and behaviorally to be around people, and an animal that’s been broken to be tame.” Read more Wildlife Watch stories here, and learn more about National Geographic Society’s nonprofit mission at national geographic.org.

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Animals show unnatural behaviors caused from stress in zoo cages, Like big cats pacing and birds/monkeys injuring themselves. Animals like elephants need to travel, It's instinct, But if they can't, They will stress.

Just know that no wild animals is happy in a cage where eyes stare at them daily, Watching their every move. One zoo beat up an animal with a baseball bat and told their employees that they are not to tell anyone because what they did was really illegal.

And then they put them in cages for no reason whatsoever but to make money. Animals would rather be out hunting in the wild verses having the food be fed to them.

Zoos should be banned because it hurts animals and makes them live in a tight unfriendly environment. People enjoy going to zoos to see the cute animals, but they do not realize the treatment that they undergo while they are there.

zookeepers are really hostile and do not take proper care of animals. There are plenty of ways to observe and study animals in the wild.

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They need to get rid of the zookeepers who are cruel and abusive, and not ban the zoos. Many people who decide to enter that field, do so because they love the animals so much.

Zoos provide a lot of benefits to the cities they are in, especially for children. Abusive zookeepers are not a good reason to ban zoos, if anything they are a good reason to maintain higher regulatory practices and standards at zoos.

No, abusive zookeepers are not a good reason to ban all zoos. While individual zoos may need to be shut down due to abusive zookeepers and practices, zoos in general provide a valuable tool to communities in educating the general populace about animals and creatures they may be otherwise ignorant about.

I can why this question is debatable; however, I don't think abusive zookeepers is a good enough reason to completely ban zoos, nor do I think it ever will be. No because the zookeepers let the animals roam free in a big wide open space.

They give the animals free food and also groom till they shine like a star. The zookeepers let the animals play together, and they also give them medicines and take care of them.

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They guard the animals at night so that they don't escape and start killing people. No, abusive zookeepers are not a good reason to ban zoos.

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