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While animals like the rhinos and giraffes may be inside due to colder temperatures, the zoo’s resident otters enjoy their time outside whether playing in the snow or swimming in their heated pool. A frozen river can’t stop an otter from catching its prey, they use opening, break through and even use beaver dams to get to the water.

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You can find the zoo’s otters, Ariel and Brighton, showing off their swimming and running capabilities all year round. Brighton and Ariel aren’t always outside, sometimes they prefer the luxury of their heated barn.

These playful activities are a way for otters like Ariel and Brighton to strengthen their social bond. To see more of these beautiful, playful otters, make sure to stop by and see Ariel and Brighton at the Lee Richardson Zoo, open 8-5 daily.

We comply with requirements and standards for animal health, care and safety. Additionally, all of our animals are vaccinated & deformed per our veterinarian's recommendations & guidelines.

For animal health and comfort, they are groomed, trimmed & bathed regularly. Our Mobile zoo services are perfect for events both large and small.

We offer petting zoos, pony carousels, exotic animal shows both small and large, baby zoos (Seasonal Availability), nativity scenes, and reindeer displays! All of our events allow for quick set up, clean up and provide a safe environment for the animals and guests.

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Huntley, IL 60142 Phone : +1.815-568-9052 | E-mail : Never miss out on the latest updates from A Zoo To You! You may not feel much like a shark, fruit fly, or worm, but you share many aspects of your anatomy and physiology with these and all other animals on Earth.

In this game explore the tree of life and get a front row seat to what some have called the greatest show on Earth. Our educational outreaches are developed to address Next Generation Science Standards (GNSS).

Have fun with this interesting overview of animal classification and find out what makes mammals, reptiles, birds, fish and amphibians different from each other. Meet animals that have crossed entire oceans to find this island paradise.

***Pricing does NOT include travel fees. Family Fun | May 14th, 2020 | 10 AM MT Whether you live in an apartment in the middle of the city, in a house with a backyard, or in the middle of a forest, the ability to observe, marvel and wonder at nature is just beyond the walls of your home.

The sun provides light and warmth, the clouds' moisture, and the trees air, as well as food and homes for animals. Research also shows that nature may calm anxiety, reduce stress, and give our minds and bodies a reboot.

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Getting outside, even for just a few moments, can help you feel connected to the world, adjust your mindset, and can help you feel more at ease as we negotiate our new normal. Find a space outside: a balcony, yard, park, or grassy knoll outside your building will work well.

Sit silently and start making observations using all of your senses. Maybe the breeze as it blows past your ears, or rustles through the trees.

Family Fun | May 13th, 2020 | 10 AM MT Pets provide companionship and give you something to care for; both are found to bring joy to pet owners. Join us in making responsible pet ownership decisions.

Food Water Shelter Exercise Lots of love and care At Denver Zoo, Tate the lion is a carnivore and eats meat while Mali the hippo requires a large pool to wade in.

Family Fun | May 12th, 2020 | 10 AM MT The majority of fruits and vegetables need help from pollinators to grow. Without pollinators like bees, butterflies, and humming birds, we couldn’t enjoy apples, strawberries or watermelons, and it’d be much harder to find cucumbers, squash, or tomatoes.

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Sadly, habitat loss and pesticides are endangering pollinators. Join us in saving pollinators by planting a garden of your own.

Space: A small patch of earth, slab of concrete, or balcony to grow your garden. Container: Use pot or box from a store, or you can make your own out of recycled materials like an empty milk carton.

Join us in shoppingforsustainable products to help protect endangered species! Many products are harvested in areas where endangered animals live.

With a simple scan, the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo’s Sustainable Palm Oil Shopping app tells you whether the item you scanned is RSPO-certified. Download the app, shop sustainable products, and save endangered species! Help your little ones explore the world with a game of Nature Walk Bingo.

Just like us, Denver Zoo animals like to cool off with frozen treats! Created by the Zoo’s Nutrition Team, the chilly snacks are tailored to an animal's specific dietary needs.

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In a small plastic cup or ice tray, add fruit (sliced berries work well!) Place your wrapped hand in the tub of water behind the toy; spread your fingers apart in the bag and move your hand slowly back and forth.

Dog, daffodil, gray rock, blue jay) on a piece of paper then go exploring! As you stroll, use your eyes to observe the world, looking for and counting each item on your list as you go.

For a competitive edge, see who can find the most items or work as a team! INaturalist is a helpful app for identifying “new to you plants, animals, and insects.

Denver Zoo's Night Keeper, DISA Staff, tells the ultimate bedtime story on This American Life's The Elephant in the Bedroom. If you’re lucky enough to have met Ralph the emu in person, you already know that he’s quite a character.

Known for his curiosity, Ralph loves to approach the edge of the home he shares with our red kangaroos to check out his human visitors! So, while you are temporarily deprived of his stunning golden gaze (and vice versa), we’ve come up with three fun activities to lift everyone’s spirits.

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Hyenas and African painted wild dogs are olfactory predators; animals that find their prey through smell. Adults, collect opaque plastic containers (like those used for frosting or margarine) and poke a few small holes in the lids.

Place a different fragrant item like a flower, spice, or essential oil in each and pop the lids on top. At Denver Zoo, animals are trained to ensure their health and safety and to keep their brains active.

Be sure to check their temperature, weight, body condition, and teeth. At times, our older animal residents need additional care and support.

If an injury or arthritis is present, they may receive physical therapy, special exercises, massages, or even acupuncture. Join us LIVE, as we help Joe, the 15-year-old judo, strengthen his muscles with specialized stretches.

• Reach for the Stars: raise your arms high above your head. Zookeepers are creative in designing safe ways for animals to exercise.

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These days, we're all practicing physical distancing; the recommendation to keep at least 6 feet apart from one another. Grab a ruler of measuring tape and find 3 objects, people, or animals in your house that are also 6 feet long.

Pluck leaves off the highest branch of the tree with your fingers. Drinking pose : put hands on the floor and spread your hands and feet as wide as you can, bending your face down to the ground without touching your body to the floor.

Now make up your own giraffe yoga pose and send us a pic! Family Fun | March 20th, 2020 | 2 PM MT Denver Zoo had to make our baby rhino's habitat safe for her.

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