Are Zoo York Skateboards Good

James Lee
• Tuesday, 17 November, 2020
• 8 min read

This is exactly where the Zoo York completes kick in -tough, quality-wood decks with good shape and pop, and trucks and wheels that are fitted for beginners or intermediate riders. The growth of skateboarding culture on the East Coast led to the birth of the first skate-inspired brand on this side of the States, namely Zoo York.

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I am planning on getting the Zoo York Photo Incentive' skateboard deck and I just need some feedback from other skaters who maybe know any positives or negatives about the board. FEATURED BODYWORK SKATEBOARDS Skateboard Wheels 52 mm GIG VARSITY High Quality Urethane from the Zoo.

You can basically buy them at any skate shop weather online or in person. First Impressions: I bought this deck because I found it cheap at my local park's shop (they get the decks blank then spray paint them, so that's why the graphic's not a zoo graphic).

It seemed light, it had a very nice medium/steep concave, and I noticed that the sides were a little different from regular decks (instead of being perfectly round, they were a bit flat and rounded out.). The shape was perfect, and there was no delays in the plies anywhere.

After Set-Up: These decks are great when you first set them up, a little hard to flip at first though. The deck had a good feel to it, not too stiff which can sometimes get annoying when landing hard.

The dips of the concave and the perfect shape made the board very easy to control on shifts and 360s, where that factor is needed. The height on your flips comes with maybe a mesh or two of breaking in.

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I loved how the high amount of durability and lightness came simultaneously, whereas with some other brands you must sacrifice one of these (and you're ultimately sacrificing money or performance). My only complaint of these decks was that it razor tailed fast, and that's the only reason I switched decks, squared tail just messes with my tricks.

I found when I was skating rugged ledges (that were waxed well and broken in, they were just bumpy) the wood dented very easily, which I guess can weaken it a bit, I don't know honestly. The different shape of the sides didn't really affect anything really, it just looks better in my opinion compared to regular rounded edges of other brands.

That deck never chipped, I've thrown the board into the ground nose first and nothing, just a little dent or two in the side. Also, the glue smells nice, haha.

4 The medium/steep concave made tricks where good board control is needed easier. If you want to get some style and learn to power slide, I'd say this deck definitely makes it easier to control the turning on and off of the trick.

The concave also makes turning easier. I was a little surprised by how much lighter it was compared to some other decks and how it held up.

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6) The wood had a little more cushion (it's hard to explain) when I switched out my deck with a new one, every time I landed a trick my feet felt pain, whereas it was opposite with my zoo York. Yu must gotten high of that resin.

Thanks man I've been looking into a zoo York deck but i didn't know how the hold up definitely getting one now I would like to see some more added to it, cost, where you got it, and a bit more on the summary sections.

But like then again, I haven't razor tailed a deck in years, i don't know why? Im always strapped, I shoot bitches at the skate park.

It looks like you actually put time into this, as opposed to people only taking after pics and just doing it all in one paragraph Thanks for stopping by to read our Zoo York High Gloss Skateboard Deck review here at TrustedReviewer.

Whether you’ve already chosen to buy, and just want that bit of reassurance, or you’re only just starting to shop around, our review will help you find the right product for you in the Outdoor Toys category. With 5511 products in the Outdoor Toys category, ranging from just £0 right up to £1139.95 there’s plenty of choice for you to get yourself at the best available.

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If you don’t have the time to read the full review, then the above scores will give you a good idea of how Zoo York High Gloss Skateboard Deck stacks up against other products in the Outdoor Toys category. Chances are you’ve already got your mind set on a product, which is why you’re looking for Zoo York High Gloss Skateboard Deck reviews.

As a guide you can expect to pay approximately £59.95 for Zoo York High Gloss Skateboard Deck (the price at Skate hut on our latest search) There’s a huge amount of choice for those looking to buy their Outdoor Toys online.

You’re here because you’re interested in Zoo York High Gloss Skateboard Deck reviews, which suggests you’re looking for Outdoor Toys products in the region of £59.95 (the price we found Zoo York High Gloss Skateboard Deck at from Skate hut on our recent search). Zoo York High Gloss Skateboard Deck scored 9.2 in our review which makes it one of the top products available in the Outdoor Toys category.

On our most recent search Zoo York High Gloss Skateboard Deck was available at £59.95 from Skate hut. The review score of 9.4 was reached through the details provided by the top merchants and as previously mentioned, a huge range of other criteria.

The score is designed to give you a quick reference way of deciding if Zoo York High Gloss Skateboard Deck is the right product for you, or if you should keep looking elsewhere. If you’ve got any advice or tips for potential customers looking to buy Zoo York High Gloss Skateboard Deck then just drop us a comment in the section below, and we’ll get it approved in order to help future customers make the right choice.

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We can’t stress enough how important it is to stick to retailers that you can rely on, the big names essentially. The average price of the products from BODYWORK is £50.56, which puts them in the category that we like to consider as good value for money”.

You might have even bought one of their shirts on super sale at a Burlington Coat Factory, either out of nostalgia or some optimistic impulse to help them mount a comeback. Scroll through their offerings, and you’ll see they started selling yoga leggings, and their account is plagued with poorly cropped skate photos with cringy lingo (like “tricked out,” or “take it back to the streets”).

So, how did one of skateboarding’s most iconic brands go from making mixtapes with Method Mad and Harold Hunter to full kook? Zoo deserves more than to be shoved in a shitty nursing home, so we reached out to the skateboarders still in contact with the brand to get some answers as to the weird Instagram posts and products.

JP Blair traveled with the mix of Zoo York and Bronze 56k riders to Spain early last year to film a video that was supposed to spark a comeback for the brand, until Iconic cut the skate program almost entirely. After the former Brand Manager left in January 2018, Blair, Buggy Tells, and Kevin Tierney were kept on to produce skate content for Zoo’s Instagram account.

But after Blair left in May of this year, he said the IG account was taken over by an Iconic employee not previously involved with the brand or skateboarding at all. Iconic’s decision to let a non-skateboarder run Zoo’s Instagram might have gone over well with their marketing team, but all it takes is poorly cropped photo of a guy doing a kickflip for skaters to notice something is wrong, and they don’t hesitate to call them out.

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Gal Gadot's casting as Cleopatra launches debate I'm planning to buy my boyfriend a skateboard. I was thinking about Zoo York, is it good.

Yea zoo works pretty good but enjoy is better just ask him what his favorite company is and get that one wit a pool design if u don't want to do that then just get him an almost or a flip Zoo York is a good brand, and as the guy above me already stated, most decks are made of the same stuff, the same way.

And now they've upped the ante even more with guys like Hard Bassett and Chat Ortiz. If you really wanted to surprise him ask him who his favorite skater is and buy the pro model board.

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