Are Zoo Pals Plates Still Made

Christina Perez
• Tuesday, 05 January, 2021
• 8 min read

Snagglepuss Quick Draw McGraw and Baba Lola Huckleberry Hound Angie Dog and Dog Father Yukky Doodle and Chopper Maxilla Gorilla Chuck E. Cheese, Helen Henry, Jasper T. Jowls, and Mr.

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Make your jungle-themed event look even more picture-perfect and memorable by adding Hefty ZooPalsPlates to your setup. These are microwavable paper plates, making it easy to reheat food.

Now that they are older they don't use them anymore, but my little nephew thought they were the bomb! I also purchased the Hefty plastic zoo pals dinnerware through another site because Walmart doesn't carry them anymore for some reason.

I HAD to order these online too through the Walmart site because I can't find them in store anymore either. I love that I am helping to create special childhood memories for her.

Report use these because they are smaller, stronger and have two little cups for dips or ketchup to keep them separate from other food. We use these where there are no tables and only finger food will work like chicken tenders and dip or sandwiches and chips.

Report used these animal plates for a fun pictorial timeline displayed at my son's 1st day party! The Zoo set I got were the “farm collection” with pigs, bee, chicken, etc.

I did not have an owl in this pack, but I know it had snakes, alligators, monkey, zebra, lions, giraffe, and I think a frog. There is a snake, tiger, tree frog, monkey, gecko, gorilla, a butterfly, and a dragonfly.

Report We're committed to providing low prices every day, on everything. So if you find a current lower price from an online retailer on an identical, in-stock product, tell us, and we'll match it.

We have taken action to contact Hefty, the former manufacturer, to bring back this product. Rating is available when the video has been rented.

Truly, the little Velcro straps on his baby Vans burst spontaneously when they see his feet coming. Either we can't get shoes on (because they are usually too narrow) or we wrestle and wrangle them in place and find we can't buckle/tie/Velcro or otherwise fasten the shoes over his high arches.

Many a dream of wearing cute TOMS or little leather loafers has been dashed by his big little piggies. They are fun and paper plates certainly have their purpose (I think we could make some great crafts with them).

So I was delighted to find this sweet little pack of plastic animal plates from Harriet Carter. They are dishwasher safe, come in a pack of three and are a little more environmentally friendly than their paper competitors.

This print shop, created by artist Katie Daisy, has pretty, sunny, whimsical pieces with loads of color. Here are a few of my other favorites (all images are from The Wheat field by Katie Daisy).

The Internet is full of great ideas, but I'm always looking for the ones that can be done instantly without a lot of prep work or running out to buy supplies. I saw the Ocean Salt Pictures project on the Thrifty Decorating blog and knew we had to try it.

It started out innocently enough, a few months ago, and has escalated to a full-blown addiction. I managed to break a new and expensive SD memory card for my camera recently.

This has seriously hampered my ability to work on and photograph blog projects for the past few days. Pinterest is a fabulous free website that allows you to organize and share all the great things you find online. When you find an inspiring photo, project, book, hairstyle, recipe-whatever- on the web you pin it to your virtual cork board, add a note to the pin, so you can remember why in the world you pinned it and then organize it among your boards on your Pinterest page.

It's such a great source for inspiration and such a nifty way to neatly organize all of your favorites. If you are not yet a pinning aficionado, and you would like to try, I'm happy to send you an invitation to get you started.

I whipped up these little odes to Pinterest for those who share this addiction hobby. Happy Monday, friend! I am staring at a pile of half-finished projects that are currently taking over my house.

I have these big wild plans in my head and when my projects don't live up to that or don't seem to be taking the shape I've envisioned, I have a very bad habit of (temporarily) abandoning them before they are complete and starting something new. This entry in my Coffee Table Quote Book is inspired by a little motto I read somewhere and am constantly telling myself.

I heard a fellow shopper say as she walked into the store, “I'm so nervous, I'm sweating-I'VE WAITED SO LONG FOR THIS MOMENT!” Whether your passionate enough to sweat over a sale, or just enjoy a good deal, you should check things out.

May your discoveries be many, your purchases be deeply discounted and your underarms stay dry! Braids seem to be a big deal this summer, but they've always been tops in my book.

Wrap the top end of the fabric around the elastic a few times until it is tight Tuck the end of the fabric under the hair elastic and hide it.

Bringing the tail of the fabric down through the wrapped section, tie it in a knot around the braid I am a firm believer that for some things, you have to cough up the cash get quality, but am so happy when I find exceptions to my own rule.

So two drops of an oil-based shine serum and I go from frizzy to looking like I've fallen into a vat of Vaseline. This John Freida product is my new secret weapon (pun intended).

It will be part of the upcoming Salt Lake Parade of Homes and will be filled with Ellie and Burlesque decor and furnishings! Click here for more details, photos and a video clip from SL.

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