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• Tuesday, 12 January, 2021
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Zoos and safari parks in England will be allowed to reopen from 15 June, Boris Johnson is to announce on Wednesday, amid fears that some would be bankrupted if the shutdown extended into the summer months. With the government keen to relieve the tedium of the lockdown for cooped-up families without sparking a fresh increase in coronavirus cases, the prime minister will also say drive-in cinemas can open for business next week.

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A Downing Street official said: “People are continuing to make huge sacrifices to reduce the spread of coronavirus and avoid a second spike, but we know it is tough and where we can safely open up more attractions, and it is supported by the science, we will do so. But campaigners including the prime minister’s father had urged the government to “save our zoos”, amid warnings that some could be forced to close permanently if they continued to be unable to welcome visitors.

As more parts of normal life gradually begin to return with social distancing in place, whether zoos and other outdoor animal parks might be re-opening their doors soon also. Zoos and safari parks will open their doors from Monday 15 June, Boris Johnson announced tonight.

Zoological Society of London (ZSL) director general Dominic Jeremy said: ‘In good faith we are having conversations with very generous people who have supported us in the past, and with banks, in order to make sure the future does not remain perilous. But now as the lockdown is gradually being lifted, one of the places to open up this month has been zoos and other outdoor spaces that allow for social distancing.

This came after a number of PMs and the Prime Minister’s own father calling for action to be taken so that zoos can reopen, as many have been hit with their own financial crisis since the lockdown started. The lockdown was naturally going to be a real problem for many zoos, as they often rely on visitor fees to keep their sites open.

A spokesperson for Colchester Zoo told the Daily Mirror, “We think that being able to re- open in July would be wonderful but this could go on until September or October, we could not last until then, so to survive we will need to approach banks to help us out.” Similarly, London Zoo is reportedly facing its worst ever financial crisis after closing for the first time since World War Two.

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Director Leo Oosterweghel told the Irish Times that the animals are now surprised to see him, saying, “They come up and have a good look. Some countries such as Belgium, Austria, France, Germany, Denmark, Italy and a few areas of Spain are already welcoming back visitors into their zoos with social distancing measures in place.

It’s likely that other countries in Europe, including the UK, would follow suit with this as they have laid out similar plans for reopening other non-essential services. Since they’re outside establishments, scientists are more confident about people upholding the social distancing regulations and the virus not spreading so quickly.

Zoos and safari parks in England will be allowed to open from Monday, Boris Johnson will announce on Wednesday, in a move that could save some of the nation’s best-loved attractions from closure. Zoos had taken a financial battering from lockdown because of the continuing cost of looking after animals without any revenue coming in, and some had warned they were on the brink of going bust.

On Tuesday, Alok Sharma, the Business Secretary, confirmed that shops will be allowed to reopen on Monday, enabling high streets to “spring back to life”. Frequently-touched objects, such as sofas, will have to have protective coverings, surfaces will have to be regularly cleaned and any goods returned to shops, or clothes that people try on without buying, will have to be quarantined for 72 hours.

Speaking at Wednesday's daily briefing, Boris Johnson outlined the latest steps in the easing of the coronavirus lockdown. Sir Are Starter said the government's plan for getting children back to school in England was “in tatters”, blaming the situation on a lack of leadership from Mr Johnson.

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Downing Street continues to emphasize that the UK government wants to move forward carefully in further easing the lockdown. Wednesday's announcement on zoos reflects the belief the risk of transmission is lower outdoors and is based on social distancing rules being followed.

Our focus throughout has always been keeping our animals happy and well cared for, and we'd like to say a huge thank you for your support, which is really appreciated during this challenging time. Once more we will need to shoulder the costs for the food and care of our 20,000 animals with no way to generate income for ourselves.

We hope we can reopen bookings as soon as possible, and we will announce it on our website, on social media or directly via email to you if you are signed up to receive updates from us. Over the past few months, we have been working hard to implement a range of safety measures at our Zoos and followed Government advice so that we can provide a safe and enjoyable visit for everyone.

As mainly outdoor experiences, both our Zoos offer an open -air opportunity to see amazing animals and to reconnect with nature. All our staff are specially trained to ensure the guidelines are adhered to, so you have a safe and enjoyable day out.

To avoid crowding and maintain social distancing it may become necessary to close some of our indoor enclosures and indoor play areas and cancel animal talks and demonstrations, depending on Government guidance or regulations, If this is the case, it will be clearly set out on our website. One-way routes around London Zoo to help with visitor flow and to ensure social distancing.

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In the first lockdown from March to June 2020, we automatically extended all Silver and Gold memberships for 3 months. However, due to the huge financial impact of this and subsequent lockdowns, we are sadly not able to automatically extend all memberships for the duration of this latest closure.

It costs us £1 million a month to continue feeding and caring for our 20,000 animals, and we are reliant on every bit of support we receive to get us through this difficult time, so we are simply not able to bear the further loss of income this time around. Although the Zoos are now closed in line with government guidelines, we are taking bookings for later in the year.

Our hire venues aren’t operating at the moment, and our Events and Hospitality offices are currently closed. If you have borrowed books we will be automatically renewing your loan, so please don’t worry.

Zoos are mostly found far away from the city so that the animals get the feel of jungle. The main reason behind this is that zoo construction requires huge land area to accommodate several animals in their respective zones.

With lots of laws in place unlike earlier days, animals should be kept freely within a zone around natural conditions. Many zoos are also designed in the form of theme park with only a specific animal.

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With so many wild animals in the zoo, safety is utmost importance. Lately, many animal parks zoo incidences have been reported due to human ignorance.

In order to grab the food, they may unintentionally scratch or hold your hand. Almost all the zoo houses, these common animals like lions, tigers, zebras, alpacas, ostrich, penguins, bears, monkeys, insects, water animals, birds and reptiles.

If it rains, the animal takes shelter inside, and you may not be able to see them. And if it is torrential rain then the zoo authority may also deny the entry.

During storm prediction and blizzard, zoos are closed to ensure the animals are safe and warm inside. Not only zoos, you can also find theme parks, safaris, gardens and other related venue with the help of Near Me Miner.

Believe me, it is worth all the effort and expense as animals are innocents and melt your heart with their charming activities.

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