Are Zoo Open In Tier 4

Paul Gonzalez
• Saturday, 16 January, 2021
• 7 min read

Risk doesn’t seem any higher than a NT garden to my mind. If zoo visits spread COVID-19 as effectively as schools, your arguments would carry more weight.

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Zoos are educational and rely on profits to care for the animals. Having said that I think people should visit local zoos and not travel across the country to one.

If zoo visits spread COVID-19 as effectively as schools, your arguments would carry more weight. It's more like another example of the government sending mixed messages to already fed up people.

Indoor exhibits all closed, number of guests limited and timed entry. You had to walk through an enclosed dome to get in, but masks were mandatory and there was no loitering around allowed.

My child is in a class of 35 for 6 hours a day with no masks or social distancing I don’t see how the two compare. I wouldn't go to a zoo as it's not within my local area, but I don't begrudge those that live near one having the ability to go to one.

The real trouble with places like zoos (and NT gardens) being open is not the visitors, but the staff... Ours didn't re- open when the guidance changed, not financially viable as only locals could get there.

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Shame really because they've really struggled, but this is usually their quiet time of year and its pretty much only pass holders that go in the Christmas to Easter period. And takeaways and click and collect and all the other things that are allowed because they are “safe” come to that.

Two zoos in Norfolk and Suffolk have reopened after the government made changes to the Tier4 rules. Both attractions are open from 10am to 2pm every day, including New Year's Day, with visitors enjoying half price entry.

With gates closed for months and no income from visitors the zoos had received no financial support from government, she added, while stressing the benefits for mental wellbeing of a family day out. Both Africa Alive and Bantam Zoo posted on Facebook saying that they were “so pleased” the government had published an amended Statutory Instrument which permits outdoor attractions, including zoos, to remain open in Tier4 areas.

Signs at Bantam Zoo showing how a family day out has changed during the pandemic as we all adhere to social distancing.- Credit: Denise Bradley The post said indoor locations around the zoo, including animal houses and restaurant areas, would remain closed although they were offering takeaway refreshments.

People on social media were quick to react, with many hailing the change as “brilliant news” and saying they intended to visit soon. Thrifty Hall Wildlife Gardens, near Great Yarmouth, said it had decided to remain shut for the time being.

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Thrifty Hall Wildlife Gardens near Great Yarmouth is remaining closed under Tier4, despite a Government rule change which came in on Christmas Eve saying zoos could reopen.- Credit: Ar chant Chester Zoo has issued an update after Cheshire was placed into Tier4 Covid-19 restrictions from December 31.

Do people realize if there is no income at these zoos the animals will be euthanized as they cannot be released You cannot compare an outdoor huge space to a classroom no I do appreciate that, I think it just seems a bit at odds with the stay at home only essential travel thing to me.

Their indoor areas are shut but most of the zoo is outside so no different from going for a walk round a park etc. Ours is closed, although I think the outdoor parts can be open, just not indoor exhibits and cafés etc.

It's probably more to do with which businesses the government can afford to shore up whilst they aren't making money. The government had to step in with zoos during the first lockdown when talk started about them having to euthanasia animals due to the astronomical costs of housing, feeding, vets bills each month despite having no revenue.

(Obviously keeps the children plus it's a reward, like a carrot and stick idea for the public morale to stick with hoedowns, mask wearing compliance to sustain this until the majority of public has been vaccinated sometime summer new year 2021. Animal wildlife Conservation is important considering all the threats to this that are out there in the wild, such as defrosteration of their habitat/Ivory trade etc.

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Also, Zoos/Animal sanctuaries are struggling on their knees financially and very heavily reliant on the public to keep zoos etc maintain running. Our local one is open but surely can't be having any visitors because it's supposed to be essential travel only.

Obviously a short distance is quite subjective, but it is very clear that you can travel for outdoor recreation. All indoor areas shut so couldn’t see most of the animals freezing cold, so no animals came out.

I think it's fairly safe as long as the toilets are ventilated and no other indoor areas are open. They restrict numbers too. We won't be going, but it could be a sanity saver for people with young kids.

People taking the stay at home message to mean glue yourself in your house and don’t even dare open a window please crack on with that but stop passing judgment on those of us who need to get out for fresh air or perhaps don’t have the luxury of a huge house with outdoor space. I am on maternity leave and probably soon to be in tier4, I will be getting out to whatever outdoor attractions are open as being cooped up with a baby is no good for me or them.

The difference fresh air and exercise make to our day is huge even if it’s just a stroll with a friend and a takeaway coffee! In an amendment to Covid-19 legislation, people under the strict regulations can visit outdoor areas in zoos with members of their household or with someone from their support bubble.

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Businesses were told of the change to regulations, which has not yet been published under the Government's Tier4 guidance, on Christmas Eve by the charity BI AZA (file photo) Referring to all tiers, the amendment to the Government's legislation says that people can visit 'outdoor attractions at an aquarium, zoo or safari park' from Boxing Day.

Nicky Needham, Acting Joint Director of BI AZA, confirmed to Mainline that its members were alerted to the amendment on Christmas Eve. A spokesperson for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEBRA) told Mainline: 'Under Tier4 restrictions, the outdoor areas of some visitor attractions can remain open, including zoos, provided that strict protocols are followed to ensure that social distancing is adhered to.

South Lakes Safari Zoo in Dalton did not close its doors to the public yesterday unlike pubs, restaurants, gyms, hairdressers, cinemas and other hospitality venues. The zoo is urging attendees to follow the advice and adhere to the restrictions in place.

A spokesman for South Lakes Safari Zoo said: “We continue to operate on a significantly reduced capacity, so you must pre-book your tickets and date for your visit in advance.

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