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Christina Perez
• Tuesday, 05 January, 2021
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Grab your coat, wrap up warm, and enjoy plenty of fresh air as you explore the zoo and the rest of Paradise! To help keep our animals, team and visitors safe, we would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone to please refrain from visiting if you are displaying any symptoms of Coronavirus (New continuous cough, loss of taste/ smell and a high temperature).

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We would also like to advise all visitors to familiarize themselves on the guidance of their tiered area before visiting Paradise Wildlife Park. We have implemented a one-way system, installed additional hand sanitizer stations at regular intervals across the site and taken many other precautions to give you and your family peace of mind.

We are so excited to welcome our visitors, members and supporters back to Paradise Wildlife Park after a second lockdown closure this year. The zoo was set to open tomorrow (Thursday, December 31) in a bid to meet criteria for vital grants.

It is unlocked with the Artisan tier (Tier3), providing not only scenic addition to your shoreline, but also an ideal destination for visitor ferries. The more attractive your city is, the more visitors will want to come and see it, leading to larger ships arriving at your harbor.

In the spirit of beauty building, you should also make sure to leave some space for ornament and decorations between them! This goes beyond biomes such as meadows or desert landscapes, with certain animals instead being housed in specific buildings or water basins.

Of course, your citizens and visitors alike will flock to the most exotic animals on display, as tigers are naturally more exciting to watch than sheep. I've to catch them all On your hunt for the most exotic of animals, you might end up with quite a collection of different specimen.

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The gate building serves as a general zoo menu, giving you an overview of all currently equipped items/ animals. There are some additional functionalities with the entrance buildings, such as the ability to create item sets out of specific types of animals, which once completed and equipped will provide certain buffs for your zoo.

Valhalla is a registered or unregistered trademark of Blue Mammoth Games in the US and/or other countries. These safety measures include requiring staff and guests to wear face coverings, installing directional signage, encouraging social distancing between groups, increasing cleaning and sanitization practices, and closing certain indoor spaces and high touch areas.

Guests must practice social distancing, wear a mask, and we encourage frequent handwashing. The Zoo Gift Shop will remain CLOSED as per Humboldt County’s move to purple tier.

Kids Moral room Spiderweb climber Contact Corral petting area Eagle nest Otter tube Flamingo room Barn in Barnyard Most touch-based elements Suspension of keeper talks and other activities that encourage crowds to gather Rentals and birthday parties temporarily suspended Gold: Double-click the blue donation box, find the Gold or Bank Check you wish to donate in the menu, click the blue gem beside it, and target the item in your backpack.

If you try to donate a creature not accepted by the zoo, a system message will inform you so. Item Point Value Britannia Royal Zoo Member Bonnet, Cloak, Dress, Floppy Hat, Robe, Sash, or Thigh Boots 100,000 Title: Britannia Zoo Contributor 100,000 Quagmire Contribution Statue 200,000 Bake Mistune Contribution Statue 200,000 Wolf Contribution Statue 200,000 Changeling Contribution Statue 200,000 Rep talon Contribution Statue 200,000 Polar Bear Contribution Statue 200,000 Snake Contribution Statue 200,000 Title: Distinguished Britannia Zoo Contributor 200,000 Interactive Silver Steed Contribution Statue 350,000 Interactive Quagmire Contribution Statue 350,000 Interactive Bake Mistune Contribution Statue 350,000 Interactive Dire Wolf Contribution Statue 350,000 Interactive Crane Contribution Statue 350,000 Interactive Polar Bear Contribution Statue 350,000 Interactive Changeling Contribution Statue 350,000 Interactive Rep talon Contribution Statue 350,000 Title: Honored Britannia Zoo Contributor 350,000 Leather Armor of the Britannia Royal Zoo Female Tunic, Gloves, Forget, Leggings, Sleeves, or Tunic 550,000 Studded Armor of the Britannia Royal Zoo Female Tunic, Gloves, Forget, Leggings, Sleeves, or Tunic 550,000 Plat email Armor of the Britannia Royal Zoo Female Tunic, Gloves, Forget, Helmet, Leggings, Sleeves, or Tunic 550,000 Title: Prominent Britannia Zoo Contributor 550,000 Britannia Royal Zoo Special Achievement Award 800,000 Title: Eminent Britannia Zoo Contributor 800,000 Title: Royal Subject of the Britannia Zoo 800,000 Each donation adds to the total point count for the zoo.

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Once a certain amount of points is reached, the tier level goes up and animal exhibits are added. If the zoo isn't donated to continuously it will start to lose tier levels.

Chester Zoo has been granted permission to open a hotel and restaurant overlooking its new African Savannah habitat. Visitors to the attraction will be able to stay in “discreet” overnight accommodation, comprising 42 rooms including traditional African-themed lodges and rigid tents, and wake up to the sight of giraffes.

The new restaurant will offer views of zebra, ostrich and antelope when the project, dubbed Grasslands, is completed in 2022. Addressing the planning committee, objector Les Smith had said there was “no justification” for the new accommodation and that it was “just about money”.

All indoor areas, apart from the Safari Shop, will be closed and all visits must be pre-booked in advance. As DEC has been placed under Covid-19 tier3 regulations, visitors are urged to follow their own tier rulings.

Head to Bermondsey, the capital’s artisan heart of al fresco eating and drinking, where innovative chefs and producers are creating some of London’s most delicious food. If you've yet to finish your Christmas shopping, this is the perfect place to find foodie stocking fillers such as pretty tinned sardines and decadent balsamic vinegar from Spanish deli Brandish.

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At weekends, follow the sizzles and scents to Rope walk alley, home to Malty Street Market (malty.st ; opens 10-5 Sat, 11-4 Sun), where cuisines range from Venezuelan to Ethiopian. Get there early to skip the queues, and warm your hands with Craft Coffee’s single-origin espressos (they serve tea too), then seek out The Finest Fare’s gooey-centred Scotch eggs and some of the best steak in London from The Beefsteaks (Giles Core is among their Instagram followers @thebeefsteaks).

Seek out Bermondsey’s latest foodie hub Spa Terminus (spa-terminus.co.UK), hidden away in the railway arches of Hockey Road. In the capital’s wild west reaches lies the London Wetland Center (wet.org.UK), 100 acres of urban nature reserve created on former Victorian reservoirs.

The works range from sound works and textiles to sculpture, and pose questions about issues such as climate change, and the environment they are placed in, and its relationship, as a man-made 'natural' site, to both man and nature. Once you’re out of the woods at High gate Station, rejoin the trail just after The Bungalow (the bar is closed in Tier3, but they’re still broadcasting 24/7 on BoogalooRadio.com), which runs past abandoned platforms and through Victorian tunnels painted with bright street art.

Insider tip: Once you resurface at Fins bury Park, reward yourself with a takeaway Guinness from the splendid Faltering Fullback (order ahead; falteringfullback.com). This fanciful Victorian folly, with its colonnaded walkways and stone staircases, was created by Lord Leverhulme and Thomas Mason at the turn of the last century as part of the landscaped Hill Garden.

In springtime, it is absurdly pretty, covered in wisteria; but there’s an ineffable romance to it on misty winter days, when it feels wilder, and you may have the place to yourself. Insider tip: A few minutes’ walk across West Heath brings you to Holders Hill Park and another surprise that’s great for kids: a pocket-sized zoo, which as well as many birds has ring-tailed lemurs, marks, and fallow deer.

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Seize the opportunity to explore your city without the crowds by taking a trip around the London landmarks you would normally avoid, on quieter roads than you’ll ever see them again (third lockdown notwithstanding). What joy, pedaling through the deserted streets of Soho or Bloomsbury, or down an empty Mall to the enthroned gates of Buckingham Palace.

Try the Thames Cycle Path, which takes you from the Tower of London to Big Ben along the north bank of the river, with views of the Shard, the Globe, the Tate Modern, Somerset House and the London Eye; or Cycle Superhighway 8 from Westminster, winding along the river via Tate Britain and Battersea Power Station to Wands worth. Walthamstow Wetlands (walthamstowwetlands.com), a 500-acre nature reserve, opened three years ago, and is home to a wide range of birds and other wildlife (there are bats in the tower, living alongside the area’s massive swift population).

Wander among the arboretum’s 14,000 trees, some of which date back to the 18th century; discover the grass garden; and walk across water on the Tackler Crossing, John Dawson’s gently curving bridge over the five-acre lake. Start at Danish Poor’s ArcelorMittal Orbit, the twisted helter-skelter tower (and now the country’s highest slide, currently closed) beside the Olympic Stadium in Queen Elizabeth Park, and follow the Line down through East London, via works by artists including Antony Morley, Richard Wilson and Gary Hume, all the way to the O2.

Top medical professionals tell KFOR they expect deaths and cases to continue to increase coming off the holiday season. However, Tiffany Hatfield’s holiday season was consumed with calls from St. Anthony Hospital in Oklahoma City.

Tiffany’s 70-year-old mother, Sharon Shirley, died from COVID-19 on December 21 after being in a coma for a month. “She was doing fairly well, and then, three days later they found her unresponsive, so they had to ventilate my mom,” Hatfield said.

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Four days before Christmas, Tiffany said they received one final call to come say goodbye. “I have to quote our favorite Dr. Fauci that the worst is yet to come, I fear,” COVID-19 Chief Medical Officer Dr. Dale Brawler said.

This week, Oklahoma City hospitals hit 39.1 percent with a record of 501 Oklahoman's in the ICU as of Wednesday evening. If a region hits Tier 4, eliminating elective surgeries is a recommendation.

Today (2 December) a new tiered system will be rolled out across England as part of Boris Johnston’s new ‘Winter Plan’ involving tougher restrictions. Beauty salons and other close contact businesses which were previously forced to close in some settings will be entitled to remain open once the national lockdown ends on 2 December.

Appointments should be spaced out between clients to ensure a thorough clean has been carried out to reduce infections spreading. Hairdressers can travel into any other tier to attend work, however the rules differ for clients.

This means you can get your hair cut in a neighboring authority as long as you familiarize yourself with the rules. Boris Johnson sounded optimistic as he delivered his Winter plan, he suggested “things will look and feel very different” after Easter, with a vaccine and mass testing rolled out to the vulnerable potentially as soon as possible.

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He also told how the winter months “will be hard, they will be cold”, apologizing for the hardship that increased and continued restrictions will have on businesses. You can find more information about the rules and restrictions in the government's’ Winter Plan’, which discusses its approach to tackling coronavirus and how it intends to support businesses and workers.

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