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The National Zoological Park, originally called as Delhi Zoo is a 176 acre zoo situated near the Old Fort in New Delhi. It was inaugurated on 1st November 1956 with the vision of becoming a model for other zoos in India.

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Here, the animals are provided the kind of environment which is close to their natural habitat. Various kind of animals like leopard, giraffe, Girl ion, chimpanzees, hyenas, hippopotamus, African Wild Buffalo and zebras can be seen in the zoo.

The zoo also has numerous species of birds like Emu, SARS Crane, Peafowl, Grey Horn bill and the Barn Owl. Delhi Zoo, which is also known as Chiding Gear in Hindi is located near Purana Vila on Mature Road.

It attracts visitors of all age groups, from kids to senior citizens. The zoo is at the center of the city, and it attracts a very high footfall during the holidays.

Some local visitors come here to experience the feel of roaming in the forest in the middle of the capital of the country. Royal Bengal Tiger in Water The Zoo can be visited during most of the time of the year.

If you follow the path suggested by authorities very strictly and do not spend much time at the enclosures, you can cover it in two hours. For the people visiting with their family or friends and have ample time, you need at least 4 to 5 hours.

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In the Snake section, magnificent species such as King Cobra, Python is some main attractions among others. It has some rare and exotic animals and birds from around the different continents of the world.

You will find native animals of Africa, Asia, Australia, America, Europe. Some main attractions of this section are White Tiger, Royal Bengal Tiger, Lion, Black Buck, Indian Rhinoceros, Leopard, crocodile, Emu, Gaul, King Cobra, Giraffe, Elephant, African Elephant, etc.

It remains closed on Every Friday and National Holidays (26 January, 2 October, and 15 August). It records the maximum number of visitors on Saturday, Sunday, and on Holidays.

It also has the facility of the cloak-room, baby stroller and wheelchair for the physically handicapped person. There is a rather big food court type set up right outside Delhi Zoo, there are multiple outlets here and the menu is also diverse.

50,000/- per day Other Facilities Wheelchairs for physically challengedFree of contrary Stroller ServiceFreeCloakroomRs. There is a certain number of items restricted in Delhi Zoo for the safety of animals as well as visitors.

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If one feels hungry or the need for snacks, the cafeteria is located inside the Zoo. Visitors should follow all the rules and regulations laid out by the Zoo authorities.

The Delhi Zoological Park remained in news in 2014 due to the death of a person named Manhood in White Tiger Enclosure. To avoid any such incident in the future, zoo authorities have taken multiple steps.

The cold weather of the rest of the year doesn’t turn out to be pleasant for the visitors. During the colder part of the year, animals also prefer to remain out of the enclosures.

However, during summers, animals and birds remain inside their enclosures most of the time of the day. They can watch the animals and birds up close while remaining inside the city.

You can also enjoy the visit at Purana Vila and India Gate, both are located at walkable distance. All the important amenities, animals, locations, path track, entry, exit, parking, ticketing counters, nearby roads, washrooms, etc are clearly depicted on the Delhi Zoo Map.

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He said that the Yogi government has a clear vision to promote rural tourism in the region to raise income of forest dwellers. Singh said, “While there has been a considerable effort to revive and conserve the Rampart Tail, the state government has also invested energy and resources on sites in the neighboring districts which had huge potential, but did not get their due till now.

Aligner Anna Zoological Park, Vandals will remain closed to the public on 15.01.2021, 16.01.2021 and 17.01.2021 during the Portal holidays. The Zoo Management reserves the right to regulate the visitor flow to maintain social distancing and prevent crowding for the safety of all.

On holidays with large footfalls, visitors may, therefore, experience some waiting time to enter the zoo. Vehicles entering the Zoo should pass through the disinfectant water bath at the entry point.

Visitors shall maintain social distancing of 2 meters while using visitors facilities (Ticket counters, washrooms, Battery operated vehicle boarding point, water points, shops, cloakroom, near the animal exhibit areas etc.) Visitors are advised to avoid touching barricades and other surfaces to minimize the chances of spread and contamination.

This zoo has attained excellence as a dynamic nature conservation center by promoting breeding program of rare and endangered species of the Western and Eastern Ghats. It plays a vital role in encouraging the people to develop a caring attitude towards flora and fauna.

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Aligner Anna Zoological Park, famously known as “Vandals Zoo is one of the proud asset of Tamil Nadu, it attracts more than 21 lakh visitors every year from across the country and the world. Balfour started the zoo on the museum premises, and a year later it had over 300 animals, including mammals, birds and reptiles.

The municipal zoological garden occupied one end of the 116-acre (47 ha) park and was open free to the public. The Corporation Zoo was visited and appreciated by many distinguished visitors in those days. Jawaharlal Nehru once visited the Zoo and praised the standard of maintenance, care and effort taken by the then Curator Third. Ramanunjalu.

It provided an environment similar to natural wilderness which helped to meet the biological and physiological need of the animals and birds. The existing landscape was utilized as it is and all the animals were exhibited in large open moated island type enclosure with simulated environment.

The zoo in its new premises was officially opened to public on 24 July 1985 by the then chief minister of Tamil Nadu M. G. Ramachandran, when most of the works were completed. In 2001, 92.45 hectares (228.4 acres) of land next to the park was acquired to build a rescue and rehabilitation center for confiscated and abandoned wild animals, increasing the park's size to 602 hectares (1,490 acres). The present area of the zoo has requisite natural vegetation for creating the naturalistic environment at the zoo.

Aligner Anna Zoological Park is one of the biggest zoos in South East Asia extending over an area of 602 ha. Hello guys, Today's topic is amazing for those who loves animals or floras including jungle safaris.

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Yes I'm talking about top 13 largest zoos in India which you must visit in 2020. Time:- 9:00 am-5:00 pm Area:- 260.51 sq. Km Bannerghatta biological park is surrounded by animals, birds, floras, etc which covered area of 26050 hectares including zoo, jungle safari, elephant sanctuary and butterfly park.

Sri Venkateswara zoological park was established in 29 Sep 1987, covered the area of 2,239 ha, and it is the largest zoo in India (Asia). This zoo is house of many flora and fauna and there was a leopard called 'Balaji' that is india's biggest(mentioned in Guinness book of world record) leopard of weight 108-113 kg.

Jungle safari:- Again it is difficult to see all the amazing views of it because it is the largest zoo in India that's why you can do jungle safari by you will see all the amazing views of this zoo. Jungle tour:- If you love to see or feel the floras or green areas then do jungle tour here internally it's too large but having lots fun and this zoo is surrounded by mountains, so it is the best option for the photoshoot.

It spreads over 602 hectares of land including rescue centers Aligner Anna zoological park also named Vandals zoo. It is well maintained and clean zoo India also the first public zoo in India with 2.04 million visitors come here annually.

Nandnankanan zoological park was established in 1960 with the area of 437 hectares including aquarium, it was the 2nd largest zoo in India but nowadays 3rd largest zoo in India. Butterfly garden:- It is the most attractive garden in Nandankanan zoological park with highly maintained, you can click some amazing and memorable pictures with your family or friends.

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Yes, it is true here you can adopt any animal but not allowed to take to home that will be in custody of zoo. Getaway safari park is very latest which was established 2019. It is house of more 115 animals, if you compare it area wise then rank 4th largest zoo in India but the number of animals are not more.

This park gave space for more than 800 animals to live with high maintenance, it is very clean and beautiful zoo in Visakhapatnam and also India. It is surrounded by mountains because it is situated in beside of eastern ghats, it is best for photography.

Assam state zoo come botanical garden had opened for public in 1958, it covered area of 175 hectares in which more than 250 animals live of more than 53 species. It hosts many awareness activities and in 2005 they started schema of animal adoption, and it is the largest zoos of India.

Caligula zoo has lots of attractive places inside, and it had established in the year of 1996. Nehru zoological park is also known as the of Hyderabad zoo or zoo park which was made in memory of prime minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru in the year 1963.

It is one of the largest zoo in India with most visiting place of Hyderabad due to its peaceful atmosphere. This zoo is home to more than 1100 animals of 100 species, there are lots of attractive things are available because of most people visits.

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Top attractions of Hyderabad zoo or Nehru zoological park It is one of big and attractive tourist place of Jumeirah, 1140000 people visit this place and Jumeirah zoo is home of 1436 animals including reptiles, birds, etc.

National zoo park is situated in Delhi in the year 1959, and it is the house of 1348 animals of 132 species. Delhi has lots of amazing places to visit, the national zoological park is one of them, it covered the area of 71 which is visited by lots of people every year. It is one of the largest zoo in India with 45 Lakh per year. It is also a big tourist place in Patna, There are 800 animals live here of 410 species including 300 species of trees. It is one of the big and beautiful picnic spot, lots of visitors visit here on 1st January.

Top attractions of Sanjay Gandhi biological park Disclaimer:- The all pictures of this article is free copy righted which used but if any of them belongs to you and if you don't want to display that or want credit for image then kindly contact us.

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