Are Zoo Memberships Transferable

Daniel Brown
• Friday, 25 December, 2020
• 7 min read

Woodland Park Zoo is a qualified 501(c)(3) Washington state non-profit (tax ID #91-6070005). However, IRS rules allow taxpayers to claim a charitable deduction if the total membership cost is $75.00 or less.

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Please consult your advisor to determine the potential reducibility of your membership. Corporate membership is eligible for charitable deduction & the deductible amount is the amount given less the fair market value of benefits received.

* Memberships are intended for individual and family use and may not be used by schools, daycare, preschools or any other organizations. The Flexible Guest is an unnamed adult add-on; not a standalone membership.

This card can be used with or without the named adult present by a different individual each day. Please note, this card DOES NOT allow half-priced guests entry, and Flexible Guest entry reservations must be made by the named adult on the membership ahead of time.

Can I apply my day admission ticket towards a membership purchase? Please note, receipts are required and are honored within 30 days of the visit date.

We highly recommend the flexible guest pass for covering nannies/sitters, since named adult memberships are not transferable. When you have reached the “Review Your Order” stage of the check-out process, you can enter your promo code in the corresponding box to the left of your total order amount.

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Do I need to cover my child who will turn 3 this year on my membership? We make sure that your gift is attached to your recipient's existing record.

Do I have to create an online account to purchase a gift membership? Please contact the membership office at 206.548.2425 or email us at membership zoo .org if you would like a physical post card mailed to the gift recipient notifying them of the gift.

The extra benefits included in a Family Passport and Conservation Partner membership are located in a benefits package that the member will receive upon pickup of their membership cards. Only the Conservation Partner benefit package will also include the one-time-use guest passes.

If your membership includes a flexible guest and children, then you will need to reserve a $0 member entry online for your nanny/guest and children prior to them visiting the zoo. The day of visit, have your nanny/guest bring the confirmation email and membership card(s) to the gate.

Please note that animal experience passes will be temporarily unavailable to redeem at this time. The only event in which members receive a discount is Woodland Park Zoo's winter light festival, Wildlife.

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Due to recent events, Guitar and the two early mornings included with Conservation Partner level have been cancelled this year, and we look forward to having these events return to the future. To receive information on the discounted Wildlife member tickets or the Fortunes pre-sale tickets when they become available, you must be a current member and have a valid email address on file.

Additionally, you must be subscribed to Woodland Park Zoo's emails. Memberships start at time of purchase, not when member cards are picked up.

For the enjoyment of all guests, Woodland Park Zoo may refuse admission, control occupancy, or expel any person whose conduct endangers or disrupts patrons, animals or others. Zoo .org, log into your purchasing account and use the Member Reservation option on the Tickets tab to reserve the date, time and number of member entry slots needed.

Guests and members should avoid arriving earlier than 5 minutes prior to their entry time. If you made an online membership purchase prior to March 3, you will need to create a new purchasing account and link your member ID (due to our e-commerce update).

Yes, each named adult is still able to bring up to two half-price guests with them per visit when present. However, you will still need to purchase those half-price tickets at the gate prior to entering the zoo.

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Maximum number of half-price guests per day cannot exceed the amount allowable by your member level. Please ensure you and your guests account for possible wait times while planning your up-and-coming visit.

Available includes: ZooS tore, food and beverage, photo memories, and caricatures. Temporarily unavailable includes: face painting, henna, Letter Brush, Animals, Carousel party rentals.

Family Passport and Conservation Partner members: please note that the carousel punch cards and animal experience passes will be temporarily unavailable to redeem at this time. For Woodland Park Zoo members: It is up to the discretion of each reciprocal organization if they are honoring the discount.

However, for members whose expiration date fell during the temporary closure and beyond, please see our extension policy above. Child $25 Children between the ages of 3 – 18 years need to be covered.

BUYRENEWGIFT Benefits begin at $500 Invest in the future of conservation. Wild at Heart donors have the unique opportunity to interact with animals and zoo staff at special donor club events and tours throughout the year.

For foster and kinship families* or recipients of DEBT/Washington Quest or WIC assistance only A deeply discounted membership for foster and kinship families* or recipients of DEBT/Washington Quest or WIC assistance (Washington residents only, limited number available).

Starting September 1, individuals will now be able to join or renew their existing Explorer Pass membership (as long as they still qualify) and it will expire at the end of the month one year after the purchase date. Explorer Pass memberships must be purchased in person at the zoo.

Both new and renewing Explorer Pass members will need to provide current proof of DEBT/WIC assistance or foster family or kinship caregiver status for verification** and a valid form of photo ID that matches their verification document. Ticket purchases from previous visits are unable to be applied toward the Explorer Pass membership.

* Any foster parent or kinship caregiver providing care for a child placed through a dependency action in a Washington state or tribal court and who is in the care and custody of the Department of Children, Youth, and Families or tribal child welfare agency. ** Acceptable forms of verification include: Washington Quest card (DEBT), WIC voucher/card or appointment folder, DCF caregiver authorization form, foster caregiver license certificate or ID card.

*We apply a portion or full amount you paid for your recent ticket(s) toward the cost of your annual membership on a one-for-one basis.

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