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Traditionally, zoos were solely a source of entertainment for families. In 1793, when Paris, France opened the world's first modern zoo, employees and zookeepers knew very little about the animals they placed on display.

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Although by offering them a glimpse of wildlife that they normally would not see, this source of entertainment came with a high price. Today, zoos still offer millions of people entertainment all around they world.

These establishments ensure that there are educated and knowledgeable staff on hand to provide the animals with the best care possible. Most zoos today have become ex site breeding centers for several species that would otherwise be greatly threatened with extinction in the wild.

In a 2006 article in DVM360, Zoo animal and wildlife veterinarian, Dr. Eric Miller, explains how zoos play a bigger role than just entertainment. It contains different kinds of animals including fun-to-watch but highly dangerous wildlife species such as crocodiles, gorillas and snakes.

Aside from being a very good form of recreation and entertainment, such facility also serves a variety of other important purposes. In exchange for this kind of experience, viewers must pay certain amounts of money just to witness all the featured animals from a relatively close but very safe distance.

Furthermore, it is very enjoyable to visit zoos because they bring people closer to a natural environment, which is a very rare thing nowadays considering the impact of urbanization on society in general. People can enroll in special courses or conduct field trips inside this kind of facility.

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Within a contained and artificial environment, scientists and experts observed the various important aspects of animals including their behaviors, physiology and anatomy. Lastly, people continue to establish, maintain and develop this kind of facility for the purposes of conservation.

Likewise, they can also breed and increase their numbers significantly while they are protected from these harmful factors. Last week, four northern bald ibis bred at ZSL London Zoo travelled to Spain to be released into the wild, as part of a global conservation project for the Endangered species.

Quite rightly, we’re thrilled to be part of this project, which embodies one of ZSL’s core aims: bringing wildlife back from the brink. The 2018 Living Planet Index, produced by ZSL for WWF, showed that the population of monitored mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish have, on average, dropped by more than half in little more than 40 years.

Poachers are targeting pangolins, tigers, elephants and rhinos as part of the illegal wildlife trade, while PCB pollution in our oceans is having a dramatic effect on marine life. And before reintroductions can happen, we must ensure habitats are healthy enough to sustain a growing population and are free from risks of poaching, conflict with humans, or wildlife disease.

Where palm oil plantations and unsustainable practices such as peatland drainage for industrial timber are rapidly changing the landscape for tigers, elephants, rhinos and orangutan, we’re working to develop alternative sustainable income streams for public and private land managers. Thousands of people in the Philippines are benefiting from Net-Works, ZSL’s innovative approach to coastal biodiversity conservation: creating community income streams that reduce plastic pollution and replenish fish stocks.

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Our four ibis arriving in Spain are the culmination of 20 years of work with the species at ZSL London Zoo : caring for the population, learning more about their mating habits and ultimately breeding a healthy flock able to survive in the wild. One important advantage of zoos is that they enable us to see many animals in one place.

Zoos not only give us the opportunity to see many animals, they are also important from an educational perspective. In fact, many people who live in big cities often lost their connection to nature.

In fact, those people often work in demanding office jobs for long hours and don’t spend time in nature anymore. Thus, zoos can also be quite important to raise awareness of our global environmental problems in order to protect our animals as good as possible.

In turn, chances may increase that we can protect many animal species from extinction. In fact, many small children love going to the zoo and to see the different animals.

In fact, many of us stay children deep inside, and we may also remember many nice childhood memories. Thus, going to the zoo can give you a great time and can be a nice way to unplug from your stressful daily life.

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Many people also go to the zoo in order to relax and to see something completely different compared to their normal daily life. In fact, especially people who work in demanding jobs for quite long hours every day often need time for themselves in order to reload their batteries.

Consequently, going to the zoo can be a great way to spend your time in a completely different environment, which can also be helpful if you are currently rather bored with your daily life. In fact, many people only realize how important it really is to behave environmentally-friendly once they see all those fascinating animals.

Thus, by going to the zoo, people may be more eager to take additional efforts in their daily lives to behave as eco-friendly as possible, which is crucial to protect our animal and plant species from extinction and also to solve various other environmental problems. In fact, some zoos offer a home for some quite exotic species that are barely existent in the wild anymore.

Especially in poor developing countries, many regions rely on zoos to make additional income in order to improve the living conditions of the public. Consequently, zoos can also be an important income source for many people in poor parts of our planet.

This could mean that they ship animals from one zoo to another in case it makes sense. Hence, zoos can also encourage global cooperation, which can benefit all parties in the long run.

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Thus, it is crucial that we protect those animals from poachers in order to assure a viable future for them. Moreover, you can also educate children about the importance of behaving eco-friendly, which is crucial to assure a livable future for them and for the next generations.

Moreover, those animals may often feel trapped since they have to stay in their cages and cannot navigate as they would do in the wild. In fact, while animals will have almost unlimited space in the wild, they are often caged in rather confined areas in zoos.

This is due to the fact that many zoos want to keep as many animals as possible to show them to the public. In fact, especially in regions with weak economies, people often rely on income from zoos to make a living.

In fact, due to quite poor living conditions, many animals in zoos develop serious mental issues over time. If we have to live under unnatural conditions, we also develop mental issues and the same is true for animals of many sorts.

In general, if animals are kept under unnatural living conditions, their behavior will change in the long run. In fact, in many countries of our planet, zoo animals don’t have sufficient space to move and cannot satisfy their basic needs, which can indeed be considered as rather cruel.

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However, if staff members don’t have proper qualifications, chances are that some animals are treated quite poorly and many of them may also suffer from serious neglect over time. Another significant downside of zoos is that animals often can not be returned to the wild after they had been kept in captivity.

In fact, animals often unlearn how to take care of themselves in zoos since they learn to rely on zookeepers to provide them with food and with all other things they need. In turn, those animals will lose part of their natural instincts and will no longer be able to survive in the wild due to that.

In fact, similar to circuses, animals are often treated quite poorly in zoos and have to comply with the rules of zookeepers. Zoo Pros Zoo Conscious can help to protect endangered speciesZoos do not provide natural living conditionsZoos can raise awareness on global problemsAnimals may feel trappedVisits at the zoo are rather affordableZoos are problematic from an ethical viewEspecially nice if you have air-conditions are often rather poorboy can see many exotic animalsStaff may have insufficient knowledgeTakes away the need to travel to see animalizes may alter the behavior of animalsGlobal cooperation is encouragedLack of regulation can be a problems may protect animals from poachingSome zoos are quite crowded Nice for field tripsAnimals may develop mental issuesMultiple types of boost possible to return animals to the wilds we can see from the previous discussion, zoos are a rather controversial topic.

My name is Andreas and my mission is to educate people of all ages about our environmental problems and how everyone can make a contribution to mitigate these issues. From this time on, I wanted to make a contribution to ensure a livable future for the next generations in every part of our beautiful planet.

For as long as I can remember visits to nearby zoos are a common weekend adventure. As a kid I was most interested in the “coolest” animals and was always a bit bummed if they were just sleeping or, even worse, not on exhibit that day.

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This adorable little mouse-like animal can be found in the Mouse House at the Bronx Zoo. Aforementioned, I had learned about tigers, snow leopards, giraffes, gorillas, etc.

You can look at all the pictures and video clips that you want, but there's nothing quite like watching a jaguar roll around on a ball... A big argument against zoos is that they are cruel to the animals and that it is wrong to keep them locked up.

Maybe once zoos really did only keep animals in metal cages with concrete floors, but now they live in beautiful habitats. All the zoos I have been to have lots of space for the animals, provide them with plenty of food, and any care that they may need.

It is incredibly important to protect and conserve the wildlife we have left in the world. More and more species go extinct each year due to loss of habitat, hunting, or a multitude of other reasons.

For one, these animals don't know how to live in the wild and likely wouldn't survive very long, but that is the start of a different conversation. In order to preserve the remaining wild animals, both land and marine, humans need to care enough about them to want to keep them alive.

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They teach us about the animals, show us what they look like and how they interact with one another, and allow us to feel connected to them. Zoos also have the ability to do a lot of research on these animals and what they need in order to stay happy and healthy.

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