Are Zoo Cages Too Small

James Smith
• Friday, 04 December, 2020
• 8 min read

This zoo as the owner chooses to call it is a complete disgrace and NEEDS/HAS TO BE shut down.there are 2 full-grown male tigers in a cage 40×40 and then 2 full-grown male lions in the same size cage.the lions, tigers, jaguars, leopards, and cougars just pace all day long, back and forth.they have actually made an indentation along the sides of the cages from where the animals have paced so much.I have seen the owner and I see he doesn't care about his animals, they are just moneymakers for uneducated people to look at.I'm begging for help on getting this zoo closed.no large animals should be kept in cages . Boycott 'claws n paws' zoo in lake Ariel pa. Thank you. Rachael Grainger needs your help with Claws n Paws Zoo : close the zoo . Cages are too small for the large animals that are there ”.

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Sign this petition Rachael Grainger needs your help with Claws n Paws Zoo : close the zoo . Cages are too small for the large animals that are there ”. The animals will be able to be healthier since they will not be trapped in a small cage for most of their life.

Yes, we should aim for zoos without cages, because they are better for the animals. In addition, it is a better experience for people going to the zoo to experience a bunch of animals living together in their natural habitat, rather than to see individual animals that are stuck in cages.

If humans don't live in cages than why should animals at the zoo. You could have an enclosed area for the animal to run but definitely not in a metal bar cage.

Owls should not be in cages because the zoos can just clip their wings. To many zoos do not give enough space for these poor animals.

These animals need plenty of room to move and do their business. I am not in favor of zoos at all but you do make a good point though.

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I think the zoo is a great place to come and look at animals, but it is cruel what they do to them. Without some sort of enclosure it's no longer a zoo, but a nature preserve.

But I don't like zoos that give me feeling that animals are in prison. They protect them from poacher, they feed them and provide them food.

If there wasn't zoo Arabian onyx would have got extinct. They are an unkind and unnatural environment for the animals that live there and an unnatural and dangerous environ for visitors and keepers alike.

Make it illegal to confine any animal so that it lives its life in captivity, on display for people to watch. If we wish to look at animals there are plenty of nature programs on TV.

As long as the animals are healthy, happy, and have room that is appropriate it should not be an issue, but cages should only be used if they are necessary. Animals often found in zoos are apt to roam far and wide and regardless of the size of an enclosure, it to me, is still considered a cage.

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I believe animals should have ample amounts of space and appropriate habitats provided for them, but cage-less zoos are probably impossible. Reviewed 29 December 2012 Basic and small zoo.

But impressive was the gorilla who looked happy and had ample space Reviewed 28 December 2012 Whilst I do prefer to watch animals in the wild the Jo burg zoo is well run.

Reviewed 19 December 2012 I like to watch gorilla my kids love them, the FES were so low, I was relaxing nice having my drinks without any hassle from the security, my kid also enjoy the rides, the birds' dolphin. Flamingos are packed into their enclosure tighter than rush-hour commuters on the MTR and their water bowls are made of plastic, which can spread disease.

The government-run zoo, which is free to enter, is tucked behind Central on the slopes of Victoria Peak. It is subject to a detailed study of its long-term development plan, which the Leisure and Cultural Services Department commissioned in January.

The monkeys come from the Amazon and are on the International Union for Conservation of Nature's red list of threatened species, meaning they are critically endangered. In 2010, a male orangutan named And arrived from Hungary to mate with the zoo's female Rama, who had twins.

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“Sadly, the captive orangutans at the zoo here bear little resemblance to their wild cousins,” said Mara McGuffey, founder of Orangutan aid. Zoo manager Susan Tam Osaka explained: “As members, we have to adhere to a code of ethics.

They have no freedom at all, unlike the animals which live in the wild and have run free In forests and Savannah. The animals that lives in the cages have got nothing to do except eat, sleep and entertain he visitors.

Animals also lose skills In such a bored, confined environment Like the cages. People who disagree with this would probably say that it is a good way to learn things about an animal by letting people visit the zoos and see how they behave; in fact, it might be harmful for the animals.

Imagine how cruel to taking animals away from their home and putting them in a small cages which they spend their whole life in it and with rouse onlookers staring at them and taking pictures of them which might scare animals with that flash. Animals are belonging to wild, even the zookeepers could give them comfortable life, and even they will not starve for food.

It Is Cruel to Keep Animals in Cages and Zoos By rigorous Although many people think that animals get saved from dangers of wildlife if they eave no freedom, no skills, no rights and even their life expectancy is much shorter. Animals which live in the wild and have run free in forests and Savannah.

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The Animals also lose skills in such a bored, confined environment like the cages. They can’t develop skills like the normal wild animals can do such as hunting, attacking, mating or bonding which means they have no chance when or if they let on and into In conclusion, it is cruel to keep animals in cages and zoos.

Read on for both sides of this historical debate, told from the perspective of an animal rights activist. Later, in early 13th-century England, Henry III moved his family’s royal menagerie to the Tower of London for public viewing.

All U.S. animal exhibitors, like the 265-acre (107-hectare) Bronx Zoo just a subway ride away from Fifth Avenue, must apply for and receive a license from the Department of Agriculture. Millions of people visit the thousands of zoos around the world, proving that we simply never grow tired of observing wildlife.

While some people argue that zoos play an important role in conservation and research, others counter that they do more harm than good. After 10 years of working to strengthen the population numbers of the endangered California condor, a type of vulture, the Los Angeles and San Diego zoos were able to rebuild a population of fewer than two dozen birds to around 170 birds .

The cub, Leo, now spends his time frolicking and chasing small animals that wander into his enclosure . And although zoo animals aren’t treated quite like guests at a four-star hotel, their care has improved tremendously.

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Zookeepers now understand that many animals, such as monkeys, bears and elephants, need engaging activities to prevent boredom and mental deterioration. The information they gather helps them to develop new medicines and techniques to improve animal health .

Marius, a healthy young giraffe was unnecessarily shot dead and publicly autopsied at Copenhagen zoo on Feb. 9, 2014. Until the Alaska Zoo finally caved in to public pressure in 2007, Maggie was forced to spend days on end in a small indoor enclosure because of the frigid outside temperatures.

Perhaps as a form of protest, she refused to use the elephant-sized treadmill the zoo brought in to encourage her to exercise . Even in optimal conditions, some experts contend, it’s incredibly difficult to provide for the needs of animals like elephants.

If Maggie and her captive compatriots lived in the wild, they would wander as much as 30 miles (48 kilometers) a day in large groups, grazing on leaves and stopping to splash in the occasional watering hole. And while many zoos, like those in the United States, are supposed to at least meet the minimum requirements spelled out in documents like the Animal Welfare Act, standards aren’t always adequate or enforced .

Indeed, many captive animals exhibit signs of severe distress: People have witnessed elephants bobbing their heads, bears pacing back and forth and wildcats obsessively grooming themselves . Despite a zoo’s best efforts, its animals often are deprived of privacy, confined to inadequate spaces and unable to engage in natural hunting and mating activities.

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Forced to live in artificial constructs, many animals succumb to what some people refer to as psychosis, the display of obsessive, repetitive behaviors . Some, like the aardvark, survive on a limited diet that zoos have a hard time fulfilling; others thrive only in certain temperatures and environments that aren’t easy to recreate.

If you had the communicative power of Dr. Doolittle, Leo the snow leopard would likely tell you that zoos are great; however Maggie the elephant might respond by slapping you with her trunk.

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