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• Saturday, 07 November, 2020
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Melbourne Zoo has just launched a livestream of its family of Asian small-clawed otters, and well, you're just going to have to watch it for the rest of time. Otter parents Paula (aged ten) and Die (aged three) had a litter of four pups in February, and although it will be a little while before you can visit the zoo, you can check in on the tiny critters with the 24-hour livestream.

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The webcam captures their sleeping quarters, so you can watch them snoozing in a giant otter cuddle pile, which is just as adorable as you think it is. The litter includes three males, Murphy, Rodney and Gunther, and one female, Squid.

Photograph: Melbourne Zoo wild sea life sciences manager Mark Ryan says the livestream might even capture Die teaching the pups to play fight. Find out how you can help save the places that make our city great.

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With the release of Blackish this year, a film about the state of killer whales in marine parks, it really has brought to a wider audience the poor quality of life for whales and other mammals at sea life parks. Costa Rica is another place that has declared the same but until the mightiest of sea parks has folded this is not something that will happen worldwide.

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I believed the ‘facts’ that Sea World only took in animals that wouldn’t survive in the wild and I didn’t see anything wrong with the whole place. Up until a few years ago I didn’t really have a negative view of Sea World and other marine parks, then I watched The Cove, and it really opened my eyes.

It is, but it’s also a brilliant documentary and the fact that the information provided is so brutal is alone a standing reason why you SHOULD watch it. The film Blackish focuses on specifically orcas in marine parks in particular Cilium, a male killer whale who has been involved with a lot of violent incidents, including the deaths of 3 human trainers.

Cilium started life as a free orca before he was taken from his mother and his home at the age of 2. He then lived in a cruel environment where they used food deprivation to teach him tricks, and he was kept in 20×30 foot container for 19 hours at a time till his next show.

Before even arriving to Sea World Cilium was involved in the death on one of his trainers at this park. Of course within a short time span he was a star attraction in one of Sea Worlds ‘educational’ shows.

We all know the end result and Cilium famously killed his trainer Dawn Branches in 2010. Cilium is not the only example and killer whales in captivity attack not just their trainers but each other, sometimes fatally, growing slowly madder and more bored at their existence of swimming around the same small area every single day of their lives.

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They have had no new scientific knowledge released on any animals in their parks for decades, so they are not contributing to the science of whales in any form. In fact, they live a much shorter life in captivity and die of causes that they would never get in the wild such as St Louis encephalitis, a mosquito borne disease.

Yet Sea World’s incestuous breeding program continues, for absolutely no good reason. Over the next forty-five minutes And bled to death as Sea World staff and the audience looked on in helpless distress.

Instead of welfare and knowledge Sea World and other marine parks in fact are concerned only with earning money at the detriment of these incredible animals. Still in all of these places' money trumps education and rehabilitation especially when you’re making profits of over $300 million a year (and famously not paying tax either).

The bottom line is they are liars; they lie to the public, saying that they rescue animals and educate people. But of course isn’t that the sad truth of it, these places will continue to run as long as people go there and are also brainwashed into believing that Sea World are actually doing a good thing and helping animals because that’s certainly the view they give when you are there.

Hopefully with the release of Blackish people will realize that instead of helping they are in fact torturing these animals into madness and keeping them in conditions that remain utterly inadequate for beings so intelligent. I know how amazing it is seeing these beautiful animals up close and personal, but I can promise you it’s 100 times more magical seeing them in the wild.

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If you go to places like Sea World you are just continuing to fund organizations that steal animals from their natural environments and make them live awful lives in tiny tanks and forcing them to perform tricks for your entertainment. Main Than is still showing some behavior typical of a pregnant panda, although scientific data from the urinalysis of her hormones is becoming more atypical, officials added.

“She is still displaying some behaviors of a pregnant panda, but the scientific data from the urinalysis of her hormones is becoming more atypical. “There is still a chance she will give birth to a live cub as her progesterone levels have not yet returned to base.

But staff were forced to intervene when her hormone levels started to fall quickly after another fruitless mating season. The female panda's reproductive cycle means it is in season only for 72 hours a year, and can become pregnant only during a 12 to 36-hour window.

The animals, now both aged 10, arrived at Edinburgh Zoo in December 2011 and are on loan from the Chinese government for 10 years. Most plastics are not biodegradable and cannot be broken down naturally by bacteria or other living things, and as a result, most of it ends up in wildlife habitats where it poses a threat to plants and animals.

Millions of turtles, seabirds, and other wildlife die each year from complications directly related to plastic consumption. Many types of straws cannot be reused or recycled due to the chemicals they are made from.

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Most plastic straws are also not biodegradable and cannot be broken down naturally by bacteria and other decomposers into non-toxic materials. Straws are particularly prone to ending up in our waterways, and ultimately the oceans, due to beach littering, wind that transports the lightweight objects from trash cans and trash collection facilities, and barges, boats, and aquatic transport vehicles.

A number of accredited members of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums make it a priority to reduce their impact on the environment by implementing green practices in their business operations. “Saving animals starts with saving habitats, and by choosing to act responsibly in our business practices, we provide support for our field conservation work around the world and our conservation education programs at home,” said Wanda Evans, former chair of AZA’s Green Scientific Advisory Group.

These nationwide initiatives, as well as several local efforts, empower individuals to reduce their own straw usage by choosing not to use them at restaurants and/or buying non-plastic alternatives. Learn more about other initiatives AZA is a part of that help conservation such as Saving Animals From Extinction (SAFE), Species Survival Plans (SSP), and more at our website www.aza.org.

Clark and the zoo have faced outrage on social media since an American-Statesman story published in January detailed zookeepers' claims of mismanagement and animal mistreatment. The zoo's email Monday said Clark will no longer be a voting board member.

I’m so sick and tired of all the lies and “we can fix this” lines we are fed from BP. There seem to be eruptions at the site of the leaking oil well, that are covered by the live cam.

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Minerals Management Service officials, who receive cash bonuses for meeting federal deadlines on leasing offshore oil and gas exploration, frequently altered their own documents and bypassed legal requirements aimed at ensuring drilling does not imperil the marine environment, the documents show. Go behind-the-scenes at the Zoo and get a hands-on perspective from those working directly with wildlife and conservation.

While the Senate version includes some strong reforms on wild horses and burros, phasing out the use of dogs in testing, and funding for marine mammal conservation efforts, among many others, it also includes calls for an increased focus on the use of nonhuman primates and farm animals, particularly pigs, in testing, and would make the roads less safe for people and animals, among other concerns. The two chambers must now reach an agreement on their respective versions by December 11 to avoid a government shutdown, and we’ll be working to make sure that we get the best possible outcomes for animals.

The Senate package also renews necessary protections to ensure that healthy horses under the care of the BLM and the U.S. Forest Service are not sent to slaughter for human consumption. Renewing the prohibition on licensing Class B dealers, which would prevent the USDA from using funds to license “Class B random source” dealers, notorious for acquiring cats and dogs for research through fraudulent means, including pet theft.

Making roads less safe for people and animals by exempting livestock haulers from the electronic logging device rule, which will lead to greater truck driver fatigue and resulting crashes that endanger everyone on the road and the animals being hauled. Longer trips without rest periods also facilitate the spread of diseases and pathogens like influenza and salmonella.

Preventing government spending on horse slaughter inspections: The Senate package does not contain “defund” language that has been enacted nearly every year since 2005. Fish & Wildlife Service is not prohibited from allowing the import of lion or elephant trophies from Zambia, Zimbabwe or Tanzania, where the populations of these animals have declined to unsustainable levels.

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Senate report language also omits the House’s concern and directives relating to the FRS’s failure to reevaluate their trophy import permitting scheme as required under the enacted FY 2020 appropriations package. Requiring facilities regulated by the Animal Welfare Act, such as puppy mills and roadside zoos, to have emergency response plans for the animals in their care: The Senate language does not require AWA facilities to have disaster plans in place.

The Senate language could be read to suggest that NIH may continue violating that mandate by keeping surplus chimps in the laboratory setting at Alamogordo Primate Facility until they die. Animal protection is not a partisan issue, most Americans support funding these commonsense reforms wholeheartedly, and they want their lawmakers to do the same.

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