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• Thursday, 29 October, 2020
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This model of the Goulash is the mightiest of the Blue Voids and was a hero of combat, an undefeated one at that. It also is featured as the secondary protagonist's ride in two following Voids series.

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Due to it being one of the main Voids in the series it of course received some awesome variants in the model kit department. As a winner's prize in one of the many Voids raffles a chrome coated Blade Liner variant was created.

Due to this being the first Void model of its kind, the Fire Fox is worth a pretty penny. This Tyranosarus-like Void model was one of the main races of the meccas in the original TOM toy run.

These Voids were mass-produced by the Helix Republic in the series lore featuring many variations. This version of the Goulash features two large canons on its back as well as many more on different areas of its body.

The King Goulash is one of the Voids that take a huge spot in the actual lore of the series. It was designed by the Helix Republic as their trump card to turn the tide of the war.

It's also one of many powerful techs that is practically unstoppable, earning its kingly prefix. The sick build on this Void has put it in the spotlight for fans and collectors everywhere.

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This is not only due to its awesome design but also its light and sound features, giving it a $1500 price point. Due to this popularity, you can also expect this poster boy to be one of the most expensive in the series as well.

In the series, this Void was basically invincible and did huge damage to everyone that got in its way. In the series lore, the Salamander is the third-largest flying Void ever made and has an unmatched range.

Its specialty is its use as a battle aircraft and an air bomber, as it's able to carry a large arsenal The vintage 1983 version of this awesome Void will cost you the crazy high price of $4300.

The Death Saucer is one of the most popular Voids in the series as well as one of the most integral to the actual story. This popularity and its place in the series led to Death Saucer receiving a special edition model kit that only had 1000 released.

The rarity of this awesome piece has lead to it being listed on eBay at a $4400 price point. As a writer at Comic Book Resources, he hopes to put his skills to the test to bring the best content possible.

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Report: Illusionist Siegfried Fischbacher dies in Vegas Berserk Fury, Liner Zero, Shield Liner (common blue one), Red Blade Liner (I changed the color to black with model paint), Reno's, Terra's, Koenig Wolf, Command Wolf, Dark Horn, Dark Spider (the dinosaur one), Lightning Said, the stegosauri one, Saber Fang, and the giant iterator one(it's mostly blue with gray wings and guns all over).

I got for Christmas, and it's pretty much trash as lots of stuff is missing. If you are planning to buy more, than to me, it seems you still are fond of them so selling all your older one wouldn't be the way to go.

Now Walmart and Toys R Us has stopped selling them long ago, your best bet is probably www.hlj.com because in Japan they are still a big hit, and ALJ still stocks up on news ones too. That takes finding an agent and submitting your portfolio to companies.

Immediately it forms of feels for many roles they desire only time-honored human beings appearing for sure. The only actuality I understand is it takes an agent to get the jobs and if to have the expertise, they get you the coaching with genuine specialists.

I certainly didn’t until I heard about Voids Wild: Blast Unleashed, the newest game based on a surprisingly old franchise. Blast Unleashed is clearly meant for fans of the anime that already know what the series is about, as the story mode only gives incredibly limited descriptions of the plot and characters.

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The story as a whole isn’t anything special and is really only there to usher players from one battle to another, so don’t expect to become engrossed in anything. Combat consists of light and heavy attacks that can be chained together to dole out simple combos.

Sadly, Voids Wild: Blast Unleashed only really offers a mindless battle system with over-the-top anime finishers that are nice, but nothing about it feels rewarding. God forbid one of the fighters’ land an ultimate, however, as these massive attacks can take out more than half of your enemies’ health bar in one hit.

Voids Wild: Blast Unleashed is pretty lacking in all areas of an arena fighter. The game was clearly made on a budget, but that doesn’t make up for its shortcomings in terms of providing a decent experience for players.

Outside just messing around and having fun, there are no real rewards for playing battle mode, so this is more for honing your skills than anything. The game features an original story that, as I previously mentioned, is pretty throw away and forgettable.

It amounts to an excuse to get players to participate in several challenge matches against CPU enemies and unlock the entire cast of fighters for battle mode use. The final mode worth mentioning in Voids Wild: Blast Unleashed is Continuous battle.

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This mode features a unique string of battles for each character in the game, challenging players to get the highest score possible. While this may make a difference in subsequent battles, it never felt like any of the decisions I made really affected anything tangible.

Whether its viewers are hardcore anime fans or kids who just love robotic dinosaurs, Voids is a great combination of everything an action-packed show needs to be. Voids Wild: Blast Unleashed is an engaging title that will hold the attention of fans.

Each Void is accurately recreated with a level of clarity and detail, and they behave and handle differently, never feeling like they're reproducing copied and pasted animations or attacks. Players are prompted to strategize carefully and use each Void’s strengths to their advantage, as they aren’t all the fastest or the strongest, but each one can be used to do massive amounts of damage with some practice.

Voids Wild: Blast Unleashed plays more like Dragon Ball Genovese in that it allows a full range of motion throughout the field. In Voids Wild: Blast Unleashed, by the time the player can see their opponent making a move, it is already too late to block or dodge.

Voids Wild: Blast Unleashed could have done with some cutscenes instead of static panels of text, since its character models are so well-animated during gameplay segments. Additionally, following the lead of something like Genovese would have helped, as Voids Wild: Blast Unleashed contains no other types of battle scenarios other than the basic fights found in its arcade mode.

All in all, Voids Wild: Blast Unleashed is a great time as long as the player is only interested in controlling their favorite monsters from the show in simple battles. For kids, this game is likely to be a favorite that brings hours of entertainment, but players looking for more depth won’t find much here.

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