Are Zero Hour Contracts Entitled To Pension

Carole Stephens
• Monday, 28 December, 2020
• 11 min read

According to the Office of National Statistics, some 250,000 people in the UK are on zero hours contracts, whilst the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development estimates this figure is closer to 1 million. According to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, 18-24 year olds are most likely to be employed on zero hours contracts.

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The main negatives to these contracts are that you don’t have a steady income. You are paid as and when you’re needed, making managing your finances awkward.

Finally, it could also mean that getting a mortgage or credit card can be difficult as you have no confirmed salary to disclose to creditors. As zero hours contracts are as yet relatively rare, people aren’t quite sure what their rights are, and it’s therefore open to abuse.

For example, there are concerns that workers who are seen as ‘good’ (those who accept shifts) will be offered more work more regularly than workers who are deemed as ‘bad’ (those who turn shifts down.) Workers on zero hours contracts are not entitled to a pension and getting holiday may be difficult.

You can make your choices below and update them at any time from the cookies link in the footer. The topic of sick pay has been discussed at length recently amid the global outbreak of coronavirus.

The number of confirmed cases in the UK has risen to 596 while the death toll currently stands at 10. The rules around SSP have changed amid the coronavirus outbreak, which has now been classed as a pandemic.

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced SSP will be paid from the first day of illness, or self-isolation, as opposed to the fourth. Normal SSP policy will return when they are no longer required and the coronavirus crisis is under control.

Self-employed people can still claim a form of sick pay under Universal Credit (Image: Getty) Statutory Sick Pay covers you for up to 28 weeks (Image: Getty)Should your employer refuse to grant you the sick pay, Citizens’ Advice suggests asking them for a written explanation of reasons for saying no and contact HMRC if unsatisfied with their response.

You may also decide to join NEST (the National Employment Savings Trust) who are a Government body that provides a pension scheme. You’re one of the few classes of worker who do not have to be automatically enrolled into a workplace pension scheme, although you can still decide to set one up if you wish.

You will be automatically enrolled in the same way as other workers if you earn more than, currently, £192 a week, £833 per month or £10,000 a year and meet the other joining conditions. When you receive a back dated pay rise which takes you over the £192 a week or £833 per month (currently) earnings threshold amounts, you should be automatically enrolled when you receive the pay rise, provided you meet the other joining conditions.

If you are on a zero hour contact, the employer is not required to give you any minimum working hours (unless specified in a contact), nor do you have to take any work offered to you (again, unless specified in a contract). Likewise, as you go through different stages of life, you may go from loving zero hours, to hating them, as jobs have different demands and requirements.

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You can also turn down hours if they are offered to you, if they don’t quite fit your schedule. If for example have lots of availability over the summer holidays, and you let your manager know you want to work plenty of hours, they may be able to give you lots of work, so you can earn whilst you have the time to do so.

It may be that you have a job 1 day a week in an office, gaining work experience, and you are hoping to work around that but don’t want to commit to another job. We have started the Employment 4 Students Podcast, aimed at giving students tips, advice and inspirational careers journey stories.

Also, like other workers, they are not allowed to work more than 48 hours per week unless they have contracted out of that requirement. Zero hours contract workers have the same right to 28 days' annual leave (including bank holidays) although this is pro rata (based on the average number of days they work per week).

The National Living Wage applies to all workers aged 25 and over and is £8.72 an hour. The Government plans to review the use of zero hours contracts, although it has indicated that it is unlikely to ban them because they can be useful to both employers and employees.

Any individual on a zero hours contract is entitled to at least the national minimum wage, paid annual leave, rest breaks and protection from discrimination. The above is the main difference between a zero hours worker and a freelancer, but with a zero hours worker, unlike a freelancer, it is the employer’s responsibility to sort national insurance and tax through PAY.

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Zero hours workers will be entitled to the same Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) as employees if they reach the Lower Earnings Limit and earn at least ?116 (before tax) per week. A zero hours contract should be used where the employer simply wishes to engage a worker on a casual basis and would benefit from the flexibility of not promising a set number of hours and days of work in the future.

A zero hours contract is suitable for businesses which need a flexible supply of workers because they may experience changing demands or cannot predict the exact levels of staffing that they will need at all times. In some industries there may be an increase in demand for temporary staff to cover busy periods, such as the Christmas shopping period in retail, or the summer months for horticultural businesses.

It can be helpful to have experienced staff available to cover sudden sickness or other emergencies. Exclusivity clauses in zero hours contracts have now been banned by the Government under the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act.

Recruiting a part-time employee or someone on a fixed term contract if regular hours need to be worked to adapt to a change in the business needs. Offering annualized hours contracts if peaks in demand are known across a year.

Those who work on a zero hours contract may have caring responsibilities or have studies and may need to plan for childcare or around exams. Employers should consider putting into place a policy explaining the circumstances when and how work might be cancelled, and how they try to avoid this, and whether the individual can expect any compensation for caring costs they may have incurred.

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Please note that CHALKY our Free Phone Advice Line has been suspended until further notice. We will continue to monitor government advice and hope to be able to return to a full service as soon as it is safe to do so.

It also means that the government should take steps so that you and the adults who work with children and young people all know about the UN CRC. The government must do all that they can to support you and make sure you do not face unfair treatment or discrimination as a result of this.

× Our government should make sure you can participate in fun activities you like e.g. places to meet and socialize with friends, sports, youth clubs and cinemas. You should also have opportunities to enjoy cultural life and customs for instance taking part in special events and activities.

× Make sure primary education is compulsory and free Develop different types of secondary education, for example vocational training, and offer accessible guidance to all young people on their options Offer financial support for young people who cannot afford further education Work to reduce dropout rates from school Make sure all school disciplines are appropriate, for example teachers should not use violence or harm children or young people To join their parent(s) with leave to remain in the UK, subject to meeting requirements set out in the Immigration Rules.

× This also applies to young people who are suspected of having breached immigration laws, such as asylum seekers and refugees. × Some types of harm include physical or mental violence, injury or abuse, neglect, maltreatment or exploitation.

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There are also traditional practices in some cultures which can cause harm to children, such as forced marriage, food restrictions, scarring/branding and other body modifications. × You are free to join a peaceful protest about issues you feel strongly about e.g. climate change and your privacy should be respected when doing this, but you don’t have a right to meet others for unlawful purposes e.g. to cause harm to other people.

Some young people living in places like residential homes, juvenile justice centers or hospitals, may find it difficult to have their own space. Everyone should have access to the media and the internet, including young people whose freedoms are limited e.g. those in the Juvenile Justice Center.

Young people with a disability or where English is not their first language should get the help they need to access the media. You should be protected from harmful media for example material that shows graphic violence.

× You can express yourself in different ways such as talking out loud or posting things on the internet. Your parents/guardians can guide you in this but as you get older and more mature, your ability to hold beliefs that are different from others must be respected.

Your name and nationality Your race, culture, religion and language Your appearance, abilities, gender identity and sexual orientation The government should not have any laws that discriminate on the basis of ethnicity, race, religion or gender to cause statelessness.

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× This means all adults, like your parents/guardians, teachers, social workers, doctors and the police. Indirect: If everyone had to climb up a flight of stairs to get to an after-school club, this would discriminate against children who couldn’t do that because of a physical disability.

The successful candidate will have a relevant third level qualification, at least 3 years’ experience of working in a communications, PR or marketing role and experience of using offline and online marketing channels and tools including social media. Attractive terms and conditions apply including company pension.

Participation in consultation responses Running children’s rights projects and campaigns × CLC’s policy work ensures that where proposed governmental policies or legislation will impact on children and young people, government is reminded of its obligations to deliver on children’s rights as it is set out in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Making consultation responses Providing policy briefings to decision makers, partner organizations, children and young people and the public Delivering policy training Making written and oral submissions to NI Assembly Committees Carrying out consultations with children and young people and representing the views of children and young people to government We strive to ensure that when decisions are being made that impact on the lives of children we represent… The voice of the child is always heard, The child’s best interests are at the heart of decision-making All children have equality of access to their legal rights, regardless of their age, background or circumstances.

We provide a free child-friendly legal advice and information service, which deals with over 2000 issues annually. Our service provides free advice by phone or email to children and young people, their parents/carers and professionals with legal queries relating to difficulties in school, access to services for disabled children, special educational needs, mental health service provision, homelessness, family law issues and other general legal queries.

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Family Law Being Looked After Youth Justice Mental Health Law Access to Medical Services Access to Family Support Services School Admissions Suspensions and Expulsions Special Educational Needs Social Security Benefits Employment Leaving home The Human Rights Act Equality and Discrimination Housing Immigration We also provide free legal representation, particularly at SEND IST and Mental Health Review Tribunals and undertake strategic litigation following the criteria contained within our Casework Policy.

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