Are Zenith Watches Good

Ellen Grant
• Wednesday, 06 January, 2021
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Originally called The Manufacture Zenith, it carries one of the richest and proudest legacies and histories in watchmaking. This legacy is without a doubt going to be seen in the future, especially since this brand has a habit of infusing innovation with its timeless watchmaking techniques.

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The driving force of the brand and its investors is the motivation to move ahead differently, better, faster, and more precisely than the competition. Zenith built on such positive momentum, and as a result, created some of the most important chapters in the history of watchmaking.

This was later going to be used in several pocket watches, table clocks, marine chronometers, and the limited edition Pilot Monte d’Aerogel Type 20. Fast-forward to 2009, when the town of Le Locke was heralded as a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its contributions to urbanism, industrial architecture, and culture.

Since then, the brand has become a guiding star for Le Locke and has never changed locations, preserving its history and legacy. The upgrade included a distinctly modern style, a great example of the adventurous vibe and spirit of the brand.

It symbolizes one of the most poetic bodies in the galaxy in a very minimalist but classic aesthetic: You’ll find a midnight blue circle on the bottom half of the dial, which has a sunburst pattern. The sunburst pattern features tiny running second hands located at the 9 o’clock position.

It places a lot of stock on aesthetics and timeless looks, drawing inspiration from the years of the past and adding just enough contemporary accents that will stand the test of time. Adding contemporary pioneering and fresh eyes, Zenith has created a brand-new edition to this modern instrument without leaving the charm of its analog past.

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The watch comes in a polished stainless case and a sunburst black dial, complete with yellow accents. The Arabic numerals in the watch are made of solid SuperLuminova, allowing for extreme readability no matter the conditions.

This new version features a precise reproduction of the legendary Gay Frees “ladder” bracelet, which was first launched in 1969 and is an exclusive Zenith component. Zenith Defy Classic Midnight (Image: Deathwatches)This collection is a great taste of the cosmos.

This feminine reimagining of the already futuristic Defy model is made with stainless steel and adorned with white diamonds. And since this vision is all about uniqueness and spontaneity, it is available in a full range of straps and bracelets that you can mix and match easily and quickly.

Zenith is widely renowned globally for making classic watches that put a lot of value into each model. It found fame and glory from its units that used the El Primer movement, which still holds unmistakable accuracy today, even if it was first launched five decades ago.

Zenith leather watch (Image: kaktuslampan)There are many aspects that can be taken into questioning when deciding if a brand is good or not. Zenith creates highly precise mechanical chronographs, again thanks to their high-performance El Primer calibers that oscillate at 36,000 beats per hour.

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Zenith is often compared to brands such as Omega, TAG Heuer, Cartier, IWC and Brawling, based on their history and price ranges as well as the quality of the movements and as the overall finish of the watches. Of course, there are many options available, but if you want a timepiece with a movement built in-house that is reliable and aesthetically pleasant, Zenith is a top choice.

If you’re thinking of getting your first Zenith piece, make sure to consider models with the El Primer movement. It is ideal to always get your repairs, maintenance service, and tune-ups at official Zenith boutiques or authorized resellers.

The quality of the Zenith brand is inscribed in their long heritage and holding to excellence. I am going to list a few key facts about the Zenith brand that make these watches worthy of your attention and money.

Today, it takes 9 months and 300 hands to manufacture and assemble El Primer Caliber. El Primer was also a first 5 Hz / 36,000 VPH high-frequency chronograph capable of measuring 1/10 of a second, and it’s still, after more than 50 years one of the most accurate movements out there.

Through their long history, Zenith demonstrated their technical achievements and innovation skills with over 300 patterns. The newer version, the Chronometer 2, for example, features the Striking Tenth concept.

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The Striking Tenth allows the central hand to make a full sweep of a dial-in 10 seconds instead of a 60-second rotation, which is 6 times of speed of a regular chronograph. Even though Zenith is still not the first name that will cross your mind when talking about luxury watches, it is the most awarded watchmaking company for quality and precision.

Affordability can be a relative term, but when you think about the quality of the movement (we are talking about one of the best movements in the world), the attention to detail and time and effort to manufacture and assemble every single timepiece, then you will definitely agree. Zenith is a Swiss luxury watch company that started in 1865 in Le Locke.

Georges Favre-Jacot, who started the company, had an innovative idea for the time, to keep the production process of pocket- watches, from the first piece to the final assembly, under one roof. From 1911, the Company penetrated international markets, and today Zenith is a part of the LVMH group.

It takes around 9 months and 80 talented people to create one Zenith watch. Some are important in understanding Zenith’s position in the watchmaking industry today, and some are just fun to know for the full appreciation of these timepieces.

The new owners of Zenith decided that the development and production of mechanical chronographs are now obsolete and that Quartz is the only solution for the future. If not for Charles Vermont, a senior engineer at the time, who preserved plans and equipment for El Primer hiding it into the attic, this would be the end of this historical movement.

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After 10 years of being hidden, Zenith thanks to Vermont, made the most lucrative deal in the watchmaking industry and started custom-building movements to Rolex specification, which was El Primer with some modifications. This collaboration lasted until the year 2000 when Rolex made their own in-house chronograph movement and Zenith took the full ownership of El Primer.

While Zenith was in the ownership of the American radio company, it had no right to sell watches in the US. The first El Primer in 1970 was strapped to the landing gear of a Boeing 707, for the Air France flight between Paris and New York.

While he was India’s Prime Minister, Mahatma Gandhi got a Zenith pocket watch, with alarm, from Indira Nehru as a gift. Before passing, Gandhi gave the watch to his granddaughter, and in 2009 it was sold on auction for a symbolic price of $1.8M.

The Chronometer collection offers a 38 mm chronograph, with El Primer Caliber 400 (278 parts in the movement and 31 jewels). The larger version is Chronometer 42 mm is equipped with a tachometer scale and El Primer Caliber 400B (326 parts in the movement) and more elaborate dial with colorful blue and red accents on the dial.

The price range for new El Primer Chronometer goes from $6,000 to $7,100, which is an excellent value for watches of this quality. Elite Chronograph Classic is powered by the automatic high-frequency El Primer 4069 caliber with 254 parts, and it is 42 mm in diameter.

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Probably the most known, and most loved among the collectors is a Zenith Pilot series, inspired by the aviation watches from the 1950s. These watches have a massive crown and 45 mm in diameter with large luminescent Arabic numerals.

You can choose from a variety of colors and materials for the case, strap and dial. So many young people make a foolish start to a collection, either by going for the frivolous and trendy or by purchasing watches not appropriate for their age.

While I could suggest something from Jaeger-LeCoultre, its most worthy timepieces in your price range are too conservative, and I find its sport watches to be too trendy, despite their mechanical prowess. The Zenith ship has finally been righted after its years of wallowing at a severe list.

What do you make of the recent controversy involving the limited edition Pantries PAM 318 that was found to have an decorated movement inside? After all, the brand has been selling $100 pocket watch movements in $5,000 cases for over a decade.

The fact that it hid this one behind a case back that was decorated more than the movement barely moved the needle with the Pantries faithful, despite the relative uproar elsewhere in the watch world. No, the 150 cultists who bought the piece seemed satisfied with the brand's halfhearted offer and lack of explanation (Thank you, sir.

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For a Christmas present, I am thinking of getting my father one of the new Omega Aqua Terra golf watches. This watch belongs in the bottom of a water hazard, the result of a good slice with a five iron.

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