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David Lawrence
• Wednesday, 25 November, 2020
• 10 min read

If you are looking to join a rapidly growing travel technology company and take your skills to the next level, send us your resume at, and we will gladly consider your candidacy. Zen hotels .com is operated by Seaside Services Limited, having its registered address at Iphigenia, 17, Stools, 2007, Nicosia, Cyprus.


By making a reservation on zen hotels .com, you accept the booking terms offered by Seaside Service Limited. I got a nice price through Zen hotels for a night at The Park Hotel near the Porto airport.

I needed a shuttle drop off to the airport early the next morning, which was promptly arranged, and they quickly dropped me off even though I was the only passenger. We enjoyed our stay at the hotel, the room was luxurious and the bed was very comfortable.

There's grandeur of the Scotia and the ceilings in the rooms in foyer made you feel like you were part of the gentry that would have been bustling about in yesteryear, as patrons of the hotel. The staff were very friendly, approachable and professional.

The booking was easy and confirmed via email. The price made the stay a great bargain considering the location and quality of the hotel.

The only issue I had was that I asked about the cost of parking and no one replied. Hotel nice and clean, staff was very friendly.

If you proceed with booking there, I strongly suggest you to double-check all the information directly with the hotel before proceeding I have given them three stars, as I will give them a chance to rectify things.

I made a cancellation on 17th December, and have yet to receive a refund. Refunds usually take no more than two days to appear on any transactions.

I got a reply on their online chat system saying refunds can take up to 48 days. I will update this review when I receive my refund.

We made a booking last week for a hotel in Dubai. Out of curiosity and to be sure I contacted the hotel to see if my booking is been confirmed.

The hotel could not find the booking under my surname and booking code. I contacted Zen hotel about this, and they said they're going to take care of this.

I will discourage everyone to make a booking via Zen hotels Dear Sana, We apologize for any inconvenience caused! Our specialists are working on the issue.

They overcharged for the hotel when I could have got it cheaper directly They refused to give me a refund for circumstances beyond my control i.e. the coronavirus and change of government regulations.

I had booked a hotel directly through the same hotel provider at a later date and were happy to provide me with a full refund for the same circumstance. My advice:Don't get ripped off and Book directly with the hotel provider and avoid third parties like this.

Update: as per the reply below:I paid 60 pounds for the hotel (which I later found out was 50 pounds directly on the travelogue website). I booked a separate hotel earlier this week and travel lodge instantly got back to me and refunded the money same day reply.

I was given a different email response to below reply from this company. Please don't deal with this company or any 3rd party go direct to the hotel, save yourself the stress.

The change in government regulation was taken into consideration by travel lodge directly despite the booking being non-refundable. So it won't make sense not to get a refund here hence my complaint and negative review.

I paid a lot of money and all support is saying since we are a 3rd party we have to reach out to hotel and can take 72 hours. As well hotel can not help because they claim they are not aloud to upgrade when you book through a 3rd party which is nuts.

Support has stated they will reach back out 24-48 hours which has passed and have not heard anything since. I am a sitting duck wasting time with this poor situated company. I will delete this review when my problems are solved.

If you have any questions, kindly contact our support center. Solved the problem in the end but with a lot of troubles.

We apologize for the inconvenience! Our specialists are working on the issue. I booked a weekend getaway to Ban ff through Zen hotels which unfortunately had to be cancelled on account of rising COVID-19 cases including at the hotel level.

We apologize for the inconvenience! Our specialists are still trying to fulfill your free cancellation request. This takes time because the providers are overwhelmed with cancellation requests due to the pandemic situation. We still hope for your understanding and will continue to do our best to help you save money on non-refundable bookings.

Please accept our sincere apologies for all inconveniences caused. I made a reservation for 2 adults and 2 10-year-old kids, and when I called the hotel, they told me that the agency had mark that I was traveling with 2 newborn babies and that I would have to pay extra $10 000.

When I contacted the chat line they treated me like an idiot, and when I call the hotline, they told me that there were not any registrations that I've made any complaints and that they will call the Hotel, so they could tell me how much I have to pay. Now I do not have my money back, and I cannot go on vacations because of these bad service.

They left my parents stranded in a foreign country because this company refuse to honor what was written out in an email to them. Long story short: Parents booked two rooms for mom’s birthday trip to Antigua.

The original hotel closed due to COVID-19 3 days prior to them checking in. My parents are already on the island as they had an earlier reservation at a different hotel (not booked through zen).

Contacting someone already in a foreign country is difficult as they rely on Wi-Fi, so an email was sent which verbatim said “Relocation to the alternative hotel No extra payment, same conditions.” Mind you they were previously booked at an all-inclusive. They emailed my parents back saying the rates for the hotel has gone up and now my parents had to come up with hundreds of dollars to split the difference for ONE of the rooms.

They then responded back 24 hours later (less than 48 hours before my parents had to check out at the other hotel) that the rate of the new hotel was too high and that they recommended cancellation, essentially leaving my parents stranded in a foreign country without a place to stay. They cannot honor contract and will basically cause unnecessary emotional distress.

Dear Canada, we apologize for the inconvenience caused! Our specialists are working on the issue and will update you shortly. I was extremely dubious whether a refund would be forthcoming easily after reading some reviews.

But my experience was First Class, immediate response to my emails and refund paid into my bank within days. Further to yesterday's review, today's excuse is that the company they used to refund money has gone bankrupt, so they can't refund the amount to my credit card.

The rest of the email was unintelligible financial b/s, so I have forwarded it to my bank manager for advice. Dear Phil! We apologize for any inconvenience caused and delay! Please, note that due to COVID-19 emergency the refund period could be prolonged, however, we guarantee that all refunded funds will be credited to your account. We are looking forward to your reply with the requested information.

No problem, I read many negative opinions after I reserved, so I worried. As the hotel and the resort were closed due to the lockdown in Paris, I requested my money back.

Zen told me my booking was cancelled on the 29th April and I would receive my refund between 3-30 business days later. In June, I was told the company was looking for a reason why I haven’t received my money.

I emailed zen hotels asking what was going on- they said it hadn’t confirmed. I waited all day for them to come back to me, but they kept saying it hadn’t confirmed.

Honestly just stay away from this company- now I’m going to have to go through my bank and speak to them. Dear Jess, we apologize for the inconvenience caused! Our specialists are working on the issue and will update you shortly.

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