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Gazebo Adam Coleman and Claire Steamer are the proud parents of Shake It Up actress Sunday. Claire Steamer graduated from Oakland High School and later attended Santa Clara University in 1983 until 1987.

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She is an elementary school teacher in Oakland and a House Manager in California Shakespeare Theater. But, according to the research by Andrew Cooper from TV Mates, her mother has a German and Scottish ancestry while her father is African-American.

Gazebo Adam Coleman, on the other hand, declined to reveal his net worth. Claire and Gazebo got married in 2008 but decided to part ways in 2016.

Gazebo Coleman works as a bodyguard of her daughter Sunday. Whether you’re looking for more newsworthy gossip, or to get in contact with Sunday, just ask, and we’ll search for the answers for you.

Sunday with her parents, Claire Steamer and Gazebo Adam Coleman, at the 2016 Essence Black Women in Music event at Avalon on February 11, 2016, in Hollywood, California. The 20-year-old actress and singer is known primarily for her role on the Disney Channel series Shake It Up, and she also in 2013 released her debut album, Sunday.

Sunday credits her parents, who drove her to her first audition for Shake It Up, for a lot of her success and for her ability to stay down to Earth. Steamer frequently goes to events with her daughter, recently attending the premiere of Spider-Man: Homecoming and posting tons of pictures on Instagram.

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“I was obviously nervous but was immediately put at ease when she gave me and my mom a big hug, and we all instantly bonded over our height,” Sunday told Teen Vogue. Claire is a teacher, and Sunday says that watching her mom teach in inner-city schools in Oakland, California was a major inspiration.

Watching her was magical; it instilled within me a true appreciation of and devotion to the importance of education.” When Sunday moved out to Los Angeles upon being cast in Shake It Up, her mother stayed in Oakland to teach.

A few months ago, Sunday posted a series of photos on Twitter of herself dyeing her mother’s hair. Sunday writes on her website, “My mom makes the sickest jewelry for her line Kismet.

On the Instagram page kizzmetjewelry, Claire Steamer posts photos of this jewelry, sometimes being worn by Sunday. This past May, Steamer expressed excitement that her jewelry was featured in a magazine article; Sunday is wearing it in a photo printed in Style.

In a video posted to Zendaya’s subscription-based app, she shows off her mother’s jewelry and Steamer talks about how it is made. Sunday and Gazebo Adam Coleman attend the world premiere of The Hateful Eight presented by The Weinstein Company at Airlift Cinemas Cinerama Dome on December 7, 2015, in Hollywood, California.

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According to Hello Beautiful, Zendaya’s father traces his roots back to Nigeria on his mother’s side. Gazebo Adam Coleman has a background in teaching, just like Zendaya’s mother.

On Father’s Day, Sunday posted a vintage picture of her dad and wrote, “Happy Father’s Day to my OG…thank you for your unconditional love, your unwavering strength, your protection, and your wisdom, even when I think I know everything. In August 2016, TMZ reported that Claire Steamer had filed for divorce against Gazebo Adam Coleman.

In response to this news being reported, Sunday said on Twitter that her parents actually haven’t been together for a long time. Sunday did recently give those things up, though, as she purchased a home of her own in Los Angeles.

“Guys, I’ve always wanted stairs like this like literally since I was a little girl,” Sunday told her fans when she bought the house. Over the past year, Sunday has solidified her status as one of Hollywood’s most adored beauty and style icons.

From her charming social media presence to her terrific red carpet looks to her stunning, impactful performances in Euphoria and the Spider-Man franchise, she’s captured everyone’s attention for good. Sunday has only recently found herself at the top of the success ladder, but questions are already being raised regarding her background and upbringing.

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Or, like many former child stars, does she hold resentment towards her folks for the way she was thrust into the spotlight from a young age? The former Disney star has always been grateful for her parents support, and she will jump to their defense if anyone dares to insult them.

In order to truly appreciate Zendaya’s charisma, kindness, and elegance, it’s essential to look back at her upbringing, and notably, her parents who paved the way. Her mom taught at a number of inner-city schools in the area, including a Shakespeare Academy in Oakland; this is where Zendaya’s first fascination with the arts emerged.

Watching her was magical; it instilled within me a true appreciation of and devotion to the importance of education Claire was so dedicated to teaching that she wouldn’t even move out of Oakland when her daughter got cast in Shake It Out, which filmed in Los Angeles.

It wasn’t just through her teaching that Claire made such a lasting impact on her daughter. Sunday also shared that Claire rarely wore make-up as a young mother.

It wasn’t a deliberate choice for her, but young Sunday watched first-hand what it felt like not to care so deeply about one’s appearance. Sunday to Vanity Fair What’s refreshing is that both the women learned to like make-up at the same time.

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He was born Samuel Coleman, but upon having reconnected with his African heritage, he reclaimed his name as Gazebo Adam. With her mother being of German and Scottish origin and her father of Nigerian ancestry, the Shake It Up actress realized early on what it meant to feel proud of both sides of her heritage.

She said that it’s parents who’ve thoughtfully prevented her from going in the same direction as some of her less-fortunate former child actor predecessors. In addition to her parents, she also has five older siblings, all of whom played their role in inspiring her and helping her become her best.

When talking about her role models, Sunday said that it isn’t just her dad or her mom that keeps her grounded; it’s the entire clan and, in particular, her big sister. A realization like that wasn’t very apparent as a child, but as she has gotten older, Sunday had to take the time to feel the privilege of having a large family standing by her side.

Most of the internet had no clue about this little detail, but Sunday clarified it all in a tweet, saying, “My parents ain’t been together for a long time, you all didn’t know because we private + they still homes.” Oddly, comments intended to be compliments for Sunday turned out to be disgusting criticisms of the people who brought her into this world.

She added that her parents are lifelong teachers who’ve spent most of their time nurturing children and their dreams, not getting concerned about their looks and appearances. While you’re so concerned about what my parents look like, please know that these are two of the most selfless people in the world They became educators who have dedicated their lives to teaching, cultivating and filling young shallow mind.

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She explained that such “hateful things stem from internal struggles” firth and foremost, therefore she assumed the troll also needed some compliments their way. Her response on its own shows that she’s picked up some outstanding qualities from her parents and that she will not hesitate to defend them whenever the situation calls for it.

As we slowly develop and mature, we realize that our parents are not only imperfect, but in many cases, they are the furthest thing from perfect. Sunday knew that she was being complimented and that she would likely lose fans, but retaining their honor was paramount to her.

Zendaya’s performance in the HBO series Euphoria is simply exceptional. Sunday has matured impressively, and she has gone on to star in movies such as Spider-man: Far from Home, Spider-man: Homecoming, and The Greatest Showman.

Sunday has achieved her great success largely due to her boundless talent and the guidance she gets from her parents. This piece will look at Zendaya’s parents, Claire Steamer and Gazebo Adam Coleman, and how they have helped shape their superstar daughter.

Claire Steamer shares a close relationship with Sunday, and they appear together a lot during award shows and events. She attended the Spider-Man: Homecoming premiere, and posted many pictures of the event on Instagram.

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Sunday separated from her mom when she went to Los Angeles to play in Shake It Up, but they made sure to see each other every other week. Steamer also sold tickets and oversaw maintenance at the California Shakespeare Theater in Dorinda.

Sunday also models the jewelry on the line’s official Instagram page. Zendaya’s dad can trace his roots back to Nigeria, and like Claire, he is also a teacher.

According to TMZ, he provided this hilarious reply when asked about a relationship between Sunday and Odell Beckham Jr.; Claire and Adam reportedly cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for their divorce.

Sunday concluded by telling the critic to take a deeper look at themselves, and find out that they are also beautiful. The siblings are named Annabella, Austin, Julien, Kaylee, and Katina.

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