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• Friday, 01 January, 2021
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But after a pretty crazy year for Swift, full of high-profile breakups and public feuds, it's looking like some of the girl group's most famous members are creating some distance from The Blonde One. A longtime Taylor Swift fan, Lena Dunham solidified her friendship with the singer in 2014, as her boyfriend Jack Anton off worked extensively in the writing and production of Swift's latest album, 1989.

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REX/Shutterstock The most prominent male member of the girl squad may have ruffled TaylorSwift's feathers last week by getting chummy with a Persona Non Squad. As I'm sure we all remember, the internet exploded with reactions to the video, and Sunday made her side clear by favoring some tweets that were decidedly anti- Taylor, and the ex- friends haven't been seen together since.

In fact, Swift just made her return to music (after two years with no new releases) with a song featuring Gigi's boyfriend, Zayn Malik. Taylor Swift and Ellie Goulding may not have had any falling out themselves, but Swift's breakup with her longtime boyfriend Calvin Harris last year may make things awkward between the two singers.

After the infamous “Bad Blood” video dropped, Taylor Swift continued to grow her buddy list with actresses Seraph McCall and Ruby Rose, plus another supermodel for good measure: Kendall Jenner. Alongside her already amazing line-up of buddies, Swift celebrated with friends Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, Tom Huddleston (this was back during the “Hiddleswift” era), and USO Aruba.

Even when Perry started dating Swift's ex, John Mayer, in 2012, a joint photo at the 2013 Grammy Awards showed the two appearing friendly. But things took a definite turn by 2014, when Swift called out an unnamed female artist who “basically tried to sabotage an entire arena tour” by “ a bunch of people out from under ” in a Rolling Stone interview.

In addition to calling Kim Kardashian a lovely person in 2016, and captioning a video with “Swish” two years later (purportedly in reference to Swift's on-and-off friend, Katy Perry), Loss was spotted vacationing with Scooter Braun and his wife, Yael Cohen, following his 2019 incident with Swift. Per Vulture, Swift's stylist, Ashley Avignon, liked “tweets suggesting that Carlie and Taylor are no longer friends around this time.

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For the star-studded “Bad Blood” music video, Taylor Swift enlisted former Disney star Sunday to play the role of Cut-Throat. Alongside other “Bad Blood” members, Swift and Sunday posed together before the video premiered at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards.

News reported in 2015 that Taylor Swift asked Kendall Jenner to appear in the “Bad Blood” music video. Later that year, with no bad blood between them, Jenner joined Swift and multiple squad members onstage during her 1989 tour, per Popular.

And as Swift's feud with Kim ye heated up, Kim Kardashian claimed things weren't “awkward” with her younger sister on Watch What Happens Live : “I don't know if Kendall was a part of squad. Vulture reports that Jenner liked “Scooter Braun's wife's post defending him” after Swift put him on blast in 2019.

Among the left-out friends : Hailed Seinfeld, Jaime King, USO Aruba, Dianna Aaron, Seraph McCall, Ellie Goulding, and Ruby Rose. TaylorSwift's video for her song “Bad Blood” drops this Sunday, May 17 at the Billboard Music Awards, so she's been getting us suitably amped up for that event by revealing the cast one by one in the weeks leading up to the premiere.

With every new character she reveals with a feature film-quality poster, not only do we get more and more excited to see the finished product, we also get a little more insight into the people whom Swift considers her close friends. Along with Sunday, there are the usual suspects like Carlie Loss, Lena Dunham, Lily Aldridge, and Hailed Seinfeld, who are all over Swift's Instagram, but there were also some surprises, people we didn't realize she was friends with beforehand.

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In addition, it seems like the first time Sunday ever spoke about Swift in an interview was after the pictures were snapped of her on-set, and even then it was only to deny that she'd worked on the top-secret video, saying, “I have no idea what you're talking about.” TaylorSwift's Girl Squad is possibly one of the entertainment industry's most exciting bevvy of beauties.

Fans of Taylor have watched the squad evolve over the years and members enter and leave. Ellie Goulding and Taylor Swift share a mutual love for music.

Ellie is now working on new music, having recently launched her album, The Brightest Blue, and is busy with love Caspar Joplin. , including modelling Victoria's Secret fashion on the same stage, Carlie and Taylor were once firm best friends.

While the ladies are not seen as much together, they are still close and Carlie is now part of Project Runway, and is involved with youth work, teaching girls how to code (through Code With Glossy). Carlie's great dream is to uplift other women and use her beauty for a worthy cause.

While one doesn't want to draw inferences about the friendship, one does hope they will make amends, and put their differences aside. They have been spotted hanging out as friends in New York, and Cara has even starred in some of Taylor's music videos.

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Lena was one of the squad members who appeared in the movie for Bad Blood. She has since carved a name for herself in the film industry, starring in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood recently.

She's still doing Victoria's Secret fashion shows and is still a favorite snap subject of the local paparazzi. She's focusing her energy now on acting and has been doing well for herself, starring in successful movies, like Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, and Charlie's Angels (2019).

Still, she remains simple at heart and recently embraced motherhood, when she became Mom a little girl. While Lily continues to be in the limelight, in various modelling campaigns, this has taken a backseat to her job as Mom, and her marriage to husband Caleb Follow ill.

Sunday, Taylor Swift, Lily Aldridge, Martha Hunt, and Hailed Seinfeld As a confirmed posse member, Sunday was included when the group walked the Billboard Music Awards red carpet together last May (she was Cut-Throat in “Bad Blood” and wore biker shorts and harness thigh-highs that we tallied as outfit #16 from the fashion-filled video).

Prior to the Billboard moment, Sunday, Taylor, Lily Aldridge, and Co. weren't exchanging snaps and info about what they were set to wear. Rather, according to Zendaya's stylist Law Roach, each woman did her own thing and never discussed looks until the big day.

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