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Daniel Brown
• Monday, 02 November, 2020
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With consistent use, our products will become a key part of your baby's sleep routine, signaling that it is time to fall asleep! The materials we use in our products are designed to withstand frequent spit-ups and the subsequent multiple washes, as well as your little one’s vigorous kicks and wiggles. The garment’s construction ensures filling stays in place through repeated washes.

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To protect the quality of fabric, we recommend washing in cold water, on a gentle cycle and drying using low heat. First and foremost, all of our products have been designed according to the AAP's Guidelines for Safe Sleep.

We ensure that: 1) The swaddle, under intended and unintended use, will never pose any risk of suffocation in a baby's sleep environment, 2) Pellet pockets are sewn strong enough to prevent the poly-beads from escaping, 3) Velcro and zipper ends are not sharp or abrasive to cause the baby accidental harm. We ensure that our products are manufactured with the highest quality fabric, that will withstand multiple washes and be thick enough to pass flammability tests without needing to be treated with flame retardant chemicals.

The temperature in your baby’s room should feel comfortable to an adult in light clothing. The light-weight fabric our products are constructed from ensures your baby will not overheat due to swaddling alone.

The filling density in the weighted parts of the swaddle or sleep sack is kept to the minimum to balance effectiveness and your baby’s safety. However, ensure swaddle is not too tight by slipping your hand between baby and swaddle; it should feel snug but not uncomfortable.• Ensure the Loving Embrace™ is placed on each side starting under infant’s arms down to the thigh.

Do not allow moving up onto infant’s chest.• Ensure the Peaceful Touch™ is always placed on the lower chest and the top edge of blanket covering the baby is always at the chest level, never above your infant’s neck or covering his or her nose and mouth.• Never use swaddle with products with restraints such as car seats, strollers, swings, etc. HOW TO CREATE A SAFE SLEEPING ENVIRONMENT FOR YOUR BABY • Do not use any objects such as pillows or soft toys in your infant’s sleeping environment.• Never place your swaddled infant on soft surfaces such as your bed, a couch, an air mattress etc.

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As your baby can rollover and suffocate.• Never sleep with your child in an adult bed, an adult can roll on top of an infant and suffocate them.• Place your baby to sleep in an appropriate sleep product such as a crib, cradle, or bassinet.• Use discretion when using any covering on your infant in warm rooms. When researching infant sleep products, 9 out of 10 new parents hear a friend or a family member suggest that they should register for a great swaddle blanket for your baby that is soon to be born.

It helps babies calm down, drift off to sleep, and if you are lucky, even stay asleep for longer periods. However, studies from as early as the 1960s revealed the vital role swaddling plays in calming infants.

While you may have heard about some controversy surrounding baby swaddles, what these researchers found is quite simple: infants are quieter, sleep more, and have lower and more stable heart rates when swaddled under the experimental conditions than the control group of unsaddled infants. Swaddling is now accepted as a safe way to help calm and comfort your baby, as long as it's done correctly.

“When done correctly, swaddling can be an effective technique to help calm infants and promote sleep.” By restricting motor activity and mimicking the security of a mother’s womb, swaddling comforts babies. This results in less crying, more stable heart rates and the ability to sleep through the Moro reflex or startle reflex.

Despite the articles written by controversy-seeking media, swaddling remains a practice that helps babies sleep better. We have to be thankful for the doctors and researchers who keep testing this age-old practice to ensure that it is done in a way that is befitting the modern and busy lives of today's parents, where their baby may not always be in the same room as them to be monitored constantly as may have been the case in the past.

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At Nested Bean we constantly apply these scientific learnings and make sure that swaddling is practiced safely. The Nested Bean Zen Swaddle is a baby swaddling blanket with an easy-to-use design, innovative technology that mimics touch and a secure Velcro closure plus many bonus features such as the 2-sizes-in-1 feature that helps it last 2x as long.

It has also been proven that touch when simulated by applying gentle pressure using lightly weighted objects can also trigger a similar soothing response. Many parents are left with clothing in small sizes that don't fit past the first couple of weeks.

In order to help parents get more for their money, the Zen Swaddle is designed for longevity with multiple sizes. Moms love its super soft fabric and it's easy-to-use design that secures using a Velcro.

The quiet Velcro is high quality such that it does not scratch, does not catch lint and yet stays secure. So if you baby loves their arms free, you can still seek the benefit of touch that is unique to the Zen Swaddle.

In the arms out position, the Zen Swaddle continues to add gentle pressure to the chest and sides and promotes safe and longer sleep. Its lightly weighted center applies gentle pressure just where there is discomfort helping ease the colic pain and receive the much-needed comfort.

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The Zen Swaddle has a roomy design around the baby's waist making movements of legs and knees easy. As covered earlier, the main benefit of choosing the swaddle construction for our patented touch technology is to help babies sleep through episodes of Moro reflex.

Many parents place their hand on the chest and stay there for a long time waiting for that sign when their baby would enter deep sleep. In their first few days of life, your newborn’s internal thermostat needs time to adjust to its new environment.

The moisture-wicking property of Bamboo rayon helps maintain a constant temperature and prevents the baby's body from getting too hot or cold. Note that it is recommended to maintain the baby’s room at a comfortable temperature of 65 to 70 F and avoid over-bundling with layers.

Over the years, despite the many benefits of swaddling, this ancient practice has been receiving a lot of bad press from many prominent news publications. Recently a few doctors warned parents the risk of SIDS in higher in swaddled babies when they start to roll over.

Swaddling in the supine position, is seen to reduce the risk of SIDS because an immobilized infant won’t be able to move or roll into a dangerous and potentially asphyxiating (that compromises normal breathing) environment. Also, swaddling prevents infants from pulling bedding or clothing over their heads by keeping their arms snug against their bodies.

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Still, it’s important to keep any loose bedding or clothing out of your baby’s crib to further reduce this risk. A parent’s touch is scientifically proven to soothe and help babies sleep.

Lightly weighted pads extend the gentle pressure of your touch during sleep. Babies fall asleep faster, rest more peacefully, and get longer, healthier sleep.

Designed in partnership with pediatric pulmonologists, the weight of our pressure pads are safe for babies at least 7lbs. Recommended by certified sleep consultants, our products are trusted by leading pediatric hospitals and Ficus across the country to safely soothe babies to sleep.

Thoughtfully designed and rigorously tested, our products exceed industry safety standards by 8 times, provide ultimate breathability and are toxin-free. Medical experts agree: it’s not just the swaddling, the rocking, the lullabies that soothe your baby to sleep.

The Winter line is the warmest option, perfect for cooler climates or A/C in the summer! The fabric has two layers of 100% cotton with a heavy poly-fiber filling in between.

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As per physiotherapy standards used, the pressure applied by the lightly weighted parts is 10% of the body-weight of the area covered by them. This gentle pressure, as light as your palm, is just enough to soothe your baby.

Depending on the size of the product, recommended body weight of the baby and area covered, the weighted parts range from 1 to 5 ounces. With October being National SIDS Awareness Month, I was happy to partner with Nested Bean to share a few tips for safer sleeping habits.

No Stuff & No Fluff: Avoid putting any blankets, stuffed animals, toys, or side bumpers in the crib as it’s easy for a young child to suffocate while sleeping. Young infants don’t have much muscle strength yet and may not be able to re-position themselves if they are struggling to breathe.

However, during naps and bedtime, I would make sure to remove as the chance for strangulation is a very real threat. But during sleep, the, albeit short, cord could still fall across the baby’s neck and pose a real danger.

They’ve designed their swaddle to provide the soothing benefits of touch and while helping babies feel more secure which leads to sleeping longer. For newborns through about 6 weeks, there’s actually a little pouch to tuck baby’s legs in to and then use the wings to swaddle as normal.

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The gently weighted center and sides are comforting to baby and the materials used to create the Zen Swaddle are luxuriously soft. Connect: Don’t forget to like Nested Bean on Facebook and follow them on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest for all the latest news and promotions.

Win It: Nested Bean is generously offering one of our lucky readers their very own Zen Swaddle! I’m a city girl turned country by my awesome husband, and we have three busy boys and two darling daughters.

I love spending time with my family, reading Karen Kings bury novels, and catching up with friends while our kiddos have play dates.

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