Are Zen Heaters Any Good

David Lawrence
• Friday, 06 November, 2020
• 9 min read

Fooled by Ad I ordered this heater also, returned it same day it came. Can't get a refund I ordered 5 heaters with a lifetime protection plan for all 5 zen heaters on 3 November 1999.

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On Nov. 13, 1999 I got an email stating that they had been shipped, and they gave me a tracking number. To make a long story short, I was told I could not cancel my order, but when they showed up, I could send them back for a refund.

Well when they finally showed up toward the end of November 1999, I refused the package and told them to return to sender. It is now 14 January 2021 and I still have not received my refund, and I was told to send the support team another email about it.

So in the long term, you only have a phone number to someone who can not help you except to tell you to email their support team, and you can not report them to the Better Business Bureau because there isn't a physical address. Under my desk is very small, and I have to have my feet touch it to feel the heat.

If I plugged in the Zen heater directly to the wall the three other outlets are useless. Theater the worst customer service EVER I am not going to comment on the Theater itself, because after I ordered I finally decided to watch the reviews on it because It was taking forever to arrive.

After seeing that it is a mini heater only, that has to plug directly into the wall or floor outlet making that outlet completely useless, and that it can only heat a small bathroom, when what they say about makes you think your purchasing an economy heater that will work in any room. If I just wanted to be heating a bathroom, I don't need an expensive mini heater to heat a bathroom and for its size the economic part of saving dollars on electricity to run it is a moot point.

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I told him to stop, It was already with the postal service, and I am only calling to give you the tracking number period nothing else. Ok, he finally agrees to take the tracking number, and then proceeds to tell me that I am to track the package and when the package is received by the receiving returns department, I am to CALL THEM BACK AGAIN to tell them this.

I argued but nope they weren't going to check, it's like they are punishing you for wanting to utilize their return policy, so you get nothing if you don't do all the work to get your refund back, they aren't going to and don't care if you get it back or not. So, on the day it stated that their returns department received the package, I called to get my refund.

Again, the joy of communicating with them... the why's did I return it, etc., and then to get him to use the tracking number to confirm, well I had to give them the tracking number again, and so he checked and indeed they had it, and so now he was willing to provide me my refund back to PayPal. If you didn't have any of this information kept from when you made the purchase... good luck trying to find it.

You won't, I tried, I just was lucky I screenshot the complete advertisement, or I wouldn't have had any contact information. I would never do business with a company who had such a shady return policy, it is like they had to give us the return policy which their advertisement make it sound like it was for us and being completely satisfied with their product.

But it really ends up they don't want to have the return policy and if you do indeed use it they are going to make it the worst experience you can have if you want your refund, you will do all the work for them to assure you will get it back, you fail to then they get the product and your money. Junk Rubbish and dangerous, not UL tested, had 2 short out within a week, smoke alarm went off, customer support is non-existent and the units that didn't short out don't heat even a tiny bathroom.

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Look on line, and you will find exact heater for 18 BUX which will be junk too, but different name. Cheap Garbage It barely heated my very small half bathroom, and that was only if I left it running all night.

Do not buy from them, I ordered the best package the first one seemed to be ok for a couple of days today I had two of them blow up something and stink my house up I sent a message back about needing a refund with no response Do Not order the product Customer service this company will not cancel my order and return my money.

I ordered 5 heaters on 3 Nov. 2019 got a tracking number on the 13th, and now they are telling me they have been shipped from China and on the way to the states warehouse in California. Promise 2 larger units and 3 smaller and receive 5 small items.

“Easy to carry, easily transportable, effective heating capacity, Zen heater ” • This unique and compact device is highly effective in its working.• This is small, so you don’t have any need to arrange a specific place for it.

• This device is designed to meet the needs of modern technology, and it has low power consumption.• Its working is too easy. • The Zen heater Amazon is so much efficient in its working that is made according to modern technology and its working is of high quality.• This compact and small sized device is much easier in its working.• It does not involve any bundles of wires.• It is low energy consuming and is of high power.• It is easily transportable.• This device is the best gift for anyone and best to warm your houses or offices.

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The cooler season is just around the corner again and residents of large houses are once again faced with the problem of how to save heating costs without freezing to death. Today we have dealt with the Zen Heater, because it is an option to get rooms really warm, whereby it is very small, but still powerful.

Who has it in the winter beautifully warmly, gets in the spring usually also a hearty heating cost account? Since these become more and more expensive, one wonders with the time whether there are no alternatives in punk to heating system.

While others spend a lot of money on a large heating system and end up being overwhelmed by their electricity bill, Zen Heater users can count on it to be an efficient device that doesn’t consume too much electricity, but still provides an excellent source of heat. Especially those who have a larger house know how difficult it is to bring all rooms up to temperature.

It is also an excellent alternative for typical fan heaters at work. With this device, which is simply plugged into the socket, the entire workplace can be heated up perfectly, however, so that a pleasant work is possible.

This procedure also allows direct control and management, because the device only runs when you really need it. We have therefore summarized all the information below and would like to bring it closer to you, as it can also contribute to the purchase decision.

Small and compact for office and home Integrated on/off switch constant thermal output does not consume much electricity Due to its size, the device can easily be stored in the bag, so that it can be used both at home and in the office.

In addition, its constant heat output ensures that it is nice and warm where you are. The on/off switch guarantees full control over running times.

Simply click the link below to check the current price at official site! Especially in the office it is always a bit cool and the large windows don’t keep the heat very well.

After a short time we already felt the heat flowing out of the heater. We have to admit that it takes a while to get really warm in the office, but surprisingly this warmth could hold the device very well.

General Zen Heater Reviews and Opinions During our research we also found out that there are other satisfied users who have had good experiences with the device. Except for the fact that sometimes it really takes a little longer to get warm, we haven’t noticed any problems.

However, it always depends a little on the size of the room the heater is supposed to heat. A normal heating system also needs a certain amount of time to really warm up the room.

These scales make it possible to buy several units at the same time and thus get complete equipment for your own home. An alternative is of course the purchase of several devices to pass them on to those who would like to have it warm, but have no idea that there is such a thing as the Zen Heater.

The information in this regard was somewhat scarce, but one can assume that the device is also of such high quality that it keeps what the manufacturer promises. Zen Heater Rating and Recommendation Overall, we can only assess the product positively.

It didn’t consume much electricity and is therefore an ideal alternative if you don’t want to turn on the usual heating. Zen Heater is a cozy electronic and very light weighted compact radiator.

This is known as a small electric radiator that may be plugged into the socket, and you select temperature as per the need of your body. This fiber electric radiator efficiently works with various functions to make your room cozy or all over the home warm in winters.

This portable heater is made to stay warm body and you don't need shiver after plugged into the switch. This Small Zen Heater can simply carry whenever you want to go such as you may attach it in your car, office, and college also.

It is safe for all age groups & pets and also saves your electric bill as well. Zen Heater is a very genuine electronic device that works for us with complete safety.

Keep Warm the Area of the Home : this small size electronic device is called a heater that starts works after plugged into the socket and keeps your room warm in winter s. Stop the Jittering : when you start to use this portable heater you feel comfortable environment into your home, and it helps to stop the jittering against low temperature. Change the Mode : you can change the temperature mode or minimize and maximizes the temperature according to the requirement to keep a relaxing room. The portable wireless heater is amazingly working to keep the temperature normal or warm as you want.

This wireless heater operates easily in room & cars and ideally works on hill stations. It has no additional installation steps and has temperature control mode to select as you desire.

If you are sitting in your living room and don’t want to stand up for plugging the heater, then don’t worry, just plug the zen heater into the nearest electric outlet and enjoy the warmth. It is a very adjustable tiny size room heater and has a thermostat feature that may keep the temperature snug.

It is specially made for the use of hill stations, cars and maintains the room temperatures with durable quality. It has been invented with a fiber material with adjustable thermostat that does not spread current and very comfortable for kids and pets as well.

This Wall Heating Element is available at our official website with a 55% discount, and you may easily grab from here. So, make your room and office warm by using this small electric device and enjoy the vibes of winters and chilly weather.

But if you buy the zen heater from the official website, then you can get a true 60-day refund policy. We give freedom to every customer to return their product and get money back within 60 days guarantee period.

This Small Size Zen Heater has been made with high technology and attaches the various easy functions to understand easily. This is the safest way to save your electricity as compare to other brand heaters, and you will see it consume less power.

It is durable and made with good quality material with the warranty period. This room heater is formulated to keep in view the coverage of square feet and put the auto shut off button that may easily handle.

Zen heater is a better example to understand that it is manufactured by utilizing the latest technology and strategies. You can simply visit the official website, select your product according to your range, and place the order.

The company provides the best and prompt delivery to the customers so that they can receive their products on-time without facing any difficulty.

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