Are Zen Habitats Worth It

Earl Hamilton
• Tuesday, 29 December, 2020
• 7 min read

Inhabitants uses the best materials to ensure every enclosure is safe & secure, functional, and beautiful. Inhabitants provide a healthy environment for your reptile, or small animals while looking great in your home.

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So many of our fans have asked great questions, so here are the answers to the FAQ's. If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact us at support@zenhabitats.com.

When choosing an enclosure, consider the humidity needs of your pet. PVC panels support both desert and tropical environments of 0-100% humidity.

Our wood panel enclosures are perfect for desert reptiles and small animals requiring low humidity levels 0-50%. If you have any other questions regarding the specific needs of your pet, please visit our Care Sheets.

Both the PVC and wood panels are 1/4” thick and can support up to 100 lbs. If you need to go up to 250 lbs., our cabinet stands and deluxe spacers come with two support bars.

However, our enclosures are fairly difficult for reptiles or other small animals to open. The screen is welded into a steel frame which securely fits into the enclosure.

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We were asked if a cat, sitting on top of the habitat, would damage the unit. We took our hefty feline, Bit, and placed him on top of the screen.

Because we use galvanized steel, and not window screen, there was absolutely no damage to the unit. Because everyone’s lighting needs are different, we created our habitats with the most flexibility possible.

You can place your lights on top or inside the unit. Lighting on the inside can be attached to the support bars using a multitude of different fasteners.

No tools are needed but a rubber mallet sometimes helps. In addition to written directions, assembly instruction videos are available on our website.

This would make Inhabitants enclosures three times larger by volume. However, to keep water from seeping through the seams, it is best to use our bio basin (4’x2’ or 2’x2’) or a plastic liner.

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We tested both the galvanized steel screen and the adjacent aluminum frame and there were no issues with heat. Yes, you can attach hammocks by using suction cups or Command hooks.

We ship to the continental United States for free. Inhabitants is focused on creating reptile-specific habitats that are designed to support the physical and emotional needs of your pets.

They are getting this all fixed though but when you buy this it would be a good idea to get the little felt stickers to put where they would rub to prevent this from ever scratching and for the bowing outward Zen has a solution to fix this, so I am sure this won't be a thing for long. I purchased the 4×4x2 with bio active bag base, for my juvenile Chinese water dragon.

With the bio active tropical base and planted Bella palms, the humidity at the middle and bottom of the covered side stays around 99%. I am really happy about this because I wasn’t sure how to provide the 80% required for him, and the enclosure really supports high humidity.

I also treated the back and sides with glue and coco fiber, and the PVC panels were easy to work with. I chose to treat them before assembling, and it got a bit messy but that was just a minor inconvenience.

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A couple of tips: during assembly, I used a metal file to whittle the plastic pieces slightly, since I am not as strong as the guy in the video, and that helped a bit. I definitely needed a mallet, and also used it to disassemble the pieces when I made a mistake.

I used pebble chips in the bio bag, which I believe may have punctured it, because it leaked a little after assembly. My daughter just informed me my package arrived which I was very happy to hear.....that is until I have seen the pictures she sent.

Now I'm nervously waiting for my work day to be over and get home to check if the enclosure is actually in good usable condition. This enclosure was the only thing I could find on the market that fit the criteria I was seeking for my pet European Starling.

It’s massive so she all the room she needs to slither around and it was so easy to put together, my husband had it set up in under an hour using only a rubber mallet as I’ve seen other reviews recommend. It’s sturdy, and I know my snake friend will live a happy life in it for years to come.

The back and sides are the non-transparent wood panels, and it looked very confining and frankly weird in a room setting. The way it's designed allowed me to customize and add certain things I wanted easily.

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I love it all, except I was pretty bummed that the pictures of the product showed a cabinet built in underneath the tank....... It didn't come with that part! I only have two complaints: the first is that the space between the two sliding glass doors are a little difficult to properly clean.

The second complaint is that the video instructions were very blurry, making it difficult to follow. As a result, I ended up placing the connection pieces for the substrate shield incorrectly.

Definitely worth the money I think, especially for the type of material and if you have a large reptile, especially if it's a snake. Her eating habits were 2 adult mice a month(live or thawed), sheds were sporadic, widely unpredictable, and was never a full shed due to the grates and it being difficult to retain humidity.

She eats 1 mouse every weekend, she explores/destroys her enclosure nightly because she can fully stretch out. I only have to turn on her humidifier occasionally, 2-3 times a week to keep it around 70%(which is what she likes)instead of leaving it on for hours every day.

However, that being said, I was a little disappointed in the overall packaging(I know Alaska is far away), one of the aluminum supports had a dent and half of the PVC panels had the same corner edge curled/bent. Food for thought Also, you guys need a new camera for your assembly videos because those were pretty difficult to follow, not your fault, but I misplaced one of the PVC corners during installation and they don't come back out once they're hammered in, so I had to jimmy rig one corner of the enclosure.

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Lastly, I found a near identical enclosure from Custom Reptile Habitats that comes with rubber gaskets to fill the gaps in between the aluminum frames and the PVC panels, and they also provide silicone tubes to further seal their enclosures. Also, for people concerned of these not holding enough weight I have almost 12 inches of substrate in this and on the bottom not even bowing.

It holds heat and humidity much better compared to regular glass and definitely looks very nice with the bamboo printed PVC. Absolutely amazing my Dominican red mountain boa loves his forever home he climbs to the top for some heat to chill then to the bottom where he goes all over in and out of his hides.

My pic also shows the via on top of the Inhabitants stand (with the right side door slid open). It was fairly easy to assemble and has awesome features to keep a great environment for all types of pets.

Just requires a good amount of banging to get the pieces together, though I'm glad because all the joints are nice and tight. I have moist substrate and need high humidity, so I sealed all the panel lines with silicone before using.

The large size shows problems with the doors closing well enough where they overlap. Inhabitants has great prices, speed of delivery, and responsive customer service.

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