Are Zen Any Good

Bob Roberts
• Friday, 25 December, 2020
• 13 min read

In case you’re thinking of ordering the Wi-Fi extender device called Zen Booster, we advise you not to do so yet. A lot of things don’t add up about the product.

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As a result of the mails we have been receiving about the authenticity about the Wi-Fi booster or extender called Booster, we decided to do some background investigation. One of the reasons why this device is the rave of the internet is because it claims to Maximize data transfer (up to 300Mbps).

It is true that this website seems legit, however what you should be worried about is if this device actually does what they say it do? Though there are lots of positive reviews about this device on the website, they are not telling you the exact truth about the product.

If you had looked closely, you would notice that the video has more than ten thousand views. They turned off their comment section, but were not smart to know that they can’t stop the truth from getting out.

I will post this on every social media platform as well as report this fraud. Timothy Smith The major problem people have had with the device is that there is nobody to talk to.

Those who managed to get in touch with a customer service agent were disappointed as it turned out it is pretty much difficult to return the product. In the end, they became stuck with a device that does not work as they had expected it to.

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Zen Broadband doesn’t offer TV or some of the other fancy add-ons you can get from the likes of Virgin or Sky. Line rental is included in all of these deals, as is unlimited usage and the inclusion of a free router (for 12-month contracts) and static IP address.

It also has parental controls that let you define when each of your family’s connected devices can and can’t get online, and you can use a whitelist and blacklist to decide which websites your children can and can’t visit. The router is managed through a web browser and the interface is optimized for tablets and mobiles, because let’s face it, that’s how most of us get online now.

There’s a 10-day cooling-off period for new customers and Zen promises automatic compensation if things go wrong. It’s available to residential and small business customers and gives you recompense if your service stops working and the fault is not fixed within two working days, if an engineer doesn’t show up for a scheduled appointment or if your service isn’t activated on the ‘go live’ date you’ve been given.

There are certainly a few features, such as the inclusion of a free static IP address with every package, that are sure to attract customers, and the router supplied is absolutely A1 quality. The lifetime guarantee of no price rises is also bound to offer reassurance, as will the UK-based customer service team.

If its cheap deals you’re after then you’d probably be better looking at other providers, while for the chance to add TV or a mobile contract to your broadband service, it’ll need to be one of the big boys. I am paying extra for a repeater on the assurance that if I need a second one, it will be provided free.

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What I am finding out though, is Zen will make you jump through countless hoops in order to avoid giving out a free repeater. It’s not enough for my phone to not be able to connect to the network in a certain part of my house, Zen insist you download an app to tell you that your phone can’t connect to the network.

Or, maybe the app is to tell me if I move my router two meters to the left, knock through the kitchen wall, and hang it from the ceiling it will solve the signal issue negating the need for Zen to cough up another repeater? God knows how bad the other ISPs are if you’re the best of the lot, but at least it will be cheaper elsewhere.

Every time the Open reach work is scheduled, it is delayed. Over the course of over 50 emails nothing has actually really been communicated to me, other than lots of blaming everything on Open reach and promising to escalate my case, while simultaneously delaying the date of the repair.

Whilst the general service from Zen has been ok before now, this whole experience has really put me off. I feel like I am getting absolutely nowhere and don't know what else to do to actually get my phone working again.---Regarding your reply, there is no option to DM you.

I have already emailed Zen multiple times, so I don't know why I need to message you separately. Hi Victoria, Thanks for bringing this to my attention could you please DM me your username and contact number, so I can take a look into this further for you as a matter of urgency.

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I have been patiently waiting, wish I never came across these people. KeV, how about people responding to my emails, rather than on trust pilot? I have been writing you all morning with zero response. I don't want a phone call, as recently people have been rude and nothing promised is done. I was supposed to have internet access since 8am this morning. I have had to pay a lot whilst waiting.

Do not appreciate how you have dealt with this. After delaying repeater deliveries for months for my family and friends, I should have known better than trust it was just a glitch. Hi CGI'm so sorry to learn of your dissatisfaction, I'd like to investigate this for you and to do, so I've sent you a message to request details in order that I can locate your account and get the right team straight on to this for you.

I have been waiting for internet for over a month, terrible customer service, hardly anyone gets in touch... constant delays and automated, unhelpful, repetitive emails. My family, after my initial recommendation, had to wait for a long time for the order to come through.

Don't know what has happened to zen, used to be good, now just awful. Avoid speaking to someone called Kelly, who was rude.

Avoid zen in general, they have cost me lots of money waiting for my internet to be connected, in the middle of the damn lockdown. Was supposed to go live today...but apparently that's asking too much. The fact that I have received this reply, but no replies to my email is interesting.I am not sure how to make contact with these people. By the way, this has become the zen experience.

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It is very difficult to write a good review for an internet service provider. Most of the rest of the time I have had uninterrupted fast secure internet access. A good internet provider should have backup equipment, ways to provide continuous service when equipment fails.

Zen clearly does this. The two occasions I called (one when my router was fried by lightning but seemed to be working with all lights flashing the way they should, the other when there was a fault in the local exchange) the phone was answered promptly. The first line support was knowledgeable and clearly not working from a script, and they solved my problems. They are more expensive, but this is because they invest in their equipment and staff.

To be completely transparent I have never actually been a customer of this company, I hadn’t even heard of them until this week. I have just moved into a property, and they were the supplier for the previous owners.

Despite the previous owners moving their service, Zen have completely blocked the line meaning my provider cannot take it over. From looking online this is a tactic of theirs leaving people with no option but to switch to them.

Absolutely awful behavior trying to bully people into being their customers. I have opted to have a whole new line laid rather than give these con artists a penny of my money.

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Hi Lauren and please accept my apologies for the situation you've ended up in. It does sound as though this has been explained very poorly to you as we do not block anyone taking over one of our lines, if it's done in the right way.

From the situation you've described above there is something that would prevent you taking over the line as it is, but it's not down to either us or your new providers. The system in use for all providers using this type of infrastructure means that it will only allow 1 order to be in place for any telephone line / number and since you mention the previous occupants have already made arrangements to transfer this service to a new property this would take precedence over any request you would then subsequently make.

I can assure you this is not any attempt by Zen to interfere with your ability to choose your provider and would be the same for any company in this position. It's completely normal in these circumstances when the previous owner wants to transfer their service to another property.

Hi Misha, While we of course wish you could get the same level of service everywhere, we're so pleased to hear you're at least getting it with Zen. I rarely have issues, but when I do, the customer service has been patient, listened intently and then walked me through fixing the problem, (I had played with the settings, and manged to somehow tell the Router to stop disconnect from the ISP, in this case Zen).

Rob has monitored my broadband connection to make sure everything is working as expected and been proactive in following things up. Excellent customer service from the start of my switch and during my time with Zen.

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I had a delay on my move in date and they very easily could have charged me for the month I sadly had to wait but credited my account so that would not be the case. Customer service was fast and UK Based.

After a stressful start, caused by lockdown communication issues, one Zen Tech Engineer, Rob Williams, persevered and eliminated my Internet connection issues. The problem turned out to do with my devices and not Zen's Broadband service.

No one made any attempt to ask me why but there was a sting in the tail ... when I left expecting the switch over to happen smoothly nothing could be further from the truth ... it appears they deliberately blocked the takeover by the new Co which resulted in the number being blocked by Open Reach. Apparently this is a tactic they’ve used before so be very careful ... they’re not a nice bunch and ... on.

I have sent a message requesting contact details from you so we can look into your case and review. I was very excited by the reviews of ZEN and would have loved to of been a customer because of their Static IP, UK support, and it is a British company.

But sadly this had come to an end when they said it would take 2-4 weeks and wanted to charge me £50 on top of the £19.99 to connect me saying it is BT's connection charge due to no “active line”. Are we in the 1900s? And if BT has a monopoly on the lines then do something about it rather than trying to charge your customers.

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I must say though, certain charges are applicable on installation, for example if there is no physical infrastructure and a new line needs putting in. Also, sometimes there can be a wait for installations, especially in these challenging times of a pandemic.

Can you please respond to the message request for further details and I can get the relevant department head to look at your issue and see if there is anything further we can do to help you? We have experienced problems with communication; emails sent via their webpage were not replied quickly.

The signal from the router did not cover more than 3 m at times. When we reached the Zen's IT team, after some waiting, they were friendly and well-informed. Good evening, I am so Sorry to hear you are having difficulties.

I have tried to call you on the contact (landline) number we have for you but could not get a reply. I have sent an email with some suggestions and a plan of action moving forward.

Could you please follow the instruction in the email and ensure you give a contact number in any reply? Been with the company for over seventeen years, Have switched over to a FTP service, now it is available. Their own technical staff are available, and give a good level of support if required.

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Hi Jeremy, thanks for your time today and for taking my call. In addition to what we discussed, one of my colleagues from billing will give you a call shortly and will get your services aligned which will mean you see no further issues.

Have been a long term customer and am very pleased I switched to Zen. Mohammed at tech support was very helpful and quick in assessing the problem.

He arranged for a new router which was delivered the next day, Saturday. Then Rob Williams, also tech support, took great trouble to reconfigure the router so that all our networks were up and running quickly.

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