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When her mother had passed, Maze thought it best that Shirayuki grew up in a better environment, and sent her to live with her grandparents. He visited their tavern one day to see Shirayuki when she was a little girl, but never actually made contact with her.

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Even after not seeing him for so long, Shirayuki recognizes him, and they acquire a good-natured relationship with one another. Maze is a bit awkward and hesitant when it comes to acting as her father figure, but it is clear that he loves her.

They owned a pub, and were the ones to raise her after her mother died, and her father disappeared. Shirayuki first met Zen when she was on the run from Prince AJI and was just waking up from her nap outside an abandoned house.

He had tripped over a wall that he was jumping over, and when she had offered to help patch up his arm, he had refused, accusing her of possibly poisoning him, to which she proves wrong as she hits herself with his sword, then applies the medicine. They begin as very good friends who inspire each other to work harder and achieve more, and later on throughout the series, her feelings of respect and friendship transform into love.

At the beginning of the story, Shirayuki dislikes AJI because he is a shameful, idiotic prince and is the reason she fled Tanbark. In the first chapter, he sends a guard to go tell her that she was to be his “concubine”, as he found her apple-red hair to be “rare and unusual”.

Later on, he tries to poison her with an apple with the intention of immobilizing her, allowing him to take her back to the castle. However, Zen ends up being poisoned, and out of concern for her new friend, Shirayuki decides to face AJI in order to get the antidote.

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In the end, Zen intimidates and threatens Prince AJI into swearing that he would never try to see Shirayuki again. Beginning with helping him when his stomach pain and smiling back at him when he said something nice, she is later the only person in history to receive the title “Friend to Tanbark Royal Family”.

Even though she has a healthy respect for him, Shirayuki's relationship with the Azana Wisteria is quite strained in the beginning. After the incident at Lilia's, Azana's attitude has slightly changed about her, seemingly to trust her a little more.

When she first met Obi, he had been hired by Lord Hanuka to intimidate Shirayuki into staying away from Zen and to frighten her away from Distal castle. When Obi is discovered by Zen, he begins working for him, and slowly befriends the rest of the group.

In later chapters Zen orders Obi to be Shirayuki's guard while she is in danger and this has allowed them to become good friends. Obi refers to her now as “Mistress” and has romantic feelings for Shirayuki, but does not act on them out of respect for her and Zen.

Before heading on a journey to spread a flower, Shirayuki mentioned that he looks nice by the firelight, before admitting she can be herself around him. Misguide is fatherly to Shirayuki, giving her advice about Zen and encouraging her when times are tough.

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You is a very smart but introverted 12-year-old who works as one of the chief herbalist who becomes in charge of Shirayuki. Many people in the castle are frightened by him due to his mysterious nature, and his interest in poisonous herbs.

Zen Wisteria Kanji Roman Zen Wisteria Characteristics Gender Male Age 19-21 Height 176 cm (5'9”) Weight 62 kg (136 lbs) Professional Status Affiliation Fort Lax do (formerly under his jurisdiction), Want (Currently under his jurisdiction) Occupation Second Prince Title The Second Prince of Clarinet Personal Status Relatives Azana Wisteria (Older Brother) Naruto Wisteria (Mother) Main Wisteria (Father; Deceased) Relationships Shirayuki (Girlfriend) Friendships Misguide Rouen (aide) Kiki Saran (aide) Obi (Immediate Knight) Atari (Childhood Friend) Debuts Manga Chapter 1 Anime Episode 1 Portrayal Japanese Voice Rota Osaka English Voice Josh Grille Zen Wisteria (; Zen Wisteria) is the deuteragonist to Shirayuki's protagonist in the Akamai no Shirayuki chime manga and anime series. When he first met Shirayuki he was the second prince of the Clarinet Kingdom, though he was hiding his status at the time.

His older brother, Azana Wisteria, is the crown prince and later King of Clarinet. In the past he was treated as a pawn and potential leverage against his brother, and targeted for assassination due to his royal status and developed issues trusting people.

Zen became much more open after meeting, befriending and falling in love with Shirayuki. He keeps his two aides, Misguide Rouen and Kiki Saran at his side, and they had already been his near-constant companions and dearest friends for five years by the time he met Shirayuki to the point that Azana and Queen Naruto note that he won't even speak with his family without at least Misguide present.

Zen in the manga in semi-formal wear holding Kiki and Misguide's swords (Volume 17). Zen's medium length hair is silver-blonde (white in the anime) with fringes long enough to pass his eyebrows.

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It is shorter beneath his ears and longer up top and has been styled in slight variations of the same cut ever since he was a toddler. His eyes are a crystal blue that has been both jokingly and more seriously described as pretty by Obi.

When he is not on duty as a prince he is seen in casual but well-tailored clothes which normally consist of a dark top and light-colored pants. His 'royal blue' glove is always on his left hand, and it covers his palm and middle finger.

He cares for all of his servants and aides who he sees as his friends and shows respect towards them. He especially cares for Shirayuki since the time he has met her, going great lengths to rescue her when she is kidnapped.

Though he sneaks out of the castle, delaying his work, he treats his title as a prince seriously and cares deeply for his country. He has taken a love for the forest close to his kingdom because it is a place where he can escape to and just be himself, not a prince.

When Zen was around other people alongside Misguide he replaced his angry and reluctant personality with a kind and warm one. After an exchange of words and Zen explaining his situation, Misguide started calling for him.

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Rushing to him, he questions him as to where he got the wound from; but then a group of men appears behind them and slap Zen to the side. Atari's death leaves Zen emotionally distraught, and he is comforted by Misguide, which solidifies their beginning friendship.

“ Color has meaning, and red is supposed to represent fate. I know it might sound strange to ask for your help to keep that promise...but it's undeniable you always give me strength.

Zen had a tough past which makes him a vulnerable character due to the fact he was betrayed by his friend Atari and was told the truth before his passing. It's been noted by Taiga that Zen hasn't made a single mistake with telling the Begat twins apart.

Today is Prince Zen Wisteria and Shirayuki's wedding day! “Er, hey, Shirayuki .” the prince called as the 2 lovers walked around Distal together.

The red-haired pharmacist looked at her lover blushing. The prince faced to his lover and kneeled down in front of many people which gave her a shock.

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Zen hold her hand and asked, “will you. Marry me, Shirayuki ?” The surrounding people stopped and waiting for the girl to answer his question.

The prince and the pharmacist hugged, and they walked back to the castle, holding their hands. King Azana walked into Shirayuki's room giving her a grin.

Said the king as he saw Zen chatting with Mike, general of “Lions of the Mountains”, also known as Shirayuki's father. After chatting, Zen walked into Shirayuki's room.

Said the priest as King Azana places the crown on her head. “The first time people kneeled down in front of me.” said Shirayuki.

“I'm a bit nerve-” before Shirayuki finished her word, Zen quickly gave her a soft kiss on her lips. Many people are looking at their room balcony.

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They hold each other's hands, and they walked to the balcony, hearing people calling their names. Shirayuki saw some citizens from her home country, Tanbark.

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