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Zen's relationship with Shirayuki began when he stumbled upon her in a forest while he was sneaking away from the castle. He was leaping over a wall she was leaning against on the far side and her unexpected appearance distracted him to landing wrong and injuring his arm.

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In his caution of her he informs her he can't be sure she's not a suspicious individual who wishes to harm him, suggesting the “medicine” might be poison. Chastened, Zen laughs as his opinion of her completely changes, and he gladly accepts the offer of her treating his wound.

After Shirayuki moves to Clarinet, Zen spends more and more time with her and comes to greatly respect Shirayuki's dedication and responsibility, as well as her positive outlook on life, which inspires him to work harder. Though both are extremely embarrassed, Zen tells Shirayuki that the next time he felt such an impulse he would ask her consent before acting on it and intended to be sure of her feelings on the matter before tying anything further.

Zen's relationship with his older brother is complex, but it is clear that he greatly respects Azana. As Shirayuki comes to hold a bigger part of Zen's life, Azana's meddling in their relationship frustrates him.

While Zen openly admired his brother as a child, his current interactions with Azana are very formal in nature. She comes across as an easy-going, impulsive and cheerful, but she gets serious when she needs to be, and Zen's comments imply she's just as cunning and just as much of a meticulous planner as her elder son despite their very different dispositions.

Kiki was originally one of the candidates that were suggested to be Zen's consort since she was the first daughter of a noble family, Saran House. After being captured for threatening Shirayuki, Obi proclaims himself as Zen's servant, calling him “Master”.

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Zen is initially unhappy about this arrangement, being understandably mistrustful of him but knowing he can't do much about it without pursuing charges against Obi's former employer Hanuka and causing turmoil among the nobles. Atari was a young archer in Distal whom Zen began to befriend as a youth due to their close ages.

While they were never truly close he they spent a lot of time together and even after Atari betrayed Zen to the Lido rebels Zen considered him to have been a friend, however distant, for most of their relationship prior to his attempt to kill the prince. He fears his support is more of a burden than a boon given his family's fractured infighting and politics of other nobles in the region.

IATA is the only other applicant from the same Royal Pharmacy testing period as Shirayuki to pass the exam. While the young pharmacist is unsettled by the prince's disregard for the social difference expected between people of their differing status Zen has come to see him in a favorable and familiar light and seems to be quite amused by how IATA becomes a bundle of nerves whenever Zen addresses him casually.

Lord Took Begat, former Earl, is a cruel, murderous selfish man who sought to make Zen vulnerable and then insert those loyal to himself to either manipulate the prince in order to regain those of his family's lands which had been turned over to the Orleans or kill the prince outright should he see through his plot. Baker is an arrogant self-centered man who acts against the prince thinking his recently inherited title will allow him to get away with his behavior.

The knighted eldest son of the Head of the The Family who was one of the biggest players and key planners in Took's plan to manipulate, or failing that assassinate, Zen. The pirate captain/commodore of the Sea's Talon who kidnapped Shirayuki and fought Zen in Tanbark.

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When her mother had passed, Maze thought it best that Shirayuki grew up in a better environment, and sent her to live with her grandparents. He visited their tavern one day to see Shirayuki when she was a little girl, but never actually made contact with her.

Even after not seeing him for so long, Shirayuki recognizes him, and they acquire a good-natured relationship with one another. Maze is a bit awkward and hesitant when it comes to acting as her father figure, but it is clear that he loves her.

They owned a pub, and were the ones to raise her after her mother died, and her father disappeared. Shirayuki first met Zen when she was on the run from Prince AJI and was just waking up from her nap outside an abandoned house.

He had tripped over a wall that he was jumping over, and when she had offered to help patch up his arm, he had refused, accusing her of possibly poisoning him, to which she proves wrong as she hits herself with his sword, then applies the medicine. They begin as very good friends who inspire each other to work harder and achieve more, and later on throughout the series, her feelings of respect and friendship transform into love.

At the beginning of the story, Shirayuki dislikes AJI because he is a shameful, idiotic prince and is the reason she fled Tanbark. In the first chapter, he sends a guard to go tell her that she was to be his “concubine”, as he found her apple-red hair to be “rare and unusual”.

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Later on, he tries to poison her with an apple with the intention of immobilizing her, allowing him to take her back to the castle. However, Zen ends up being poisoned, and out of concern for her new friend, Shirayuki decides to face AJI in order to get the antidote.

In the end, Zen intimidates and threatens Prince AJI into swearing that he would never try to see Shirayuki again. Beginning with helping him when his stomach pain and smiling back at him when he said something nice, she is later the only person in history to receive the title “Friend to Tanbark Royal Family”.

Even though she has a healthy respect for him, Shirayuki's relationship with the Azana Wisteria is quite strained in the beginning. After the incident at Lilia's, Azana's attitude has slightly changed about her, seemingly to trust her a little more.

When she first met Obi, he had been hired by Lord Hanuka to intimidate Shirayuki into staying away from Zen and to frighten her away from Distal castle. When Obi is discovered by Zen, he begins working for him, and slowly befriends the rest of the group.

In later chapters Zen orders Obi to be Shirayuki's guard while she is in danger and this has allowed them to become good friends. Obi refers to her now as “Mistress” and has romantic feelings for Shirayuki, but does not act on them out of respect for her and Zen.

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Before heading on a journey to spread a flower, Shirayuki mentioned that he looks nice by the firelight, before admitting she can be herself around him. Misguide is fatherly to Shirayuki, giving her advice about Zen and encouraging her when times are tough.

You is a very smart but introverted 12-year-old who works as one of the chief herbalist who becomes in charge of Shirayuki. Many people in the castle are frightened by him due to his mysterious nature, and his interest in poisonous herbs.

After Zen leaves for a week on business, a gang from a neighboring kingdom has a quarrel they w... Red Is The Color of Fate (Saudi)by Busy Stories Zen and Shirayuki have been together for 3 years now.

Shirazen (revised) Completed by Arrowhead A new form of Zen meeting Shirayuki, if they meet while Shirayuki lives with her father not grandparents and Zen has a “love at first site” instant. Snow White with the red hereby Rikobestgirl Snow White with the red hair story Tell me if you want more This is about Shirayuki and Zen there life in the future.

The Girls with Golden Eye by ME Sparks Book 2 of 2 Sequels to The Girl with the Golden Eyes So many years after Murasaki's kidnapping her and her husband are ready to start a family together. Without You?by Merry King Zen has been busy and couldn't find time to meet his pregnant wife at all.

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Here we go, Sony Merry Shirayuki and Zen went to the same middle School and fell in love. Red Lioness by Merry King Zen describes his wife, Shirayuki Wisteria in the form of a poem.

Heart on my sleeve by Merry Shirayuki Set, studies in Mother Mary School. The red-headed beauty by Merry The red-headed model and actress, Shirayuki Set was forced by her father to meet Zen Wisteria, The CEO of Wisteria Industry.

Snow White With The Red Hereby celinejguar A girl and her sister meets zen and his aids on the forest while running away from the prince of tanbark. They chose a new path and bring some color of meaning of their... The Fragile Herbalist by ME Sparks Third book in “The Girl with Golden Eyes” series.

It's a BIPOC fan fiction, since I know how everyone loves Obi I decided to give him and Remi their own book... !by Angel Some Ennui one-shots slow updates because I'm not a machine that can take out fanfics every 10 minutes.

Our Future, Together (Ennui)by Elora McKenzie After Zen and Shirayuki have already achieved their past dreams, they find and create new dreams, that they hope and strive for together. The Girls with Golden Eye by ME Sparks Book 2 of 2 Sequels to The Girl with the Golden Eyes So many years after Murasaki's kidnapping her and her husband are ready to start a family together.

Snow-white with the red hair (One...by wisteria- One shots of SWITCH please leave your ideas on the comment and I will try my best to make it :D A Second Chance At Life by Erin Johnson This story starts before Snow White with Red Hair, somewhat.

If you have not seen Snow White with Red Hair then I would watch it because it's amazing. The Wonders of Lovely KairiOfHearts A sequel story to my Love is all around.

Because of MEB Mystic_Cat1639 After being kidnapped by The Claw, Shirayuki is stranded on a ship of pirates with Kabuki and has no way out. “The Red that Spins Fate” {Akamai...by Myakox3 “I want to be the one by your side when you decide on the path you want to take” With this his princess, Shirayuki couldn't hold her tears anymore.

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