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David Lawrence
• Sunday, 10 January, 2021
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He took unconventional approaches to many of the characteristic tropes and themes of the shnen genre. It has come to my attention that many don’t consider Bragg to be Zatch’s main rival or that they have much of a relationship at all.


I believe the reason this isn’t apparent is that instead of being defined explicitly in a single scene or episode, as is tradition, the story beats that determine their rivalry are protracted over the entire story. One thing that makes it difficult to conceive Match and Bragg as rivals is the absence of a personal relationship between the two.

This relationship is defined by a mutual, overt hatred of each other’s guts (though not always), a shared past or a pre-existing personal relationship, a gap in strength (with the rival usually being the strongest), a conflict of ideas, over-the-top competition, and mutual growth, often as a result of this competition. Most of these elements are present in Match and Bragg’s dynamic, which is a genuine rivalry, though a finely understated one.

After having their worthiness to fight tested by the dark duo, Match and Kiyomaro do not see them again until the Millennium Demon Arc, and they barely interact for the brief moment they meet. Once Clear was defeated, Match and Bragg were the only remaining demons left, the ultimate narrative sign Bragg and Sherry are the true rivals to Match and Kiyomaro.

Many desire for more intense, provocative interactions between characters who are presented as rivals. However, I argue what we have with Match and Bragg is better by its replicated rarity and also by the very low-key nature that makes their relationship so underpaying to so many.

The moment when the nature of Match and Bragg’s dynamic is clearest is the fight at the balcony at the Develop Ruins, when Sherry and Bragg decimate the remainder of Sophie’s ancient demon army. This mostly one-sided relationship is not appreciated immediately because at the time it was not yet Zatch’s conviction to become the king.

Once that goal was set, however, it was a cloud that hung over me for almost the entire story: how was Match supposed to become the king with Bragg around? The progression of this relationship is such that Match does eventually become strong enough to fight Bragg evenly and Bragg learns that even someone who was once weak can become strong and that losing to such an opponent can be an honor.

It’s hard to put all this together because there isn’t a single “Wham!” moment when it all gets hammered into perspective. There is an active clash of ideals, a direct personal relationship, a tremendous gap in strength, and magnificent character growth.

Compared to that, the impersonal and passive dynamic of Match and Bragg falls flat. The developers at Tea probably thought not having an immediately established rival was a weakness of the story, so they had Haiku create Hyde and Rita and inserted them in the first episode, intending for him to play a recurring role as the stock shnen rival.

Marathi Hashimoto was told his story would not be green lit unless he created a rival character for Naruto, and thus Leisure was born.) Also, there was no way to fit them in the main story, as it was tightly plotted by the time the anime was released.

I hazard that the developers dropped Hyde and Rita because they realized their judgment was mistaken. They had the budget and time for that dreadful In-Between World Arc (which was a way to push the idea of Match and Bragg as rivals more aggressively, probably based on the same observation I am contesting here), so they could have brought their story to a satisfactory close.

Though I concede it would be difficult for anyone else to pull it off, which puts into perspective the genius of Haiku’s story-telling. He took an enormous risk in not making Zatch’s rivalry with Bragg more explicit.

Some commons and uncommon may be worth more depending on rarity of print. Match Bell Golden Spell Common Single Card Clay shield S-114.

First of all, maximum enjoying cards will under no circumstances be well worth something in the event that they are not between the unique a hundred and fifty Pokémon. You may desire to probable get off merchandising a mint difficulty Harvard for around $20 or so, and a Blasting could be around $15.

I even have components that I'm able to nevertheless get 1st version booster packs for $4 from, yet they probably will under no circumstances be around in 4 or 5 years. Satchell is a series that I don't see people talking about very often, but I really think that it deserves more attention than it gets.

To open this thread, I'm going to cover the premise and how it ties into what makes this series so good, but I do intend to keep this post fairly SPOILER-FREE just in case someone reads this thread and decides to give the series a go. For starters, the series ran in Weekly Shnen Sunday from 2001-2007 as Kon-Tiki no Gash!! , and was later localized as Satchell, with the protagonist's name being changed from Gash to Match overseas.

Tea Animation ended up making the anime for it, and while it was actually a pretty solid adaptation for the most part, there's a decent amount of filler in-between the major story arcs, and sadly, the penultimate arc is cut short, and it rushes to a shoddy conclusion within the final five episodes of its 150 episode run. Each demon is sent with a colored spell book that can unleash their magic powers, but the catch is that the demons are incapable of using the books themselves, they require a human partner to cast spells for them or else they can't use their magic at all.

This brings us to the series' dual protagonists: Match (Gash) Bell, a kindly, energetic, boy who arrives at Earth with no memory of his past in the demon world, and Zatch's human partner BIMARU (just Kilo in the dub) a student genius who starts the series off as a snobbish loner who doesn't think he needs any friends. Well for starters, it has a good deal of humor and a likable cast of characters that are given a solid amount of character development, but as an action series, Satchell excels in providing fights that are more about teamwork and strategy instead of raw power levels.

The spell book system allows for this, as each human/demon pair only has access to a limited number of specific attack and ability spells that they learn over time, thereby encouraging human/demon pairs to ally with one another to make up for their individual weaknesses. The protagonists especially find themselves completely outgunned by opponents with stronger spells than them on numerous occasions, but instead of relying on power-ups or deus ex machina, they fight strategically and use their limited pool of spells in tandem with friendly human/demon pairs to burn the enemy's spell books regardless of whose stronger than whom.

Compared to most teams, they're weak as shit, duck boy doesn't even learn any attacking spells. These guys are major characters, and are two of the best in the series. Furthermore, the series handles power scaling remarkably well.

Demons get stronger just by learning specific new abilities rather than getting typical shnen power boosts, and Zatch's spell count doesn't even top single digits 200 chapters in, forcing him and Kilo to make the most of what few abilities they have instead of regularly receiving new ones whenever it's convenient for the plot. One of my favorite fights in the series features Match and friends getting ambushed by a strong enemy when they're already exhausted and barely able to fight as is, forcing them to work as a team to scrape together a win under dire circumstances.

Satchell is humorous and goofy when it needs to be, it's got heart, great fights, plenty of likable characters, and a lot of charm. If you're looking for a great, finished, battle shnen, it's absolutely worth a watch/read.

It never finished dubbing afterwards(technically, it had a couple more episodes dubbed, but those aired on their short-lived streaming platform tsunami Jet stream back in the day). Man I remember watching this show when I was younger but never got around to finishing it.

Man I used to breathe this show, collected the volumes of manga, watched it every Saturday on Tsunami, I really got into the card game too.......and then Tsunami moved the show to a later slot, and then totally took it off altogether, right in the middle of a cliffhanger too. I agree, I like every one had a defined element and expected their powers based on it.

Forgot how edgy Bragg looked lol Is there an anime you don't watch? Hell yeah, it took over from Yugo for a while, since the game was kinda similar and had easy to follow rules, plus the books that held the cards were a neat little novelty.

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