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Ellen Grant
• Wednesday, 18 November, 2020
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The Began suit is known for its superb tailoring, fine Italian craftsmanship, and fantastic fabrics. Created almost 100 years ago, this brand has kept its traditional styles and has still managed to do much more than endure the test of time.

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Descendants of the original creator Emenegildo, have this to say about their product line, “very classic tailoring, rich and supple fabrics, and obsessive attention to detail make Began the Rolls-Royce of menswear”. Began does not do anything less than full lining so expect maximum comfort when wearing any of these suits.

This suit can be found in traditional colors and patterns with a contemporary cut. This solid navy Began suit is currently being sold at Nordstrom for $1,395.00This is a current model (2016) solid navy blue Began suit.

If E. Began is too much for your budget, have you considered Ralph Lauren, Brook Brothers, etc. Hugo Boss are okay for the price, and you can get conservative suits for about £450 in the UK, although you may not have as wide range available in the US.

In 2007, I was in a similar situation and had to limit my spending, with the suits and shirts I needed going for MM would be too much money. Zegnasuits are decent for what they are, a fashion forward diffusion line with fused construction and by comparison, good fabrics. I think they are better than Burberry based on what I have seen.

I have seen some Hugo Boss suits are NR, Off 5th and the Boss Outlet for $300 or so and they are also a nice choice for this type of suit at this price point. I will say that most of these run quite trim in my experience so check measurements carefully.

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I wish I could afford the Ermenegildo Zegna's, Bring's, Piton's, hopefully someday :icon_smile_wink: Enjoy! I think the Roma line runs small as does most of Valentino, IMO.

I also have a merino wool Valentino sweater and I had to buy an XXL as to not look like I bought it at Baby Gap! I found an Isaiah on Sierra Trading Post for $560.

There's some nice MM programs at cheaper prices which suit my needs better. Look for Joseph About on sale Nordstrom has two suits at major discount ($320 and $400) right now on their website and, probably, in the stores as well.

JA is very good value in my opinion, widely available, well-made and ideal for work. If you can get to a Nieman-Marcus Last Call and have 2 hours to spend sorting through the racks, you'll probably find at least one or two very nice suits tagged in the same range but originally far more.

Remember that proper tailoring can add a lot to the cost of an apparent “bargain” and spend accordingly. An inexpensive fused suit that fits well will look far better than a Bring that hangs on you in bags and bunches.

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Save toward higher quality replacements when your initial “stock” needs replenishment. I'd say get it on sale -- full price not so sure.Valentino Roma suits one haberdasher are great too.

Yo I have had good luck with Joseph About suits that I purchased on sale for $300-400. I also have some of their sport coats that have lasted 4+ years and are part of my main rotation.

Monet Olives | Jan 10 2019Wash and wear is a term that came with the era of funk, the Jacksons and double knit. Catalog stores like JC Penney and Sears had knit-based suits that when worn could bring out your inner Travolta circa Saturday Night Fever.

Fold it in the specially designed carrier (to manage the creasing I surmise), and set it at 30 degrees (I need to actually do it) and hang it dry. Gilda Began, Group CEO of the label, notes on their press page that a light touch up or steam will remove some crease, but it looks good even without doing so.

The suit is made with a simple and unstructured matte fabric, in navy or charcoal gray, with a slim silhouette and low rise trousers. It provides the modern suit look, complete with traditional elements of fine men’s tailoring.

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Because it’s a good piece of clothing, and can be the perfect go-to for those long- haul trips when you are sneaking for an upgrade. The family owned and run Italian fashion house has maintained its reputation for finding and using the finest fabrics to create comfortable, durable, sleek and sophisticated men’s clothing.

The ownership of an Ermenegildo Began suit is a proud accomplishment to a man with impeccable taste and refinement. In 1915, Ermenegildo named his company Fratelli Begin di Anglo.

Unfortunately, the war slowed some production, but the company continued to put out some of the finest fabrics for suits. The Began sons continued their work and increased the marketing of their fine fabric.

Because Australia was the main supplier of the company’s wool, the Vegas wanted to honor them. When Ermenegildo died in 1974, his sons decided to launch a Ready-to-Wear line in addition to custom-made suits.

They created the luxurious upholstery in the Lancia Tree Volume and in the Limited Edition Maserati Quatttroporte sedan. Aldo and Angelo’s children joined the company in the 1990s and continue to be an integral part of its reputation as one of the finest creators of custom and manufactured suits in the world.

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Aldo’s son Paolo is the company’s Director of Marketing and of the Textile Division. Aldo died in 2000, and Angelo remains the company’s Honorary President.

The company has become one of the top fashion couture houses in the world and appeals to celebrities and non-celebrities who appreciate the quality and sophistication of wearing a fine suit. Created by the 4th generation Began family, this suit is not only sophisticated and refined, but it is also durable and lightweight.

Another custom suit by Ermenegildo Began sells for less but is just as timeless, sophisticated, luxurious and exclusive. Although not custom-made to order, the Grosgrain Collar Tuxedo suit is a more affordable option.

The suit coat features a classic shawl collar and single button front. The basted sleeves, Besom pockets and double vented back provide comfortable fit and sophisticated style.

Whatever the formal event, this tuxedo suit is a quality made, fine and sophisticated ensemble for the refined man. For the most sophisticated power suit a man can own, the Milano Wool Twin Stripe is the top of the line.

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It features classic notched lapels and basted sleeves for a refined look style. A chest welt pocket and double vented back provide comfort and ease of fit.

The suit coat features notched lapels, a 2 button front, a left chest welt pocket and duel back vents. Whether custom-made or ready-to-wear, Ermenegildo Zegnasuits are renowned for their fit, comfort and attention to detail.

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