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***Note: make sure you don't miss our follow-up interviews with Natalie and her mother further down this page... so amazing! Before getting her pods bed, Natalie was sleeping in her closet and constantly waking up scared.

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When Natalie would feel scared she would start ringing her private doorbell for her mom, Leah. Leah felt very open to the idea of seeing if there was anything that could help Natalie find better sleep and a more comfortable safe space.

Learn how Ethan is no longer sleeping in his parent's bed as he found his new safe space. The American Academy of Family Physicians are saying that up to 50% of children will experience some sort of sleep challenge.

Not to mention if the children can sleep better than their parents can find more alone time to laugh, relax, and not be as overwhelmed. Through George's experiences as a parent of children with autism, he has developed a strong belief that...

As George understands the challenges his children face, he became in love with pods as they can provide a safe space for children when he saw his son interact with this bed for the first time. Much to George’s concern, Joseph often dances around his room late at night, waving plastic utensils to calm himself (swimming).

Finally, George connected the dots and thought about introducing Joseph to pods because of its unique ability to create a comfortable and secure sleeping safe space. 'Joe') sat peacefully in the pod George noticed that he was no longer swimming.

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Swimming has been interpreted as a protective response to over stimulation that can be seen in children with autism. Many people use swimming to block less predictable environmental stimuli to which they may have a heightened sensitivity.

After observing 'Joe', George felt an emotion that he never thought he would feel. Something that every parent wants to feel when they see their children finding peace, comfort, and security.

George started thinking more deeply about themes that experts deliver to parents of children with autism: If there is light coming in through the bedroom window, adding darker curtains could be necessary.

ZPods focuses on putting into practice all of these themes, so it encompasses the outcomes projected by these recommendations. Therefore, we feel we are on the right track to helping children find the comfort and security they desire.

The length of our bed is 6 feet 5 inches, so it's not just made for kids but for adults as well. If you are an adult and interested in purchasing a bed for yourself then feel free to send us a message below.

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In the picture above is George Bailey's daughter, Madeline, who also has autism. Let's just say, Madeline fell asleep earlier than normal.

When Natalie was sleeping in her closet, her mom would have to check on her 3-4 hours into the night. She would have to wake up multiple times a night to comfort Natalie.

A mother will do anything to comfort their child and give them all the love and help they deserve. Natalie now sleeps 11 hours straighten most occasions in her new safe space.

Just imagine how much more rested Leah feels because Natalie is sleeping 11 hours straight. So, after hearing Leah talk about Natalie being scared again while the family was on vacation we came up with a new idea...

How cool would it be if we could get pods into hotels to accommodate children with special needs? With this feedback we are in the process of pushing this concept with hotel chains.

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As stated by the CDC, as 1 in 59 children under the age of 8 will have autism, it seems like preparation for this accommodation in hotels could be necessary. If you are a hotel owner and want to accommodate children with special needs...

Not only is Ethan no longer sleeping in his parent's bed, he is now developing a lifestyle that supports his level of comfort and security. Also, he has a place where his friends can come and hang out. We don't say this in a bad way like you should have any guilt for needing alone time from your children.

Which is why we want to make sure you have the right options to support this life changing purchase. We realize that some families are looking for lending options to finance their pod.

...we are honored that you've taken the time to learn about our passion for helping families all over the world. A dozen years ago, you probably didn’t know a single person who used any of them, since they only hit the U.S. market in 2007.

Some medical experts have pointed out that vaping devices may be useful for people who want to quit smoking traditional cigarettes. However, many people, including lawmakers, are concerned about the health risks posed by e-cigarettes, like the devices made by JUUL Labs.

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The researchers found that JUUL went from a small company to the largest retail brand of e-cigarettes in the United States between 2015 and 2017. One reason often cited for the popularity of JUUL among young people are the variety of flavored nicotine solutions.

JUUL is a brand name of a small vaping device that resembles a USB flash drive. It’s the largest retail brand of e-cigarette in the United States with almost 70 percent of the e-cigarette market share.

According to a 2019 study published in Tobacco Control, 63 percent of people between the ages of 15 and 24 didn’t realize that the solutions in JUUL pods contained nicotine. The danger of using a product containing nicotine is that users can develop dependence and have a hard time shaking the habit.

Plus, if you do try to stop using a product containing nicotine, you can experience withdrawal symptoms. These are carrier solvents used to create a clear vapor when the solution heats up.

A 2014 study published in Tobacco Control points to a lack of adequate data about the long-term inhalation of these substances. Besides nicotine, JUUL pods also include other ingredients, like benzoic acid, propylene glycol, glycerine, and substances that create different flavors.

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You may be familiar with the side effects of smoking a traditional tobacco cigarette. Smoking can damage your lungs and airways and contribute to heart disease.

You’re not physically lighting up a cigarette with a flame to cause what are often called combustion toxic ants. A growing number of people are developing what the CDC calls e-cigarette or vaping product use associated lung injury, or EVIL.

As of early November 2019, the CDC had logged more than 2,000 cases of EVIL and 39 deaths. Most have been linked to marijuana products containing a substance called THC, but the CDC cautions the possibility of nicotine also being a factor can’t be ruled out yet.

Coughing and nausea are also common side effects from using a JUUL device or other type of e-cigarette. Not enough time has passed to gather the kind of information needed to make a robust assessment of the long-term impact on the health of people who vape or those who are exposed to the vapor.

However, the American Cancer Society does note e-cigs do contain some cancer-causing chemicals in lower concentrations than traditional cigarettes. A new study did find evidence that e-cigarette smoke caused DNA damages in the lungs and bladders of mice, which could lead to the development of cancer.

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A serious condition known as e-cigarette or vaping product use associated lung injury (EVIL) has been linked to e-cigarettes. Throat and mouth irritation, coughing, and nausea are also common side effects.

Even though e-cigs like JUUL produce more of a vapor than smoke, there are often harmful components emitted into the air. In addition to nicotine, volatile organic compounds and even heavy metals and silicate particles have been found in the aerosol vapor.

If you inhale these substances, they can get lodged in your lungs and could pose a threat to your health. Quitting altogether is the safest option for avoiding the side effects of vaping.

If you’re looking for ways to minimize the side effects without giving up vaping altogether, or as you taper in preparation for quitting, consider these strategies: STRATEGIES FOR REDUCING SIDE EFFECTS Switch to a solution with a lower nicotine content.

If you use a JUUL device or other type of e-cigarette, be sure to follow up with your doctor if you notice you’ve developed: These symptoms could be the early signs of a potentially serious condition, like acute respiratory distress syndrome.

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If you’re diagnosed with EVIL, you may need to undergo various testing and treatment, which may include corticosteroids. If you do use one and start experiencing new symptoms, stop vaping and check in with your doctor as soon as possible.

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