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Mimic has plenty of setup opportunities thanks to its good typing and Disguise, but even a +2 Shadow Claw can sometimes be lacking in power against targets such as Armory and Tape. Ghosting- Z turns Shadow Claw into a 140-BP Never-Ending Nightmare that can heavily cripple these targets before securing the KO or forcing a switch after they expect to tank a hit.

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This lets Landorus-T break through teams more effectively and allows a teammate such as Mega Yards to secure a sweep much more easily with these bulky targets being removed. It can also be tempting to assume that using a Z -crystal in conjunction with already good status moves such as Quiver Dance, Recover, and Stealth Rock will make them even more effective, but this is rarely the case.

This turns Allan Persian into a viable pivot for recoil heavy wall breakers such as Tape Bulk or setup sweepers that want a second shot at life such as Dragon ite and Mega Harvard X. While 10,000,000 Volt Thunderbolts has a lot of numbers in its name and Catastrophic has the highest BP of any Z -Move around, these moves are generally worse than regular attacks coming off Pikachu with a Light Ball, which still isn't worth using in any serious meta game anyways.

For example, I've seen numerous Landorus-T sets that choose to use the move Fly and the Flying Z item to use Supersonic Sky strike, which can allow Landlords to blow past Pokémon that are bulky or resistant to Earthquake. Katrina finds use for Fighting Z on Sacred Sword for a similar reason -- it allows it to break past many Pokémon that can withstand its mediocre STAB offensive coverage (Grass/Steel).

(Leftovers is basically announced at the end of each turn, and Rocky Helmet and Life Orb are made very obvious when you start using attacks.) For example, if your opponent sees no obvious item on a Heat ran, they may assume that it is using Scarf or Specs and expect to wall its move.

Def, and Speed by 1 stage {{{5}}} {{{6}}} Noble Roar Normal Defense Raises Defense by 1 stage {{{5}}} {{{6}}} Ion Deluge Electric Special Attack Raises Special Attack by 1 stage {{{5}}} {{{6}}} Forest's Curse Grass Stats Raises Attack, Defense, Sp. Def, and Speed by 1 stage {{{5}}} {{{6}}} Magnetic Flux Electric Special Defense Raises Special Defense by 1 stage {{{5}}} {{{6}}} Happy Hour Normal Stats Raises Attack, Defense, Sp.

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Def, and Speed by 1 stage {{{5}}} {{{6}}} Hold Hands Normal Stats Raises Attack, Defense, Sp. Def, and Speed by 1 stage {{{5}}} {{{6}}} Baby-Doll Eyes Fairy Defense Raises Defense by 1 stage {{{5}}} {{{6}}} Shore Up Ground Reset Stats Resets user's lowered stats {{{5}}} {{{6}}} Baneful Bunker Poison Defense Raises Defense by 1 stage {{{5}}} {{{6}}} Floral Healing Fairy Reset Stats Resets user's lowered stats {{{5}}} {{{6}}} Strength Sap Grass Defense Raises Defense by 1 stage {{{5}}} {{{6}}} Spotlight Normal Special Defense Raises Special Defense by 1 stage {{{5}}} {{{6}}} Toxic Thread Poison Speed Raises Speed by 1 stage {{{5}}} {{{6}}} Laser Focus Normal Attack Raises Attack by 1 stage {{{5}}} {{{6}}} Gear Up Steel Special Attack Raises Special Attack by 1 stage {{{5}}} {{{6}}} Psychic Terrain Psychic Special Attack Raises Special Attack by 1 stage {{{5}}} {{{6}}} Speed Swap Psychic Speed Raises Speed by 1 stage {{{5}}} {{{6}}} Purify Poison Stats Raises Attack, Defense, Sp.

, Lana's Polio failed its first attempt at Hydro Vortex since it was not strong enough to execute the move. Due to their vast blast radius and power, they can usually be used to wipe out many targets at once, like in a Battle Royal.

Typically, bipedal or semi-bipedal Pokémon with arm-like forelimbs tend to mimic the poses of their Trainer during the activation. On the other hand, quadrupeds and the like, whose forelimbs show no manual dexterity, tend to stay still and wait until the activation is completed before acting.

DecidueyeHauSinister Arrow Raid Imitation Is the Sincerest Form of Strategy! During his battle against Glad ion in an Ski Town festival tournament, Sun inadvertently used a Z -Move with his Dollar, allowing it to defeat Glad ion's Type: Null with an incomplete version of Inferno Overdrive.

With his newly-obtained Z -Ring, Sun and Dollar successfully used Inferno Overdrive properly. At Mount Lanka, Lima, Lana, Kane, Mallow, Sophocles, Moraine, Mind, and Hap were attacked by a group of Ether Foundation Employees and their Ultra Beasts.

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DollarSunInferno Overdrive A Photoshoot and the Abandoned Thrifty Mega mart GumshoosIlimaBreakneck BlitzPASM34RibombeeMinaTwinkle TacklePASM34AraquanidLanaHydro VortexPASM34MudsdaleHapuTectonic RagePASM34Alolan DugtrioMolayneCorkscrew CrashPASM34TogedemaruSophoclesGigavolt HavocPASM34Alolan MarowakKiaweInferno OverdrivePASM34TsareenaMallowBloom DoomPASM34 LanguageTool Chinese Cantonese Z Jitsi Mandarin Z -Zhoshì Czech Z -Move* Z auto* Danish Z -træk Dutch Z -move* Z AANAL* Finnish Z like French Capacity Z German Z attack Hungarian Z Ramadan* Z modular* Indonesian German Z Italian Moss Z Korean Z Z girl Malaysian German Z Iranian Z Norwegian Z streak Polish Such- Z Portuguese Brazil Movement Z Portugal Technical Z Russian - Z Jataka- Z Spanish Movement Z Swedish Z -Move* Z -attack* Z -move* Vietnamese Yet I Z LanguageTool Japanese Z -Power Chinese Cantonese Z -Lihkleuhng Mandarin Z Lilian Danish Z Kraft Dutch Z tract Finnish Z voila French Force Z German Z -Kraft Italian Polar Z Korean Z Z -Power Norwegian Z Kraft Polish MOC- Z Brazilian Portuguese Power Z Russian - Z Silk- Z Spanish Power Z Swedish Z Kraft This article is part of Project Moves and Abilities, a Bulbapedia project that aims to write comprehensive articles on two related aspects of the Pokémon games.

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