Are Z Grill Smokers Any Good

James Lee
• Tuesday, 03 November, 2020
• 12 min read

They had quietly been manufacturing more expensive grills for companies like Trailer before deciding to sell their own brand direct to the public. In this review, we’ll take a detailed look at their most popular pellet grills, and see how they compare with other brands like Trailer.

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If you are familiar with how pellet grills work, feel free to skip ahead. The Z Grills design is very similar to brands like Pit Boss and Trailer.

A mechanical auger feeds the pellets into a firebox where a rod ignites them. While they are often called “pellet grills”, I really think of them as smokers or ovens since they specialize in maintaining steady temperatures over long hours.

Pellet Grills are great for people who don’t want the hassle or mess of cooking with charcoal but want more smoke flavor and convenience than gas or electric smokers can provide. We have a more detailed guide which includes our favorite pellet grills for every budget here.

Starting with the 450A which comes with (you guessed it) 450 square inches of cooking space, and going all the way up to the new ZPG-1000 you have plenty of choice with different color configurations and storage options. The grills were updated in 2019 with a newly upgraded digital control board.

The 7002E is the base version of the most popular model, with a total cooking area of 700 square inches and a 20-pound hopper. The difference between these two models is a bit confusing, the main thing we could find is the 700E has a top temp of 475° while the 700D maxes out at 450°.

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In terms of price, you’re looking at roughly half the cost of the Trailer for a similar set of features. Everything ships in two carefully wrapped packages and assembly is fairly straight forward with detailed instructions provided.

For this comparison, we’ll compare the Z Grills 7002E with the Trailer Texas Elite 34. You can check the latest price on the Z Grill 7002 here, and the Trailer Texas Elite here.

They take out the middle man and start selling the same pellet smokers under their own name on the American market. I had several good looks at both over a period of time and the Z -grills website usually has more deals and discounts.

These pellets are stored in a hopper and this is located at the side of the grill. There is a mechanical auger that feeds the pellets in the firebox where they are ignited by a rod.

The Pros of this are that you can fill the hopper, set your temperature, and go on with your day. The word pellet grill is in my opinion, not an accurate description.

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The reason is that they can maintain the temperature over a long period of time. However, most pellet grills are not good at getting hot enough to sear meat.

I was not able to find a lot of people who talked about their experience with the Z grills RPG 450A model but the ones I found give it an average of 4.3 stars. My little higher rating is based on the fact that there were a few complaints about packaging and that has nothing to do with the quality of this pellet smoker. I found some complaints about temperature swings like with any other review I did, but it seems that the newly updated controller is doing a lot better in controlling temperature swings.

538 sq inches 10 lb hopper Fold-able shelf Black color Temperature, once the desires temp is reached, varies by about plus or minus five degrees: very acceptable.

The metal slide to guide grease to the bucket should really be angled a bit more to be more effective. End of season cleaning requires some scrubbing as a result.

What I noticed was the low number of bad ratings compared to many other pellet grill reviews I did. The assembly seems to be very easy and all you have to attach are the legs and the chimney and I read that it takes about 20 minutes to do that.

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This z grills 700d review shows that this one comes with the upgraded 2018 model controller and this should take care of the complaints about temperature swings in the older model. There is a whole new 1000 series Z Grills and to introduce them the Z -Grills company made some nice deals.

(Back to Top) Assembly takes about an hour for the more complicated models. I like the nice heavy-duty wheels make it very easy to move around. The temperature settings are easy to use and as soon as reached, it stays pretty steady although there are complaints about that also like in most pellet grill reviews I did.

There are many who call the design excellent and phase the solid construction. One thing I found that was coming back several times that these grills are not doing too well in searing.

With more brands jumping on the bandwagon of pellet smokers it is important to look at a manufacturer with experience and I believe that the Z -grills are a good choice since they have produced the Trailer brand and maybe some others also, (Back to Top) I suggest buying a high-quality grill cover and I recommend moving it into your shed or garage after use. This is something that I recommend for every pellet grill.

I will probably do a Grill review for each of the models on its own page and give you a lot more details and comparison to help you find all the differences. Overall I think it is safe to say that the Z -grills are fairly good and comparable to other brands in this price range.

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I have found several questions people have about the Z -grills and have done a lot of reading in my attempt to answer them. The reason is that the auger is designed for pellets that are uniform.

My update: I did these Z -grills reviews a while ago and can only say that there are becoming more popular and more people starting to like the brand. Eddie van Taken has many years of experience in the field of cooking.

With this experience and working with professional kitchen equipment, he is reviewing grills, smokers, and all other types of tools needed to cook some great meals. With his passion for outdoor cooking, he has used many grills and pellet smokers.

It offers you a different taste than a gas or charcoal grill. Traeger TFB57GZEO Pro Series 575 Grill & Smoker has a WiFire controller that allows you to change temperature, set timers and monitors to have food anytime. This pellet grill & smoker allows you to set the temperature. It is capable of cooking at any temperature. This grill & smoker has a voice control feature that allows you to adjust temperature and monitor that your food doesn’t get overcooked.

It comes with a variable speed fan. You can have a consistent result every time with its PID technology which helps to hold the temperature for a long time to cook the food perfectly. Z Grills ZPG-450A Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker provides you an extra large cooking space of 450 to 452 square inches that is perfect for a small family.

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It has a pellet hopper that holds 15lbs pellets. This Trailer grill & smoker has an extra-large cooking space of 575 square inches. Everything is all set in just one machine, allowing you to master your family’s favorite meat recipes with a savory flavor they will never forget.

Consider your money invested for a worth keeping grill that would serve you its fullest. Get to use an easy and convenient machine that doesn’t require a lot of time for installing, yet has a wide area enough for all food.

You will surely love the taste of meat and other food cooked this way. In addition, it is designed to make sure there will be more than enough space for food with its grilling surface of 450 square inches.

Automatic ignition for easier grilling Built-in oil collecting system. Its functions in multiple ways, namely char-grilling, smoking, baking, roasting, searing, braising, barbecuing, and grilling.

This grill includes its own pellet and temperature system for controlling. This grill has been made much better than no malfunctions are noted instead only the best features stand out, making you love this machine like no other.

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Turn your evening into memorable dinner with a touch of the traditional way of cooking with GRILL RPG 7002E. Have your food seared and even better with this grill. It is multi-purpose that doesn’t require you much effort to serve you only the best.

8-in-1 serves for char-grilling, smoking, baking, roasting, searing, braising, barbecuing and grilling Built-in fan: makes cooking versatile, puts an end to use rotisserie Upgraded temperature controlling system; auto-ignition and grill Automatic electric feed system: maintains the heat Wide surface for grilling Has three years’ warranty Easy to use Cooking space: 19. After buying this, just keep relaxed because you are assured of its quality and long-lasting performance. Enjoy cooking with the company of your family, friends, or guests as you don’t have to leave them while cooking because with the automatic control you don’t have to check the pellets constantly.

It has built its name on the versatility it provides to give various cooking and techniques, allowing you to master your family’s all-time grilled recipes seen in your favorite restaurant. This will surely serve as a priceless present for all genders who love barbecue so much.

If you want to indulge yourself with the company of your friend with naturally rich firewood taste and perfectly cooked food, Z Grills Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker with Patio Cover is the grill you must have. The use of a hundred percent pellets makes your food savory and your mouth water. Don’t limit your cooking technique since this grill offers you seven ways in cooking. Trailer hasn’t stopped making grills which do multiple and caters to diverse cooking needs and has kept the good name and reputation.

Experience an entirely new level of grilling experience with this Trailer grill, which never leaves you with burned food but only delicious and savory food recipes. This grill has been constructed sturdily and durable as well as it has precise heat to serve you only the best wood-fired food.

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This cooking method is similar to smoking using hardwood but not needing to split logs. Enjoy your low, slow, hot, and fast way of barbecuing.

6-in-1 versatility cooking; do BBQ, braise, roast, bake, smoke, and grill. Digital controller that makes perfect Predictability and ease of use Dimensions of 42 × 22 × 49 inches.

Inches Uses 100 percent pure hardwood pellets Weighs 98 pounds The bright orange of the LED display panel Grilling surface coat made of Porcelain Auto-start An easy drain of grease Trailer Grills made the first models many years ago and has continuously innovated their products, making them stay on top.

One of their top electric products is the Trailer Grills Texas Elite 34. It means that your backyard event hosting will not be a mess and be a successful party instead.

The Trailer Texas Elite 34 TFB65 will be able to keep up with the needs of your guests as it can feed all them without worrying about running out of food. Is capable of providing plenty of meats cooked in a variety of ways.

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What it means is having this Trailer Junior Elite makes you feel like your kitchen is located outdoors. While there are issues with temperature control and quality, Z Grills try to address customer complaints professionally and resolve problems with repair and replacement covered by manufacturer’s warranty.

However, Trailer Grills use FDA approved all-Wood natural wood pellets burning within a controlled system and offering great convenience, flavor, and confidence. Also, you can use the digital thermostat control, so you can cook with confidence in high settings and lower-midrange.

Trailer Grills cook times are consistent, eliminating the risk of burning food. You can even bake pizzas and biscuits with this level of temperature control.

The original wood pellet grills of Trailer are equipped with a 4-inch Induction Fan, feeding the burning pellets and the air allows burning very hot for efficient grilling while circulating the smoke-filled air on your favorite food recipes. Trailer Grills that are older models may require custom mounting.

When folded down, the edges of the shelf strikes the legs of the grill, but you can add small rubber clips so metal on metal doesn’t strike when folding down. Customers love Trailer Grills because moving the heat around your meat with its superb cooking convection style.

The air induction system enables the grill to seal underneath. Z Grills are most-sought because they are highly resistant to corrosion and have been designed for controlling the wood pellet distribution speed without unnecessary reloading.

Take advantage of the polished and sleek finish with the stainless steel grill design. The grills are equipped with waste oil collector, made of high standard iron, that is conveniently located for easy cleanup.

Also, Z Grills are eco-friendly because they optimize electricity, using small amounts of pellets for bold flavors as compared to traditional gas and charcoal. Trailer Grills use natural wood pellets are safe for home and restaurant use, and they come in 11 flavors, offering dozens of flavors specially customized to each user.

Also, these pellets add a great aroma to your favorite grilled food recipes and don’t harm the environment. It provides a grilling space that allows you to cook up to 4 whole chickens, 16 burgers, or 5 racks of ribs.

The materials used are mostly stainless steel with cool features, such as the precision temperature control with the Digital Elite Controller rocking Advanced Grilling Logic and maintaining a +/- 25 degree Fahrenheit temperature control which guarantee precision grilling.

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