Are Yu-gi-oh Cards Worth Anything

Christina Perez
• Thursday, 31 December, 2020
• 12 min read

Many people don’t know that Yu-Gi-Oh was originally a manga before it was a card game. I remember waking up Saturday mornings just so I could watch the newest episode of the first season of Yu-Gi-Oh and try to make my decks be like the ones in the TV show.

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While the Yu-Gi-Oh hype may have simmered down in recent years, there are definitely still those dedicated fans building the perfect decks, or collecting those extremely rare and expensive cards that are out there. Some of these cards have some incredible value to them, but most have almost no worth to them whatsoever.

We’ll look at thirty cards, some more valuable and some a lot less so. Starting off strong, we have the Zone Eater, a level one monster with 250 attack and 200 defense.

Its special effect is somewhat useful, but because of its low defense and attack, it hardly ever gets used in battle. You can tell that it’s one of the reward cards from the championships by the code, which notes its exclusivity.

You can find that code at the bottom of the card art. Back at it with a worthless card, the Goya Chaser is a level five monster that needs a tuner and a non-tuner monster to summon the Goya Chaser.

It has a decent enough effect of taking defeated monsters from your opponent to your side of the battlefield, but it's not worth the effort of finding this card and adding it to your deck. The price ranges anywhere from $700 to about $1,500, depending on the condition of the card.

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The reward of the 2011 Yu-Gi-Oh championship, only a small handful of these were made for sale. It is a level eight monster with 2800 attack and 1300 defense, and once per turn, you can inflict 300 damage to your opponent for each card they own.

In addition, if they set a trap or spell card, you can also deal 300 damage to them. Along the lines of bad cards, the Hydra Viper certainly comes to mind.

The Hydra Viper isn’t a good addition to your deck because of the grand negative effect it has whenever it attacks. It was made in celebration of the well-known character in the Shnen Jump weekly magazine.

Chinese Dark Magician is a level seven monster with 2500 attack and 2100 defense. A solid card in any deck, Dark Magician is a famous character from the anime show and its worth is well known.

Maybe the Larvae Moth will grow into something great, but it’s not going to happen anytime soon. As well as being valuable, it has 2200 attack and 1700 defense and deals 500 damage to the opponent every time a monster is sent to the graveyard.

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Being a level ten monster that forces you to discard your entire hand just to keep it in battle? Throwing away your hand to deal 5,000 damage seems like a good trade-off, but you can’t control any monsters or spells, so maybe not.

With only 26 made with this specific set, this tiny card is worth quite a lot. While the spell card just halves the attack of a targeted monster, with only the 26 copies made it’s quite a collectors choice.

No cool holographic, no limited edition card, just a gross name. That, and you can destroy monsters based on the number of light sworn cards you have discarded, so that’s kinda nice.

What is super cool about Needle Ball is that not only does it haunt your dreams with its nightmare face, Needle Balls effect is you take 2000 points of life damage to deal 1000 points to your opponent. You might as well just throw away this card and hope it doesn’t reappear after you've thrown it away.

This card's special effect is to sacrifice itself in order to control one of your opponent's monsters until the end of your turn. If you’re able to find this card, you’ve just stumbled across a small fortune.

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This card is pretty much next to useless in terms of practicality, a spell card that inflicts a grand total of 200 damage to your opponent's life points. It sells for a very low price even in a set of three perfectly mint condition cards, which for mint condition cards isn’t a lot when you think about it.

While its effect and attack and defense aren’t much to talk about, Cyber-Stein makes up for that with that special code SJC-EN001 at the bottom of the card art. Making Cyber Stein an extremely valuable card to own.

Being a level two monster that can directly attack your opponent's life points while ignoring your opponent's monsters on the field, you would think it would be worth a little more. With good attack and decent defense, this card is pretty useful in most duels.

With only two ever being available to purchase, the owners of this card set the value at $6,000, and the price continues to grow as the years go on. You do sadly have to pay 500 life points if this card gets sent to the graveyard, but you can choose to send it to the top or bottom of your deck.

When it’s normally summoned, its attack of 1100 and defense of 1200 are halved until your next turn, then they are doubled. Doubling that attack sounds great, until you realize it is the easiest target in the world to get rid of.

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In 2002, Tyler Dressed was diagnosed with a rare liver cancer. But you’ll have to pay a handsome price for this card.

Armor EXE is an interesting card, it can’t attack the first time it’s summoned, and you have to remove one spell counter on your side of the field, and if you don’t you have to destroy this monster. With 2400 attack and 1400 defense, it’s not really a good idea to add this card to your deck.

If you can find this card in perfect condition, it can sell for a hefty price of about four dollars. Which makes it quite hard to determine if this card was ever actually made to be sold.

Considered to be a legend in the card game community, if it ever surfaces it would easily reach the asking price of $500,000. With the popularity and rarity of this card, let’s hope it’ll resurface.

A level one monster with a staggering 300 attack and 200 defense and no special effect. So if you have a shiny Dancing Elf, go ahead and sell it, because it’s just gathering dust in your old shoe box.

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The Tournament Black Luster Soldier was awarded in the 1999 Yu-Gi-Oh championship. If you have a large fortune and nothing better to do with your money, go ahead and buy the Black Luster Soldier.

First came out all the way back in Japan in the year 1997, nobody could have ever predicted that it would go on to spawn one of the largest trading card games in the world right up there with Pokémon and Magic: The Gathering. I know I personally went through my collection at one time hoping that I would be able to buy something by selling my old cards, but they amounted to nothing more than a hill of beans.

If you were a hardcore player who attended the highest tournaments, then you might have some cards on this list. Some cards on this list are literal ones of a kind and you better believe they cost vast fortunes.

While the monster cards from the original Duel Monsters anime era are trash, the spell and trap cards are actually amazing, and they don't get much better than Harpies's Feather Duster. You simply play and destroy their entire back row of cards.

There are several prints of this card that are relatively cheap, but the one worthy of attention is the one from Tournament Pack 8. You've got to be a pretty big Mai Valentine fan to want to pick that version up.

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Thankfully the card was reprinted in a Gold Series pack a little over a year later bringing his price way down. The game only existed in Japan as it hadn't made its way out of there yet and while many of the cards aren't too rare, this one is.

The Banzai version of one of Yuri's most iconic spells The Swords Of Revealing Light was made into a promotional card way back in 1998 and if you search for it online, it can go as low as a few hundred dollars all the way up to around $4000 USD! Dark Duel Stories released for the Game Boy Color back in 2002.

They're all varying degrees of value nowadays, but by far the priciest is the mighty Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Most kids in those days who got the game wanted to use the card and thus most copies are in bad condition nowadays.

If you go for the prettiest version of the card, you're going to have to pony up around 1500 USD to get this synchronized fiend. But hey, he actually has a decent effect and is easy to summon for a synchro.

This card was given to cancer victim Tyler Grease as a result of the Make-A-Wish foundation asking INAMI make this kid's dream come true. Seeing as how this card is the only one of its kind in the world, it's pretty impossible to put a price on it.

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Anime back in the early 2000s will know about the three Egyptian God Cards Slider, Obelisk, and The Winged Dragon of Ra. But only those who watched until the end of the series now about their merged form; Morality The Creator of Light.

$1000 USD is a small price to pay to own a god in your hand right? Despite its awesome condition of having you win the duel as soon as you summon it, it was only ever released in Japan as a promotional card for an art book.

While trap cards have fallen out of favor in the modern meta game of Yu-Gi-Oh, they used to make up for their slowness in the old days with immensely powerful effects. Anime fans will remember that this card was used by Kaaba to completely cripple Yuri and Isuzu's decks.

You kinda have to be Kaaba to justify spending this much money on a trading card. If you want to get your hands on this card nowadays, you would first have to find somebody who went to the Shnen Jump 2007 championships and then pay around $2000 USD for the virus.

The version of Yuri's most powerful card in Duelist Kingdom in question is a literal one of a kind. Unlike other versions of the card, it is a normal monster instead of a ritual and oh yeah, it's printed on stainless steel.

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Only in fantasy card games could a giant hand with creepy looking symbols on each of its fingertips exist. In its initial run, there were two versions of the card; a super rare which can go for a couple of hundred bucks and an ultra-rare variant... which goes for nearly $1000.

But is that really too much to pay considering you now own the son of Master Hand from Super Smash Brothers? This He-Man villain disguised as a Yu-Gi-Oh fiend effect monster might have some of the coolest artwork on this entire list.

Nowadays it has been released in several booster packs but if you want an ultra-rare variant of the card, you have to part with $1500 USD. Just when you thought that Noah Kaaba's Aura Priest was the only monster to have more than two swords, here comes Armament of the Lethal Lords to ruin its parade.

Given its extremely limited run, it's no surprise that a copy of the card once sold for $9000 USD. We have a case here where both super rare and ultra-rare versions of the card exist, but back in 2014 on eBay a super rare version of the card sold for $1400 USD.

It also was released as a prize card for the Shnen Jump Championships back in 2007. Prices for the card vary, but I've seen it for as low as $1000 but also as high as $2500 USD.

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Video games from that time period, you'll know just how good of a card this can be. Well in real life, you might not know that the original version of the card is ungodly expensive.

For a mere $3000 USD on Amazon, you too can have the card that was part of Yu-Gi-Oh's simplest Otis. Simply play Cyber Stein, summon Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon, equip him with Mega morph and Fairy Meteor Crush just in case and steamroll your opponent in one attack.

One of the signature spell cards of everybody's favorite rich douche Set Kaaba, Shrink is a quick play spell that doesn't see much use but back in the early days of the game was a decent card to lower your opponents' strongest monsters. The problem was that getting a copy of it when it was first released was harder than summoning a Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth.

If I go on eBay, you can see a listing right now for a copy of this Ultra Rare card valued at an astounding $2188.75 USD. Or, you can ditch the shiny sheen and go for a common version of this card that only costs a few cents.

For those who can't Mandarin, this version of the card was released only in China as part of a Shnen Jump giveaway. Only 100 copies of the card were printed which justifies its high cost of about $1000 USD.

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You know a card is complicated in effect when you need six full lines to explain what the heck it does. This psychic XYZ monster hasn't been around for long, but its cost has floated in this short time span.

Just like his rival the Dark Magician, the Blue Eyes White Dragon was released in China as a promotional card as part of the Weekly Shnen Jump giveaway. The mightiest monster in Set Kaaba's deck, it took years for the card to be printed into English.

If you wanted the card, though, you were going to have taken a massive bank loan or have a few hundred thousand dollars lying around. Nowadays as reported by kotaku.com, there is a version of the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon that was given to the winner of the Asian Championships 2001.

Creator Karachi Takanashi himself and is on sale in a Japanese card shop for 450 $000 USD. Dark Magician Girl is one of the most beloved monsters by the Yu-Gi-Oh fandom for her umm... well let's just say not for its stats or effect.

The original print of this card was a Japan exclusive as part of the... are you ready for this name? The secret rare version of the card won via lottery has only 100 copies and due to her beloved status will set you back around $50 000 USD on eBay.

This is one of those times; a dragon with a rainbow and a creepy grinning smiley face on his chest. The final Shnen Jump Championships prize card.

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