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They are popular light sources and have widespread usage in applications where high illuminance over an area is needed. As the name implies, HID lamps generate light by an electric discharge between two tungsten electrodes through a gas contained in a tube.

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The electric arc between the tungsten electrodes is very intense such that the gases and the metal salts inside the tube instantly turn into plasma. Specifically, the metal that is vaporized during the operation determines most of the properties of the HID lamps.

Also, radioactive isotopes of Krypton and Thorium mixed with argon gas are used to improve the characteristics of the lamps. Special protective measures are taken to prevent and radiation, when these isotopes are included in the tubes.

HID lamps are used when high intensity of light is required over large expanses. They are typically used in large open buildings such as gymnasiums, warehouses, hangars, and in open areas that need to be illuminated such as roads, football stadiums, parking lots, and amusement parks.

HID lamps are also used as headlights of automotive and as light sources in underwater diving. When the electric arc is created, xenon gas turns into plasma and the electron transition to lower states produces a bright white light, close to the daylight.

Xenon lamps are used in modern IMAX projectors, to create pure white light that is needed. They use far less power and produce much brighter light than halogen bulbs.

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Even when compared to Leonid bulbs, LEDs come out on top in many ways. Unlike halogen bulbs, which contain a filament that is heated and produces light, Leonid bulbs use xenon gas and electrical charge to create a bright, white light.

Many drivers prefer Leonid bulbs because of the cooler color temperature of the light they emit. Still, for many drivers, this switch is worth it, thanks to the superior performance of Leonid bulbs.

Brightness is typically measured in lumens, the amount of light output a bulb produces. That’s because whiter light is closer to daylight and makes it easier to see obstacles in front of your vehicle.

Bulbs that have to low a color temperature and appear yellow or bulbs with too high a color temperature, which will appear white with a blueish tint, can be very bright. Just a decade or two ago, almost all cars used halogen lights for both headlights and most other purposes.

In recent years, LED and Xenon lights have become more popular. In fact, most new vehicles today use LED or Xenon headlights.

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Hidden Uses tungsten electrodes as its lighting elements a tungsten filament as its lighting elementGenuine bulbs cost over $100 per bulb Price ranges from $5 to $40 or sometimes higherFitting label with the letter “H” at (e.g. H11)Fitting label with the letter “D” (e.g. D2S)Street legal even if color temperature exceeds 4300 Kelvin street legal if color temperature exceeds 4300 Kelvin It produces light primarily with the help of the noble gas xenon and metal salts.

This transparent tube contains the xenon gas which kick starts the arc’s initial strike when high voltage is applied. Once started, metal salts in the arc tube heat up and evaporate to become plasma.

This plasma intensifies the light created by the arc while reducing its power requirement. There is also a large amount of pressure involved in operating a bulb like this, thus it can pose a safety hazard if its enclosure is compromised.

A Leonid lamp wears out faster when it gets turned on and off frequently, and not because of how long it is used. It is designed to emulate a Leonid bulb in terms of light production and performance.

Some car owners do not pay much attention to the light emitting from the front of their vehicle. In this article, we’ll look at what xenon headlights are, how they work, and the pros and cons of installing them in your car.

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This is a gaseous element that can emit a bright white light when electricity passes through it. This is in obvious reference to the intensity of the brightness that xenon gas produces.

Since then, major car manufacturers have been installing these vehicle lighting systems in their models. In general, installing xenon headlights can increase the premium on the vehicle.

This component controls xenon bulb start-up, allowing it to reach its optimum operating phase quickly. The ballast contains a DC converter, allowing it to generate the voltage necessary for powering the bulb and the other electric components of the system.

It also contains a bridge circuit, which provides the system with a 300 Hz alternating voltage. As the name suggests, this component triggers the delivery of a “spark” to the xenon light module.

It connects to the xenon ballast and can contain metal shielding, depending on the model generation of the system. When you switch on the xenon headlight, electricity passes through the ballast and to the bulb’s electrodes.

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The ionization of the gas mixture leads to the rapid elevation of temperature. This allows the bulb to operate at full functionality, delivering bright white light.

The color temperature of a xenon system also mimics that of natural daylight, which is about 4000 to 6000 Kelvin. HID lights travel wider and farther than halogen bulbs, allowing you to drive a lot safer in the night at high speeds.

While xenon headlights provide exceptional natural daylight-like brightness, they do have some drawbacks. If you already have a halogen headlight, installing a xenon lighting system can be quite challenging.

While there are xenon retrofit kits available, you will have to have basic knowledge of automotive electronics to get the setup right. For a Leonid system, you will need a few seconds to “heat up” the bulb and get it to full operating capacity.

Like everything else, this type of vehicle lighting system has its own share of pros and cons. HID XENON HEADLIGHT CONVERSION KITS, PARTS & LAMPS: H.I.D.

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(High Intensity Discharge) Conversion Kits have become one of the best personal investments in car accessories. HID Conversion Kits provide more than 300 percent the amount of light of a Halogen bulb.

The bulb has no filaments and the light arc is created by two electrodes, giving it a wider range of illumination. These Systems are modified for specific vehicle applications and fit directly into your existing headlights.

The color of the arc can be altered by adjusting the mixture of chemicals in the gas. Xenon gas is used because it is not only colorless, but is inert, meaning the high temperatures in the bulb will not cause it to react to any part of it.

Leonid bulbs come in a range of colors from pure white through to purple. For use in cars, white or off-white is generally preferred, as these give the greatest light output.

To make your HID lights brighter, you can purchase and install xenon projectors or specifically designed reflectors. You also have the choice of upgrading your reflectors to halogen headlamps to make them even brighter.

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