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With LEDs, electric current passes through a semiconductor (or diode) to produce light that is brighter and often has a wider beam pattern than other types of headlights. Aftermarket xenon lights are available in different shades of blue and yellow as well as white.

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On dark roads, some xenon lights are so bright that even the low beams can blind oncoming drivers. Some manufacturers have made LEDs standard across their entire range of moderately priced vehicle lines.

Xenon lights are offered on fewer new vehicles but remain popular in the aftermarket. The 2020 Toyota Sienna was rated acceptable when equipped with either xenon or halogen headlights.

In line with Cars.com’s long-standing ethics policy, editors and reviewers don’t accept gifts or free trips from automakers. Contributor Rick Pope has covered the auto industry for decades and hosts a weekly online radio show on TalkZone.com.

As LEDs become cheaper to make, however, expect to see them in a wider range of vehicles. Editor’s Note: This article has been updated for accuracy since it was originally published.

Flashlights today are brighter and more efficient than those of the past thanks to the introduction of new technologies in bulbs. Lower energy demand also means the use of less battery power which translates into smaller and lighter-weight flashlights.

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Making this possible is the replacement of traditional tungsten incandescent bulbs with a number of other choices, including light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and xenon lamps. Traditional flashlights used incandescent bulbs with a tungsten filament that glowed in a gas-filled glass enclosure.

Like xenon lamps, their emissions are more concentrated in the visible range, with less wasted energy going into heat and other radiation. The light output from a single LED is quite low, so flashlights typically use bulb assemblies that incorporate several diodes.

With LEDs, the light is brighter than that of traditional bulbs, though not as well-matched to the eyes as xenon lamps. Xenon and LED bulb technologies provide an improvement over traditional flashlights.

Newer LED and xenon bulbs produce a more light while using less energy. The use of LED and xenon bulbs in flashlights and car headlights is common.

Light-emitting diode, or LED, lights use about one-seventh the energy of an incandescent bulb and can last up to 100,000 hours per bulb, according to G. Miller and Scott Spool man in “Environmental Science Problems, Concepts and Solutions.” LED lights use a diode that is about one-fourth of an inch to convert electricity into light, according to the website tool base. The light produced by xenon gas technology is very bright, making it especially good for places like hospital operating rooms.

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Xenon gaslights can last from 6,000 to 20,000 hours per bulb, according to the website lighting-fixtures-tips-designs. Xenon headlights can make it difficult for oncoming drivers to see, according to USA Today.

LED or Xenon strobe lights achieves the best signaling effect and attracts maximum attention. You can rely on the quality of our products designed and produced in Austria since 1910.

Strobe lights are one of four types of beacons in signaling technology. We are proud to offer strobe lights with the most innovative LED technology on the market.

Through our sophisticated combination of dome procurement and special, the highest possible light exploitation is achieved. With an LED multi strobe light you can reproduce different flash patterns, a steady beacon and / or a flashing beacon depending on the model.

Compared to xenon lamps, LED strobe lights impress with their long service life, vibration resistance and high efficiency. Due to the high voltage in the glass bulb, the bright light pulse is generated when the xenon inert gas discharges.

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Bauer Signal strobe lights are suitable for a wide range of applications in different industries, especially in those areas where an extremely high signal effect is required. For applications in plant construction or mechanical engineering, you can choose from our M22, T and U series panel mount strobe lights.

Strobe lights from Bauer Signal are available in 6 different colors and different sizes. From 30 mm up to 160 mm diameter we offer a wide range of strobe beacons.

Our strobe lights score with a high degree of protection up to IP67. The strain eases if the road ahead is well lit; good lighting is the best night vision system.

Ever since cars were invented, HELLO has been setting innovation milestones and pursuing a forward-looking approach to lighting products and systems. These types of lights can produce both high and low beams with just one projection module, mechanically switching back and forth via a shutter.

Please select the image to open the gallery Xenon headlamps help save lives. If all the vehicles on German roads were equipped with xenon headlamps, the number of accidents occurring at night would be reduced by an estimated 50%, and traffic fatalities during the same period would decrease by 18%.

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The vehicle load status is measured by inductive or magnetoresistance axle sensors, and head-lamps are repositioned using servomotors. Dynamic bend lighting was introduced in 2003 to provide drivers with an improved, larger visibility range.

Based on the Varix module, headlamp light distribution is adapted to the specific situation according to the vehicle’s speed and steering angle. Today’s state-of-the-art glare-free high beam systems go one step further, automatically masking areas of the road where lighting could annoy other drivers.

As it delivers not only environmental benefits, it also enhances the driving comfort with its light color similar to daylight. Furthermore, the light source also offers a great deal of styling potential, and can help manufacturers create a distinctive image for their brands.

In this system, the light modules rotate according to the steering angle, nearly doubling the range of visibility in a curve. One advanced development based on dynamic bend lighting is the Adaptive Front light System (AFS).

A camera detects oncoming traffic and cars ahead, and a stepper motor turns the cylinder of the Varix module to the required position within milliseconds. This means that the light cone always ends directly in front of oncoming traffic, or just behind the car ahead of you.

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If the camera detects other traffic on the road, the distribution of light from the high beams is adjusted to mask the specific area. Targeted spotlighting functions will allow specific illumination of certain types of objects, such as children playing at the edge of the road.

This draws the driver’s attention to these potential risks ahead of time, enabling faster responses. Please select the image to open the gallery low beam is only a compromise of all partial light distributions.

That’s why the dynamic Adaptive Front lighting System was developed to permit the best possible illumination of the road depending on speed and steering angle. Town light, which is activated at speeds below 55 km/h, features a horizontal cut-off line to minimize glare for other people on the road.

The projection module generates an asymmetrical light distribution pattern to minimize glare for oncoming drivers. Depending on the steering angle, the headlamps also swivel by up to 15° and allow optimized illumination of the bend.

If there is no traffic ahead, the system switches to high beam, giving the driver optimum visibility at all times. The system also uses vertical angle information to make deductions about road topography, improving illumination in hilly terrain.

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This helps prevent annoying glare and provides maximum low beam light distribution. Please select the image to open the gallery objective of the high beam function is to give the driver the best possible visibility while at the same time avoiding exposing other road users to excessive glare.

This type of system features a front camera, high-performance software and intelligent lighting technology, and automatically masks high beam distribution to areas of the road where it might annoy other drivers. One possible way to provide glare-free high beam functionality is by installing a special sheath on the rotating cylinder in the projection module.

Based on image processing functions and intelligent settings in the projection module, critical areas of oncoming traffic that might face glare are simply removed from the high beam distribution, but the rest of the high beam field remains intact for the driver’s convenience, yielding a considerably greater range of visibility as compared with standard systems. By means of a camera, oncoming and preceding traffic are detected and then, by the shutting down or dimming of individual LEDs, these vehicles are blanked out of the field of high beam light distribution in real time.

While these are “masked out”, the high beam continues to illuminate all the areas between the vehicles and to the right and left of them at full power. As soon as no vehicle is any longer in the driver’s field of vision, the system once again reverts to full high beam lighting.

Consequently, the driver’s visibility at night improves dramatically while, at the same time, the risk of dazzling oncoming traffic is eliminated.

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