Are Wayne Rooney And Jamie Vardy Friends

James Smith
• Sunday, 06 December, 2020
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JamieVardy, longtime Leicester City striker, was seen as Rooney’s sideman when both played for England’s national team. In particular, the UK’s notoriously nasty tabloid press makes a point of mining football clubs for drama.

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Through the incentives left out by that media institution, Rooney and Vary are in a sense forced to butt heads. Depending on one’s perspective, the best way to follow up on the story of a squabble between two soccer spouses is in The Sun.

It was somewhat of a shock to Coleen to find that a fellow player’s wife would cross that particular line. The two wives, and by proxy their famous husbands, are now locked in a legal battle over the situation.

For sports fans more interested in the impact on the soccer side of things, there is not yet much to report. But he won’t run into Vardy’s Leicester City FC, which plays a tier below in the EFL Championship.

Vary was put in to replace Rooney (via the BBC) for the last 15 minutes of a match against the Republic of Ireland. Coleen Rooney “clearly identified” Rebekah Vary when she made allegations about social media stories being leaked to the tabloids, a judge has ruled.

Vary decided to sue for defamation in July, with court documents written by her lawyers saying the incident had affected her mental and physical health. When Rooney's social media posts were released, Vary was seven months pregnant and her lawyers claim they led to her being taken to hospital three times with anxiety attacks.

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The pair originally became friends through their husbands, former Manchester United and England player Wayne Rooney and Leicester striker JamieVardy. Social media was set ablaze on 9 October 2019 when Coleen Rooney pressed send on her Instagram and Twitter posts, accusing Rebekah Vary of leaking details about her life to the tabloids.

Both women belong to a glamorous group of footballers’ wives and girlfriends, known in Britain as the Wags, who have become celebrities in their own right, their lives regularly dissected by the tabloid press. Their feud exploded into public view in October 2019, when Rooney posted a message explaining that she had become suspicious of one of her friends and had carefully planned and executed a sting operation.

Rooney said she had blocked all her friends from viewing her private Instagram account except for the one she suspected, and had then posted fake stories over five months, which had found their way into the Sun. Vary, who was then seven months pregnant, denied the story, but that did not stop a wave of social media abuse and ridicule that her lawyers say is continuing.

Claim: On Wednesday, Coleen admitted she has been planting false Instagram stories on her private page and blocking all her other friends to prove that Rebekah, 37, was the guilty party (pictured 2017) Rumors of a rift between Wayne and Jamie were later denied by then England manager Roy Hodgson.

Word: Recently unearthed claims in The Times suggested that Rooney, 33 had private talks with Vary, 32, and allegedly told him to ensure Rebekah didn't distract the team's campaign with her social media posts (pictured 2016) The unearthed claims come after Coleen took to social media to accuse her pregnant friend Rebekah Vary of selling stories on her private life in an extraordinary rant.

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Pals: Rumors of a rift between Wayne and Jamie were later denied by then England manager Roy Hodgson (pictured June 2016) She admitted that stories about her basement flooding, returning to TV and gender selection were only viewed by Rebekah and these were subsequently followed by media outlets.

“She says that Mrs. Vary was responsible,” Seaborne said, though he added that Rooney had not wanted the dispute to end up in court. Tomlinson said the two sides had agreed to halt proceedings until February to make a final attempt to resolve the case without a trial.

This is a combination file photo of Colleen Rooney arrives for the Pride of Britain Awards at a central London venue, Monday, Oct. 3, 2011, and Rebekah Vary arriving at The Sun Military Awards 2016 in London, Wednesday, Dec. 14, 2016. A courtroom drama mixing celebrities, amateur sleuthing and social media has kicked off in London, where one famous soccer spouse denies leaking stories about another to the tabloid press.

A courtroom drama mixing celebrities, amateur sleuthing and social media has kicked off in London, where one famous soccer spouse denies leaking stories about another to the tabloid press. Wayne Rooney and JamieVardy are reportedly set to join their wives Coleen and Rebekah in crucial talks following the first round of their ‘Agatha Christie’ court battle.

Wayne was absent from the talks on Zoom, but Coleen is reportedly determined he will be present for the next mediation hearing, which will take place in the New Year. It comes just days after Rebekah Vary won the first round of their High Court libel battle on Friday after she was accused of leaking stories about Coleen’s private life to the media.

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Colleen had accused Rebekah Vary of selling fake stories about her to The Sun Magazine. An Insider revealed that JamieVardy decided to unfollow Rooney and stand by his wife who is now fighting to prove her innocence.

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Footballer, Wayne Rooney reportedly warned his former England teammate JamieVardy about his wife Rebekah's behavior during Euro 2016. An unearthed claim in The Times suggested that Rooney had private talks with Vary and allegedly told him to ensure Rebekah didn't distract the team's campaign with her social media posts.

At that time, there were rumors of a rift between Wayne and Jamie, which were later denied by then England manager Roy Hodgson.

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