Are Wayne Rogers And Will Ferrell Related

Bob Roberts
• Wednesday, 23 December, 2020
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Rogers has been running his investment firm Wayne Rogers & Co., for years now and has left the actor field although he does occasionally appear on Fox News programs as a commentator. There is no indication that they are related, but they do have a similar look although Rogers would probably win in the looks department.

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Not referring to Mike Farrell (different spelling of surname) who played “B. J. Uncut” when “Trapper John” left the MASH series. If they were to do a new version of M*A*S*H, I always believed that Will Ferrell would be a good Trapper, or if they did a TV movie about the TV show M×A*S×H, he would be good at it.

I always wondered if Will Ferrell was somehow related to Mike Farrell, but I guess you just answered that question. I'll have to pay more attention next time I watch MASH and see.

(1933-04-07)April 7, 1933DiedDecember 31, 2015(2015-12-31) (aged 82)Resting place Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery Alma mater Princeton University OccupationActor, investor, television personalities active1959–2014Spouse(s) (m. 1960; div. Children2 When Rogers was approached for M*A*S*H, he planned to audition for the role of Hawkeye Pierce.

He found the character too cynical, however, and asked to screen test as Trapper John, whose outlook was brighter. Rogers was told that Trapper and Hawkeye would have equal importance as characters.

This changed after Alan Alma, whose acting career and résumé up to that point had outshone that of Rogers, was cast as Hawkeye and proved to be more popular with the audience. Rogers enjoyed working with Alma and the rest of the cast as a whole (Alma and Rogers quickly became close friends), but eventually chafed that the writers were devoting the show's best humorous and dramatic moments to Alma.

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Rogers considerably reduced his Alabama accent for the character of Trapper. In 1981, he played the role of an art forger in Roger Vadim's The Hot Touch.

Then, in the movie The Gig (1985), alongside Clean Little, as a jazz musician-hobbyist whose group has an opportunity to play a Catskills resort and must confront failure. Also in 1985, he starred opposite Barbara Eden in the televised reunion movie I Dream of Jeannie... Fifteen Years Later based on the 1960s situation comedy I Dream of Jeannie.

Rogers took on the role of Major Tony Nelson which was originally portrayed by Larry Hangman in the television series when Hangman was unavailable to reprise the character he had originated. In 1986 Rogers hosted the short-lived CBS television series High Risk.

He also starred as Walter Duncan in the 1987 movie Race Against the Harvest. In 1990 Rogers co-starred with Connie Select in the CBS made-for-television movie “Miracle Landing” based on the true story of the 1988 Aloha Airlines Flight 243 crash landing after an explosive cabin depressurization.

On April 23, 2012, Rogers signed on as the new spokesman for Senior Home Loans, a direct reverse mortgage lender headquartered on Long Island, New York. As a young actor, Rogers met actress Mitzi McWhirter in New York in the late 1950s.

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Rogers died on December 31, 2015, from complications of pneumonia in Los Angeles, California, at the age of 82. He died exactly one year before fellow M*A*S*H cast member William Christopher.

^ Comments made by Rogers on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. Wayne Rogers : Actor, Entrepreneur, Financial Pundit”.

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Beating someone is a criminal act even if the person does not press charges. -- Jo Ann M. So sad to hear of the loss of our GREAT buddy of the crew, the late actor, investor Wayne Rogers, of M*A*S*H history.

-- Wendell V. Fountain Wayne Rogers National Guard troops in our country are supposed to help in disasters. -- Steve Klein ugh, he is as rude & offensive as Becker.

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-- Can'tWaitTill2016 He is better on Casein' In then he was on MASH -- Fred from Brooklyn has racist Jams on again-guess I'll change channels. -- Lewis Wayne Rogers nails it with Ebola is not measles; it is lethal.

-- Prophet Seriously, please tell me they have an ambulance on standby for Wayne Rogers on -- Honky Took Jew He is right! --B abs Wayne Rogers undermines his own points by calling the women on the show “sweetheart”.

-- Doreen Dickson Holly shit, Wayne Rogers AKA “Trapper John” the actor from M*A*S*H favored my comment THANKS MATE I loved M×A*S×H -- torrent man Alan Alma is bitten by a vampire. It seems Kim liked Mike Farrell more -- Larry Rosenthal. Ideology is the enemy of -- Wayne Rogers -- Less Gov.

-- Darrell enjoy watching very smart Wayne Rogers every Saturday. -- max under Wayne Rogers says Harry Reid is a lying scum bag--Juan Williams says it's just politics.

-- Edward Neal McKinney If Wayne Rogers was around still, Jessica would be getting it worse than that. -- Count Clayton The other panelists shouted down Wayne Rogers, who pointed out that prisoner exchange is protected in the Geneva Conventions.

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Overview (4)Mini Bio (2) Tough around the edges and with a handsome durability, Alabama-born Wayne Rogers had graduated from Princeton with a history degree in 1954 and joined the Navy before giving acting a thought. He started things off by studying with renowned acting teacher Sanford Manner and dancer Martha Graham at the Neighborhood Playhouse.

He toiled for years in off-Broadway and regional plays (“Bus Stop”, “No Time for Sergeants”) and had a short stint on the daytime soap The Edge of Night (1956) before making a minor dent in films, including small roles in Odds Against Tomorrow (1959), The Glory Guys (1965) and Cool Hand Luke (1967). He also co-starred opposite Robert Bray in the short-lived TV western series Stagecoach West (1960) and co-produced and wrote the script for the cult sci-fi cheap The Astro-Zombies (1968) in-between.

It wasn't until 1972, when the 39-year-old Rogers nabbed the role of “Trapper John”, a Korean War surgeon, in the classic comedy series M*A*S*H (1972), that he found the stardom that had eluded him for over a decade and a half. Alongside Alan Alda's “Hawkeye Pierce”, the TV show was a huge hit and the two enjoyed equal success at the beginning.

Slowly, however, Wayne's character started getting the short end of the stick as the wry, sardonic, highly appealing Alma became a resounding audience favorite. Frustrated at turning second-banana to Alma, he quit the series (his character was discharged) after three seasons amid a contractual dispute.

TV movies came his way throughout the late '70s and a couple more comedy series, including House Calls (1979), in which Wayne received a Golden Globe nomination, but nothing would equal the success he found during the M*A*S*H (1972) years. Sporadic filming in Once in Paris... (1978), The Hot Touch (1981), The Gig (1985) and The Killing Time (1987) also failed to raise his amiable profile.

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In later years, Wayne found renewed respect as a businessman and investor, having managed the affairs of such stars as Peter Fall and James Can, among others. These include real estate development, business management of a number of motion picture personalities, and co-ventures with other prominent individuals and institutions.

Rogers became one of Hollywood's most popular stars (as measured by TVQ ratings as well as media pulse-takers) by portraying immensely affable leads in such programs as House Calls and M*A*S*H.” When TV Guide saluted the 50th anniversary of CBS-TV with a national survey, an American audience poll selected Wayne Rogers and Alan Alma as their favorite comedy duo of all time. His portrayal made headlines when it prompted a young California girl to confront a molester whose abuse she had feared to expose.

Also, powerful were his depiction of an insensitive but redeemable auto-dealer-cum-jazz musician in “The Gig,” a corrupt politician in the mini-series “Bluegrass” and a wife-rapist in “The Killing Time” with Kaiser Sutherland. His real estate ventures have included subdivisions and commercial office developments in Florida, Arizona, California and Utah.

Among his other investments, Mr. Rogers was a principal owner of Delta Pacific Transportation Co., a barge company on the Mississippi River. He has served on the Board of Directors of such publicly held corporations as The Pantry Stores; P.H.C., Inc.; Electronic Data Controls, Inc.; Alameda Vineyards; Enter Micro-Systems; Wad ell Equipment Company and Regent Air Corp.

He is also a member of the Board of Trustees for the Keenan Institute of Private Enterprise at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In addition to the disputes about contracts, he says he also left M*A*S*H (1972) because he felt the writers were not giving Trapper John any character development.

Survived by his wife Amy Harsh Rogers, two children Bill and Laura by his first marriage, and four grandchildren Alexander, Daniel, William and Anaïs. If I had known that the show was going to run that long, I probably would have kept my mouth shut and stayed put.

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