Are Wayne Pumps Any Good

Paul Gonzalez
• Monday, 02 November, 2020
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Please post your opinions asap; As I have been without water for 3 days until last night when we got a hose over from neighbor. It's hard to beat a pump with a Franklin motor.

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You would be better off dealing with a plumbing supply house than a big box store if you want a decent pump. If you find replacing the pump an easy and enjoyable task that you wouldn't mind repeating, then I guess a Wayne would be fine.

So how much do I save by spending several hundred more on a commercial brand pump. You may want to consider the new Constant Pressure Submersible Pump as an option.

I know the Franklin Electric models have the features of their Pumped Pump Saver built right into the system. To learn more about the Franklin pump go to this link: http://www.constantpressure.com/ If I recall you had a lot of other work to do rebuilding your system and running new pipe.

Sounds like you have the time to zero in on a few pumps you want then shop them online, prices will vary pending which model and most offer 2-3 day shipping with USPS Priority Mail for about $15. Try using the Google Shopping Search, just enter the Mfg and model number or marketing name of the pump and click shopping in the upper left of the Google search bar.

I have purchased accessories, never a pump at fair prices from this place which is on the east coast http://www.aquascience.net/ I am looking into getting a new pump head to replace the bad one, if that is cost-effective.

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There are several other manufacturers who now have variable speed controllers that are less expensive, and do 10 times more things than the Franklin system. However, even these newer variable speed systems are made obsolete by the simple Cycle Stop Valve.

The CSV will deliver better constant pressure, is less expensive, more reliable, longer lasting, and doesn't have all the negative side effects of variable speed controllers. This myth has caused many people to fall for Variable Speed Pumps even though they increase energy consumption, decrease the life of the pump system, cause electrical problems elsewhere in the house, and have many other problems.

Variable Speed Pumps where designed to make money for the manufacturers. Any company who says variable speed pumps save energy is lying, just to get your money.

They also know the CSV makes pumps last longer and use smaller pressure tanks. This is why companies push their variable speed pumps with catchy web pages like constantpressur.com, instead of promoting Cycle Stop Valves.

Do a little more research before you let a myth-understanding cause you to make a myth-application, that can cost you a myth-appropriate amount of money. If you had a CSV controlling the pump to your green house, it would do both jobs, and you wouldn't need the pressure regulator.

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Model: WWB13 Reviews a Question If you want to know what Wayne sump pump would be the best to choose for your basement and your budget, you’ve come to the right page.

When you're choosing the best Wayne sump pump for your basement, you'll want to compare the discharge rate, materials, float switch, horsepower, etc: I highly recommend the Wayne CDU800 sump pump because it can move up to 4,200 gallons of water, per hour, out of your basement, it has a cast iron base, and it has a reliable vertical float switch.

The Wayne CDU800 also has a sealed bearing case that will limit the amount of maintenance you'll need to take care of. Cast iron can rust, so the Wayne sump pump CDU800 is coated with a durable epoxy to help guarantee decades of reliability.

Additionally, this Wayne sump pump features a sealed bearing case to reduce the amount of maintenance that you have to perform. Each will automatically shut off the pump; however, vertical floats are easier to maintain and far more reliable than the other two types.

Horsepower: as we talked about the Wayne sump pump CDU800 is powered by a ½ hp hermetically sealed motor. A ½ hp motor will allow the sump pump to push discharged water over greater distances.

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This helps to ensure that discharged water does not drain back into your basement or crawlspace. Additional features: the features we talked about, above, should be your primary focus when you’re comparing sump pumps, but you may want to consider these aspects of the Wayne sump pump as well: as you shop, keep in mind that this Wayne ½ hp sump pump offers lightning protection, has a two-pole switch and is extremely quiet due to the watertight seals.

Cast iron lasts longer than plastic which saves you money over the long run. Third, unlike some other sump pump manufacturers, Wayne offers a three-year limited warranty, for your peace of mind, on the CDU800.

Heat dissipation is key to a submersible sump pump lasting for years. Since the Wayne sump pump CDU800 is made of cast iron, if offers you both of these advantages.

And don’t forget to consider the length of the manufacturer’s warranty when you’re comparing Wayne sump pumps. Basically, for 3 years, from the date of your purchase, these Wayne sump pumps are covered.

And of course, all Wayne sump pumps are not covered under warranty if they fail because of abuse, misuse, improper maintenance or installation. The Wayne ½ HP sump pump can tackle greater vertical distances.

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Quality: each pump is made of durable cast iron with stainless steel fasteners, so construction of each is top-notch. Where the two diverge is in the number of gallons discharged and the vertical distance the effluent can be pumped.

400 gallons per hour can be the difference between a dry space and a huge repair bill. It also means that the CDU800 pump will run for shorter periods of time, reducing the chance it will overheat and fail.

Important Manuals and Parts for the Wayne Sump Pump CDU790 If you'd like to do more research about the Wayne sump pump CDU790, here are some important manuals and parts sheets that you can read or download: If this is your first sump pump, you will find that a Wayne ½ hp sump pump is most commonly used by contractors because the additional discharge capacity helps insures a dry basement.

Contractors don’t like to be called back to fix their plumbing work from a previous job. They don’t want to go back to an old job and face an angry homeowner or wet basement.

Yes, Wayne sump pumps are built to last, and they come with a three-year limited warranty. But eventually, they may need to be repaired, so you need to know if it's easy to find Wayne sump pump parts.

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And the good news is that you can order both of these Wayne sump pump parts very easily! You can find them online at any equipment retailer, or you can order them from any Wayne sump pump dealer.

If you’re not sure if you have a local Wayne dealer, you can visit the website to find where to buy parts. I hope you got a few good tips about sump pump float switch replacement from this video.

They are generally made of cheap plastic parts and do not last as long as a cast iron submersible sump pump. That means you do not need added bracing, and you can cover the sump pit to reduce the noise coming from the pump itself.

Perhaps the greatest advantage that a submersible sump offers is that the motor is hermetically sealed against water. That means that the pump will continue to work so long as it has a power source, better protecting your home against flooding.

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