Are Wayne Nj Schools Open

Maria Johnson
• Wednesday, 09 December, 2020
• 7 min read

School officials say they will closely monitor the outbreak and, if it is practical, bring classes back for live instruction before that date. In recommending the delay, Schools Superintendent Mark To back told trustees that 61 staff members and 220 students have tested positive for the virus since the last week of October.

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An expected spike in cases arrived just after the holidays, and the state continues to put up daily highs for new infections. For unlimited access to the most important news from your local community, please subscribe or activate your digital account today.

This seems to be ringing true as some schools have already been forced to change course and delay plans to reopen in person due to the virus. Here are the North Jersey school districts so far that have paused in-person learning or reported positive cases among staff or students.

Schools will not open for in-person learning for at least another month, as the number of staff and students infected by COVID-19 continues to climb. The Board of Education voted to delay that action until Feb. 11, when trustees will give further consideration to their reopening plan.

School officials say they will closely monitor the outbreak and, if it is practical, bring classes back for live instruction before that date. The Para mus school district will begin transitioning back to a mixed online and in-person learning schedule on Jan. 19.

Fair Lawn schools will be fully remote until further notice, Superintendent Nick Garcia said, after the borough was determined to be in a very high-risk category for coronavirus. However, Pascal Hills is not affected and will continue with in-person learning, the district wrote in its tweet.

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Glen Rock Middle School also transitioned to all-remote instruction Friday because of the number of staff members out on quarantine. River Dell High School will be moving to remote instruction immediately, Superintendent of Schools Patrick J. Fletcher announced in a letter to parents on Sunday, after they learned on Dec. 11 that a staff member tested positive for COVID-19.

“At this time, there is no exposure to students however an additional eight staff members will need to quarantine,” Fletcher wrote. The decision was made due to the “increasing number of COVID-19 cases and the high positivity rate in the State, in addition to the newly imposed highly restrictive Orange Level guidelines recommended by the Bergen County Health Department, which severely impact our ability to provide the staff needed to support a Hybrid format,” the district stated.

John Petrels, the district’s interim superintendent sent a letter to parents last week informing them students would not return to school after the Thanksgiving holiday. Brook side School will be fully remote from Wednesday, Dec. 2, through Dec. 16 with a return to in-person instruction on Dec. 17 to reduce the transmission potential of the coronavirus, Superintendent Raymond Gonzalez said in a letter to parents.

George Washington Middle School shifted to all-remote education on Nov. 17 because of two coronavirus cases of unknown origin. “We received a recommendation from the New Milford Health Department to suspend in-person instruction because of the spike in cases, and the entire county is in red status and there doesn't seem to be any indication of a decline in cases going forward,” Superintendent Michael Palazzi said.

The Hawthorne School District will switch to all-remote learning from Nov. 19 to Dec. 11 due to many active cases in town that impact schools, Superintendent Richard Spirit announced in a letter to families Monday. The district has had an increased number of students and staff who have had to quarantine, which created challenges for the supervision of classrooms, he wrote.

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District officials said the shutdown will not affect its announced move to Phase 2 increased in-class time for all grade levels when classes resume Nov. 30 after Thanksgiving. Glen Rock High School will shut down in-person learning for the second time in less than a month after a teacher tested positive for COVID-19.

As a result of the positive cases, St. Joseph Regional High School will be closed Friday, Nov. 13, through Nov. 23 and reopen Nov. 24. Northern Valley Old Tap pan High School moved to fully remote classes on Wednesday, Nov. 11, to conduct contact tracing, according to a tweet by Superintendent James Santana.

Northern Valley Dearest moved to fully remote classes on Tuesday, continuing through Nov. 18. Starting Monday, Nov. 9, Clifton's public schools will shift to full remote learning.

With COVID-19 cases soaring in the city, the Garfield school district is halting in-person learning until at least Jan. 25. Superintendent Anna Sciatica sent a letter to parents to explain the reason for shuttering school buildings and noted that the second wave was already having an impact in the city.

The Hackensack district will operate remotely until further notice based on the recommendations from the local health officials and in response to the high coronavirus positivity rate in the city. Superintendent Robert Gravity told parents that the Englewood district would not reopen schools on Nov. 9 as anticipated, but instead extend remote-only learning through Jan. 19.

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The two schools, which share a building, were fully remote last week for two days, after a teacher tested positive, then resumed live instruction until Tuesday, when the schools returned to full-remote instruction after a student tested positive. That coupled with the teacher's positive test prompted the longer period of fully remote instruction.

Pascal Hills High school will be fully remote until Nov. 5 after a second individual test positive for COVID-19 Monday. The custodian, Superintendent of Schools Joann Carrillo said, worked the night shift and had limited contact with teachers and other staff and none with students.

“On a level that local districts cannot, our operational decisions can impact public health in every corner of Bergen County.” More details here. The district, which includes a middle and high school, will continue in-person classes, Superintendent Patrick Fletcher said in his letter.

Don Bosco has shifted to fully remote learning through Nov. 2 and has been forced to postpone all extracurricular events in that time period. The school discovered two COVID-19 positive tests among athletes this week and had to postpone Friday night’s game with St. Joseph Regional.

The Morris Hills Regional District sent out a letter to its school community on Friday that confirmed two positive COVID-19 test results. Ramp High School is fully remote after reports of five confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the last month.

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Middle and high school students in Ring wood will remain out of the classroom through at least the weekend after a rash of COVID-19 cases were recently confirmed in the borough. Officials at the town’s middle school reported two cases on Sunday, putting it in “outbreak status,” according to state guidelines.

The school closed on Monday and will remain shut to most staff members and all students for two weeks. “I regret to inform everyone we had a member of the Copeland school community report to us today they tested positive for COVID-19,” said Eurasian.

An emergency meeting was held Sunday afternoon with the Northwest Bergen Regional Health Consortium to alter the school’s schedule for the rest of the month. Pascal Hills High School transitioned to all-remote education Monday after an individual tested positive for coronavirus, Superintendent Erik Gunderson said in an email to parents.

The district was notified of the positive result Monday at 7:40 a.m., only an hour before classes were to begin. The school was set to reopen Wednesday after the completion of contact tracing Read more here.

School district officials on Sunday reported the fifth case of COVID-19 since the start of classes on Sept. 2. No changes were made to the district's hybrid learning schedule, and students returned to classes on Monday.

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The school district's announcement comes on the heels of the discovery of one student who contracted the virus at a non-school related event last weekend. In response, administrators switched to online learning for Friday as they traced that student's close contacts over the past few days.

Garfield Middle School closed Wednesday after two staff members tested positive for COVID-19. Ramsey High School moved to all-remote instruction following a staffer's positive result on a coronavirus rapid test on Sept. 30.

Superintendent Matthew Murphy said the school would remain closed as officials await direction from the local health department and contact tracers. Tenably has suspended the borough's recreation programs, and the district’s middle school has gone to all-virtual instruction after new coronavirus cases.

Mayor Mark Zinnia said two teens who participate in recreation programs and attend Tenably Middle School had tested positive for COVID-19 after attending a religious event outside Tenably recently where there was no social distancing or mask wearing. A field hockey coach at River Dell High School has tested positive for COVID-19, according to a letter sent to parents on Sunday afternoon.

Since the positive test is isolated to the field hockey team, the school will remain open unless the district “receives additional guidance” from health officials, according to the letter. A student at High Mountain School has tested positive for COVID-19, officials said Thursday.

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The Dearest Board of Health announced public schools will move to remote learning until Oct. 19 after three new coronavirus cases were reported in the borough. Following the news, the Dearest Athletic Association canceled all youth recreation soccer events, practices, and games through Oct. 16.

A freshman student at Passaic County Technical Institute has tested positive for COVID-19, school officials confirmed Tuesday. PCTI shut down its campus on Wednesday, Sept. 30 and switched to remote learning for all of its students after confirming a second positive COVID-19 test, school officials said.

In a Facebook post, Mayor Michael Serra confirmed that there were four positive coronavirus cases at the high school. Wood cliff Middle School moved to remote education for 14 days after a teacher tested positive for coronavirus.

According to a letter sent to parents by Superintendent Lauren Bracelet on Sept. 10, the teacher showed proof of a positive COVID-19 test that day. Parents of students were notified through an urgent text message that the school would be going remote on Friday, Sept. 11.

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