Are Wayne Dalton Garage Doors Insulated

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• Saturday, 12 December, 2020
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For example, colder climates call for garage doors that are effective at keeping the temperature bearable in the garage. The effectiveness of the insulation is expressed as an R-value×, which is a measure of thermal resistance to heat flow.

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It also adds strength and rigidity to the door panels and helps dampen sound transmission. Polystyrene insulation are rigid panels placed inside the door sections when they are manufactured.

With Wayne Dalton, you get more insulation choices, including the highest R-value rating available in a standard design and the widest range of design and performance options in any commercial sectional door offering. WayneDalton’s Thermoform™ Models 5150 and 5200 are the ideal choice if you’re looking for a commercial door that has a combination of strength and insulation, but also looks great on most buildings.

Thermoform™ Models 5150 and 5200 are manufactured using our patented, continuous foamed-in-place technology, in which the polyurethane core is securely bonded to hot-dipped galvanized inner and outer skins. A designed-in joint seal also helps save energy by preventing air filtration.

Features such as the 18-gauge steel end caps give these doors increased rigidity, while the factory finished interior and exterior hot-dipped, galvanized skins make installation easier, add life to the door and provide greater durability. Thermoform™ 5150 and 5200 also feature hardware plates at all fastener points to add durability and extend the life of the door.

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Windows may be arranged vertically or horizontally on Colonial, Ranch and Contemporary designs. Windows placed in the bottom section of a door must use DSB 1/8”, or tempered, or 1/2” insulated glass.

*Static and Impact Wind Load designs are certified by the state of Florida (BBC), Miami-Dade (NOA), and the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI), and the designs are compliant with the 2015 IBC. Standard Paint options are available for Colonial, Ranch, Sonoma, Flush Stucco finishes are only available on the Stucco-Embossed Pinstripe panel and Model 5200.

Online color swatches are only digital reproductions of actual standards and will vary in appearance due to differences in monitor and video card output. Please contact your local Wayne Dalton Dealer for actual color samples to match with your home or business.

We offer a large selection of residential garage door designs in many colors and options that can drastically enhance your home’s curb appeal. Not only will a new garage door add beauty to your home, but replacing an old or outdated garage door with a new one can increase your home’s value.

Did you know that year after year replacing the garage door is one of the top home improvement projects for return on investment? Find all of our residential garage doors below and visit the product page to learn more about each door model.

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DO NOT Use detergents containing greater than 0.5% phosphate NEVER mix cleansers or detergents with bleach DO NOT use hard or rough cloths that will scratch the acrylic glazing DO NOT use any window cleaning fluids, scouring compounds, gritty cloths or solvent-based cleaners of any kind Yearly cleaning and inspection of your wood garage door is easy.

Remove dirt, chalk and mildew by washing your wood door with a diluted solution of mild household detergent at a concentration of one (1) cup in five (5) gallons of warm water. To prepare your refinished steel garage door for painting, it is important to give it a good cleaning, but do not wax.

Remove surface scratches which have not exposed the metal substrate by lightly buffing or sanding with 0000 steel wool or No. Do not attempt to remove scratches if your steel door surface has a finish painted texture representing wood grain, stucco, etc.

After properly preparing the surface according to the above instructions and allowing it to dry thoroughly, coat the door with a premium quality latex house paint. In addition to helping control the temperature, WayneDalton's patented design and foamed-in-place insulation add strength to your door while reducing noise. The amount of insulation a garage door provides is represented in its R-value, which is its resistance to heat flow.

It is important to select a garage door with an R-value that is consistent with your local climate and lifestyle. In addition, insulation helps reduce the noise of your garage door as it opens and closes.

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The best way to find out if your garage door meets wind load requirements is to do the following: Check with a local architect, engineer, or building official to verify what the requirements are for your home.

Featuring continuous foamed-in-place insulation and a non-conductive thermal break between the inner and outer skins, the Thermos pan 200-20 provides a U-value of .057 and an R-value of 17.50, making it the ideal door for energy-conscious architects, engineers, contractors, and building owners. This process creates outstanding thermal, strength, and bonding characteristics which combine to make the Thermos pan 200-20 an ideal choice for commercial and industrial applications.

The Thermos pan 200-20 features an innovative thermal break that keeps the interior skin at room temperature, preventing condensation and frost and thereby resisting corrosion. A flexible vinyl bulb seal and non-corrosive polymer retainer prevent water and air filtration at the bottom of the door.

Model 8850 offers a variety of glass pane options surrounded by aluminum frames available in powder coat, paint and anodized finishes. Panel spacing drawings are shown for illustration purposes and do not reflect actual rail and stile dimensions.

Actual door colors may vary slightly from the website images due to fluctuations in paint or anodizing process. Online color swatches are only digital reproductions of actual standards and will vary in appearance due to differences in monitor and video card output.

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Please contact your Dealer for actual color samples to match with your home or business. Foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation fills the rails and stiles providing enhanced thermal efficiency that adds R-value* of up to 4.06 on the door.

SKUWD-AL-8850Door Type Garage DoorManufacturer Wayne Dalton Model8850GlassFrameless Glass: N/AConstructionAluminum with Reinforcing Inspection Thickness-InsulationOptional Polyurethane, R < 4.36TorqueMaster Plus-Joint TypeTongue-and-GrooveTruChoice-WindSafe Options-Impact Optional Powder CoatYesWarranty1 Year Limited Warranty Warranty claims could be and should be resolved directly with the Manufacturers, if issues arise Brooklyn Doors will help.

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