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Bob Roberts
• Tuesday, 27 October, 2020
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When it comes to garage door and accessories, there’s no denying the fact Wayne Dalton is a well-established brand in the industry. The company, since 1954, has manufactured innovative, durable, and reliable garage doors and garage door openers.

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In this article, we will review the most popular models and series of WayneDaltongaragedoors to help you with your purchase decision. These two garage doors were built based on a concept Wayne Dalton calls 3-Layer construction.

This simply means they layered three materials to construct the garage door panels. To make this garage door more robust, Integral Struts are installed on both models.

To also improve the overall home efficiency, both models are equipped with polyurethane insulation. Polyurethane is also a material that reduces noise and keeps your garage door quiet when in operation.

Wayne Dalton offers five different garage door panels for both the 9100 and 9600 models, and each comes with a unique design. These are gray, green, desert tan, brown, taupe, and white.

If you prefer a custom color that will fit perfectly with your home design, you are in luck. Another thing you can do to enhance the aesthetics of the 9100 and 9600 model from Wayne Dalton is adding windows.

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Whether you prefer a modern window design or something vintage, there are a ton of options available for the 9100 and 9600 models. In a nutshell, the durability of steel doors, with excellent insulation, and high customizability makes the 9100 and 9600 worth every penny.

This garage also comes with high-performance features as well as attractive design options to choose from. First, let’s talk about this garage door’s constructional features and performance.

Nylon garage door rollers installed on these models make for quieter and smooth operation and can last for years with less to no maintenance. Winds® compatible garage doors can withstand high winds and storms without any damage.

Besides the standard factory colors offered by Wayne Dalton, there is an option with a wood grain finish, giving your door a wooden look without the need to maintain it. Choice™ is also available for the 8300-8500 models, so you have a lot of choices when it comes to custom color for your garage door.

For powder coat finishes, your options are Dark Bronze and Black Because of the thin nature of the frames, polyurethane is used to fill the rails and stiles.

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This means the insulation efficiency is not as good as the steel doors discussed. That helps block wind and rain from entering your garage.

In an effort to keep the door running smoothly for years, there are reinforcing fins installed on every top section. Wayne Dalton provides seven different glass options for the 8850 model garage door.

For a more visual representation of these glass options, check the image below This is for the person looking for that beautiful garage door to compliment his home.

If you are looking for a more thermally efficient and overall robust garage door, you should look at a different model. Model 8700 is one of the most sought after garage doors because this door does not rust, cannot bend or crack, and its color never fades.

Vinyl is also resistant to salt air, so if you live in a coastal region, I highly recommend this model. This means ultraviolet rays from the sun cannot damage the door.

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So for those living in harsh weather areas, this can be a great choice. 8700 model garage doors from Wayne Dalton comes with two uniquely designed panels.

This door was constructed with four layers, which include polystyrene insulation. All the models in this series have an R-Value of 4.7, which isn’t really great, as compared to other WayneDaltondoors.

Wayne Dalton 7400 Panel Design Options let’s talk about wood. The five main types of wood used for the 7400 series are Cedar, Hemlock, DO, Plywood, and Mahogany.

The 7400 series garage doors also come with several decorative hardware kits to customize the look on your garage. Just as most of the door models we have already discussed, there are several window options available for the 7400 series as well, if you need that extra customization.

Wayne Dalton 7100 Series Panel DesignsSomething worth knowing is Model numbers, 7101, 7102, 7103, and 7104 is either a paint-grade or has an DO (Medium Density Overlay) surface. Wayne Dalton 300 Series Panel Designed’s talk about wood.

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Hemlock and Cedar are the two primary kinds of wood used for the construction of the 300 series. Check out the photo below to know the different options on the market.

The 310 and 311 models are compatible with Sunday, Cathedral, Stockton, and Clear Keep in mind that photos may be slightly different from the actual product.

The design of this door makes it a perfect fit for both contemporary and traditional homes. All wood frames were meticulously structured by craftsmen and handled with care.

It’s worth knowing that all ordered doors come sanded, and you can paint or stain right away. If you prefer a more robust garage door that requires less maintenance, then I recommend you go for the 8700 model or any of the steel garage doors.

If you are looking for something more modern to compliment your home, then I suggest you take a lot at the 8850 model. Wayne Dalton Garage Doors 4910 Molina St. Denver, Co.

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WayneDaltonGarageDoors Inferior quality products and very poorly run company Denver, Co. Colorado I have owned my garage door repair and replacement business in rural Colorado for several years.

This is written as a warning to consumers who are in the need of a garage door to avoid purchasing WayneDaltongaragedoors. Folks, there is a reason these are the biggest selling garage doors purchased through big box hardware stores.

Wayne Dalton sells these things by the trainload to big box retailers who in turn mark up the profit margin and sell you a piece of junk which will be in a landfill within 8 years. A professional quality garage door with a true torsion spring system, will cost apex.

Call anyone in the garage door repair business and find out for yourself. I recently attempted to help one of my customers, whose door was installed in when her house was constructed.

It would take entirely too long to write about all the wasted time and effort attempting to acquire the necessary parts through Lowes, Home Depot, and the Wayne Dalton distribution center in Denver. However, the trick is to identify and repair the issue promptly to avoid more significant damages and costs down the road.

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Model 9800 Designer Fiberglass With that said, here are our tips to solve the five most common garage door problems you may run into. If problems aren’t apparent or require a professional, contact a Wayne Dalton dealer.

My garage door won’t open.” This is one of the most common issues, and luckily it can be an easy fix. Chain and screw drive operated garage door openers that won’t work correctly need lubricant to reduce friction.

Apply a generous amount to the full length of the drive screw or chain and wipe off the remaining excess, and you should be good to go. Pro-tip: With annual maintenance work during the spring or fall, you can help avoid overall rust formation in the future.

Weather sealants can keep water out, seal air in and reduce street noise, making them fairly essential. Simply remove the old and install a new weather sealant that can be purchased at your local home improvement store.

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