Are Wayne County Board Of Canvassers Elected

Carole Stephens
• Thursday, 21 January, 2021
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The Board members are responsible for canvassing the votes cast within the county they serve. The Board members certify elections for all local, countywide and district offices which are contained entirely within the county they serve.

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Young Municipal Center, 2 Woodward Ave., Room 502, Detroit, MI 48226 Late Filing Fees can be mailed in, along with a check or money, made out to the WayneCounty Clerk.

Lastly, the Elections Division is responsible for monitoring all county, local and school board candidate compliance(s) in accordance with all filing requirements under the Michigan Campaign Finance Act, PA 388 of 1976. The Campaign Finances Unit of the Elections Division is responsible for monitoring that all county, local and school board candidates are in compliance with all filing requirements under the Michigan Campaign Finance Act, PA 388 of 1976.

Jonathan Inch, a union official and member of the WayneCountyBoard of Canvassers, was appointed Thursday to replace the late Jewel Ware on the WayneCounty Commission. Inch, a Democrat, will represent District 2, which includes downtown Detroit, surrounding neighborhoods, Belle Isle and the area where the new WayneCounty Criminal Justice Center will be located.

“I’m extremely humbled in being appointed to the vacancy on the county commission due to the untimely passing of my friend and mentor Jewel C. Ware,” he said. Inch most recently was in the spotlight as vice chair of the WayneCountyBoard of Canvassers, which certified the county's results from the Nov. 3 election amid controversy.

Inch, a Detroit native and resident, is the political director of SEU Healthcare Michigan, representing members of the Service Employees International Union. Commissioner Joseph Palmyra, Gross Mile Township, who represents District 15 in the Downriver area, was unanimously reelected as vice chair.

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The WayneCountyBoard of Canvassers in Michigan caused a national uproar on Tuesday, Nov. 17, after they initially voted against certifying the results of the presidential election in the county. After several hours of heated exchanges and intimidation, the members of the board who voted against certification were forced to relent.

“The Republican members of the WayneCountyBoard of Canvassers put politics above their duty to our residents,” said socialist Rep. Rashida Train on her Twitter account. John James, the GOP’s U.S. Senate candidate for Michigan, who lost to the incumbent Democrat by just 1.5 percentage points, showered Palmer and her colleague, William Hartmann, with praise.

Michigan just refused to certify the election results!” wrote President Donald Trump on Twitter. Listen to this episode of the Health Ranger Report, a podcast by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, as he sends a message to Trump-supporting Americans to keep the faith, because if the courts truly are on the side of the people, then the rule of law will be upheld and the president will be declared the winner of the election.

Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson even said that it was common for precincts to be out of balance “by a few votes.” “After the vote, the public comment period began and dozens of people made personal remarks against me and Mr. Hartmann,” said Palmer in her affidavit.

“It means absolutely nothing,” said Jonathan Inch, a Democratic member of the WayneCountyBoard of Canvassers, who said the affidavits are a ploy to be used in an existing or future lawsuit. The affidavits signed by Monica Palmer and William Hartmann are the latest development in ongoing legal and other disputes over Michigan's election results as Republican President Donald Trump seeks to overturn results in key states that show Democrat Joe Biden winning the presidency with 306 electoral votes, compared to 232 for Trump.

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The Associated Press, citing anonymous sources, reported Thursday that Trump also reached out to Hartmann. Both Palmer and Hartmann changed their votes on certification to “yes” Tuesday after strong criticism and heartfelt appeals from citizens participating in the board meeting over Zoom.

The WayneCountyBoard of Canvassers acted after the 2-2 tie was condemned by Democrats and election experts as a dangerous attempt to overthrow the will of voters. The board met after days of unsuccessful litigation filed by Republican poll challengers and President Donald Trump’s allies.

They claimed fraud during absentee ballot counting at a Detroit convention center, but two judges found no evidence and refused to stop the canvassing process. Biden crushed Trump in WayneCounty, a Democratic stronghold, by more than a 2-1 margin and won the state by 146,000 votes, according to unofficial results.

The board then listened to a parade of spectators blasting Palmer and fellow Republican William Hartmann during the meeting’s public comment period over Zoom. I don't know about the rest of my fellow citizens, but I'll be happy when I don't have to concern myself with the internal politics of the WayneCountyBoard of Canvassers anymore.

Monica Palmer, the Republican chairwoman of the WayneCountyBoard of Canvassers who initially voted on Tuesday against certifying the county's election results, then reversed her vote, said Thursday she received a phone call from President Donald Trump Tuesday evening after the meeting ended. “He was checking to make sure I was safe after seeing/hearing about the threats and doxxing,” Palmer wrote in a text message, referring to a firestorm of information released about her on social media.

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After the two Republican members of the WayneCountyBoard of Canvassers initially caused a deadlock Tuesday, they eventually agreed to certify the county's vote on the condition of an audit. Both Palmer and Hartmann claim they were pressured into agreeing to certify the results after being subject to harsh comments during the lengthy public hearing.

Of course, the piquant je né sais quoi of this fiasco is the fact that, with a quarter-million Americans dead of a pandemic, the president* seems to be occupying himself with watching TV and sending “Hang Tough, Tiger” greetings to his supporters who are still attempting to rack the results of an election in which he was pretty much freight-trained. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses.

According to the Associated Press, Trump personally reached out to Palmer and the other Republican board member, William Hartmann, to thank them for their support. In the time since that Tuesday night call, on Wednesday, Palmer and Hartmann sought to rescind their certification.

What's more, one of the WayneCountyBoard's Democratic members, Jonathan Inch, introduced a motion on Tuesday night to waive reconsideration. Republicans on the panel changed their votes following an outcry from state officials and Detroit voters charging partisanship, The New York Times reported.

The vote was 2-2, deadlocked on party lines as at least four state and federal lawsuits seek to stop the certification of the Nov. 3 election results, according to the report. “Reckless and irresponsible,” Democrat Board Vice Chairman Jonathan Inch told the News.

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The Michigan Board of State Canvassers are going to meet Wednesday on the process and is expected to consider certifying the election Monday, per the News. The vote in Michigan is important as President Donald Trump challenges the election outcome, charging voter fraud on a massive scale.

Two people familiar with the matter told The Associated Press that Trump invited Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirley and House Speaker Lee Hatfield. Trump’s campaign is openly floating the notion of trying to get friendly state legislatures to appoint electors who would overturn the will of the voters.

Asked at a Lansing news conference about the plan for legislative leaders to visit Trump, Democratic Gov. “All the meetings in the world, though, can’t take away from the fact that Joe Biden won Michigan by over 150,000 votes,” Whitmer added.

Also, Thursday, state officials said Michigan’s largest county cannot revoke its certification of election results after two Republicans who approved Biden’s local landslide wanted to revert to their initial stance of refusing to bless the vote tally. Monica Palmer and William Hartmann, the two Republican canvassers in WayneCounty, said they only voted to certify the results after “hours of sustained pressure” and after getting promises that their concerns about the election would be investigated.

The GOP move drew an immediate rebuke from the public and injected partisan politics into the business of an unsung panel that is supposed to confirm the will of the voters. A person familiar with the matter told the AP that Trump reached out to Palmer and Hartmann on Tuesday evening after the revised vote to express gratitude for their support.

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Trump “was checking to make sure I was safe after seeing/hearing about the threats and doxxing,” Palmer said in a text message to the Detroit Free Press, referring to the practice of publicly disclosing someone’s personal information. His victory reversed Trump’s 2016 gains in the industrial Midwest and put the Democrat on the path to achieving the 270 Electoral College votes needed to win the White House.

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