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Magnum guest-starred in several episodes as the owner of a web-based start-up company on The Drew Carey Show. He has toured with Drew Carey's Improve All-Stars, establishing himself as an improve comedian and was also a regular cast member on Drew Carey's Green Screen Show.

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At the beginning of 2011, he and Brady made guest appearances in the British comedy series Fast and Loose, an improve show similar to Whose Line Is It Anyway? In addition to his work in television and on stage, Magnum has also appeared in over 100 national American commercials.

2000 ER (TV Series) Med Student Ryan Bradford Wayne Brady shared a racist joke that was made at his expense during his time on Whom’s Line is it Anyway, an improve comedy sketch show.

The sketch started when comedian Ryan Stiles initiated a scene where Wayne, Colin More, and JonathanMangum were part of a police lineup. The show followed the leading man and his group of zany friends, chronicling their hysterical love lives, careers and friendships.

Drew Carey rocketed to fast fame with his self-titled show as the beer-loving, all American fictional version of himself. Ryan Stiles played the lovable, and sometimes ridiculous, Lewis Finish on the TV show.

Baker played the lovable and depressed deliveryman funnily named Oswald Lee Harvey for the series’ entire run. Before he got his big break in 1995 playing Harvey, the actor had had numerous guest appearances in many a nineties' sitcom.

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Since his stint on the Drew Carey Show the star made a very successful move into voice artistry. You’ll recognize his voice in more than one blockbuster, namely, Ultimate Spider-Man, Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness, and more.

Craig Ferguson began his career in England, finding work in the music, comedy and theater industries. He soon decided to make the leap to the United States in the hopes of pursuing his acting and comedy career.

Ferguson went on to play Nigel Wick, the eccentric and decidedly sadistic Englishman who was Drew Carey’s boss. The show has been a hit with audiences the world over and even garnered Ferguson a prestigious Emmy nomination.

Ferguson has also written two books: Between the Bridge and the River, a novel, and American on Purpose, a personal memoir. John Carroll Lynch played Drew’s eccentric cross-dressing brother, Steve, on the show.

He co-starred with Leonardo DiCaprio in Shutter Island, had a role in Gran Torino directed by the iconic Clint Eastwood and even played the Zodiac killer in David Fischer’s movie about the notorious murderer. Fresh-faced Amanda Bones appeared in the first few episodes of The Drew Carey’s show seventh season.

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The young actress showed so much promise in her early years soon becoming a household name on the Nickelodeon network. Sadly, Bones’s career and personal life were headed for a wrong turn.

After a public meltdown and a few bizarre Twitter rants, Bones resorted to getting the psychiatric help she so obviously needed. Wanda Sykes first gained fame for her comedic work on The Chris Rock Show.

Despite her being cruel to the rest of the company, Wanda’s character has a soft spot for Drew and eventually goes to bed with him. Sykes went on to have roles in multiple feature films, namely Monster-In-Law, License to Wed, Evan Almighty and the Ice Age franchise.

In more recent years, Wanda starred in her own comedy special entitled I'm going to Be Me. He then of course loses his job and sets up a somewhat successful dating service which later expanded into a television chat show.

(1998) on a USO tour, performing improve shows for US troops in Bosnia, Kosovo and Norway. Kaitlin has also appeared in film, with roles in Leap Year (2010), The Heat (2013), and also provided the voice for Destiny in Finding Dory (2016).

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In 2017, she began playing the lead role of Mackenzie “Mickey” on the Fox comedy series The Mick. The niece of actress Susan St. James, Christa Miller broke into acting with appearances on popular early nineties TV shows like Seinfeld and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air alongside Will Smith.

Miller went on to star in the hit series Scrubs as grumpy Doctor Cox’s hilarious and drunken wife. She also caught herself a recurring role on the comedy Cougar Town along with Courtney Cox of Friends fame.

Jenny had a small cameo role on the Carey Show playing an attractive policewoman who catches the eye of the leading man. She has also done some impressive philanthropic work campaigning for environmental causes and research into alternative medical treatments for autism.

Nan Martin played the recurring role of Fran Louder, owner and senior board member of Winfred-Louder in Seasons 1-5 of The Drew Carey Show, first appearing in the Season 1 episode “Drew and Mrs. Louder”. Her other well-known roles were in The Untouchables, The Twilight Zone, and Star Trek: The Next Generation as Victoria Miller in the season 1 episode “Haven”.

Magnum has a great career, and has guest-starred on TV shows such as Married with Children, Just Shoot Me!”, ER, Reno 911!, The Sarah Silverman Program, Pushing Daisies”, and NCIS’. Marion Ross played the recurring part of Beulah Carey, Drew’s mother, in a total of 15 episodes of The Drew Carey Show. Marion is also well known for her role as Marion Cunningham on the long-running hit ABC-TV sitcom series Happy Days.

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Marion received two Primetime Emmy Award nominations for her role on Happy Days. Since the 1990s, Marion has been known for voice-over work on animated television series such as King of the Hill and SpongeBob SquarePants (where she voices the part of Grandma Quadrants) among others, and recurring roles on That ’70s Show, Gilmore Girls, and Brothers & Sisters, among other guest spots.

She has had a successful career in film and television, starring in films such as the Farrell Brothers’ Stuck on You and Guess Who, and in 2005, co-starred in the Burt Munro biopic period drama The World’s Fastest Indian with Anthony Hopkins. She landed a breakout recurring role on The Drew Carey Show, working with Dietrich Baker.

Rachel India True is an American film and television actress and former fashion model. Cobb's has an extensive film career and has appeared and been a regular on many television programs, including The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, The Others, JAG, and The Drew Carey Show.

He also played a supporting role in Night at the Museum as Reginald, a security guard on the verge of retirement. He had a role in the Coin Brothers’ The Sucker Proxy and played fictional jazz pianist Del Paxton in Tom Hanks’ That Thing You Do.

In 2013, Cobb's costarred in Oz the Great and Powerful, and in late 2014 reprised his role of Reginald in Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb. She wore a fat suit in some episodes of the show, as the Nicki character was a formerly obese woman who lost weight and slowly started to gain it back.

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Since the show, she was cast in her breakout role in the ABC series Grey’s Anatomy, as Dr. Addison Montgomery, the ex-wife of Dr Creamy. Kinney was only supposed to appear as Mimi in one episode of the show, but the character was such a hit that writers created a recurring role for her.

Mimi spent most of her hours hilariously torturing poor Carey and applying her eyeshadow. In the years since the Carey Show went off the air, Kinney has been keeping busy with numerous acting roles.

Let's Make A Deal is an American television game show created by Stefan Hats and Monty Hall. Premiered in 1963 on NBC, the format of Let's Make a Deal involves selected members of the studio audience, referred to as “traders,” making deals with the host.

The program's defining game mechanism is that the other item is hidden from the trader until that choice is made. The most recent edition of Let's Make a Deal has been airing on CBS since October 5, 2009, when it took over the spot on the network's daytime schedule vacated by the long-running soap opera Guiding Light.

Tiffany Cone is the current model, joining in 2010, with musician Cat Gray in 2011. Speaking of #7, the Zone prizes typically range from junked furniture, ridiculously large amounts of food, live animals, you name it.

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Great announcing from Jay Stewart, Brian Cummings, Dean Loss (depending on your view), and currently Johnathan Magnum. Lovely models, such as Maggie Brown, Juliet Hall, Karen LaPierre, Melanie Vince, Tiffany Cone, etc.

He was also nominated for a Grammy Award in 2009 for “Best Traditional R&B Vocal Performance', for his cover of the Sam Cooke song “A Change Is Going to Come”. Brady was born in Columbus, Georgia, to West Indian parents, and moved to Orlando, Florida, as a young child to live with his grandmother and aunt.

In 2004, Brady joined the Broadway revival of Chicago, playing the role of lawyer Billy Flynn. He guest-starred on the Sci FI Channel's hit series Stargaze SG-1 as Break, the first prime of Goa'old System Lord Ares.

He performs Wayne Brady : Making $%!^ up” at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada four nights a week. Brady's version of Sam Cooke's “A Change is Going to Come” earned him a Grammy Award nomination in the Best Traditional R&B Vocal Performance category.

The show replaced the soap opera Guiding Light, which ended its long run. The original host of Let's Make a Deal was Monty Hall, who served as consultant for the new show until his death in 2017.

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Later that year, in August, Brady played the role of Tom Collins in a staged production of Rent at the Hollywood Bowl. Brady appeared alongside Let's Make a Deal announcer JonathanMangum in two episodes of Fast and Loose, an improvisational series on BBC2 hosted by Hugh Dennis, in January 2011.

In November 2015, Brady replaced Billy Porter as Lola in Kinky Boots on Broadway until March 2016. Brady assumed the lead role of Aaron Burr in the PrivateBank Theater production of Hamilton in Chicago from January 17 to April 9, 2017.

On April 29, 2018, Brady won the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Game Show Host for Let's Make A Deal for the first time, after seven previous nominations. In November 2018, Brady began making appearances as Dr. Reese Buckingham on The Bold and the Beautiful.

On October 10, 2019, he was featured in a 30 minute YouTube documentary created by SoulPancake in collaboration with Funny or Die wherein a variety of comedians discuss mental health called Laughing Matters. Beginning in 2020, Brady will play a major recurring role during the third season of The CW superhero drama series Black Lightning as the DC Comics character Tyson Sykes / Gravedigger.

It was also announced that he had created a reality competition show to air on BYU TV called WayneBrady's Comedy IQ, in which teens would be taught skills and compete in weekly challenges. He and Take ta have one child, a daughter named Male Mask Brady, born on February 3, 2003.

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In 2007, Brady became an official supporter of Ronald McDonald House Charities and is a member of their celebrity board, the Friends of MHC. In 2013, Bill Maker compared Brady to President Barack Obama, in that they were both supposedly “not black enough”.

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