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Shores begins as a member of the Lettermen Shamrocks junior hockey team with Reilly and Jones, wearing sweater #69. He joins them in chirping player #22 for the Sudbury Barons, and Reilly shouts encouragement to him on the ice (“ Wingman Wayne “).


Frustrated with the winless Lettermen Irish, Coach brings on Shores mid-season in an unusual move, to Reilly and Jones's dismay (“ Moderns 2 “). While they struggle to build team unity, he spends his time chirping at them with crude comments about their mothers (“ Bradley Is a Killer “).

Coach figures out, however, that the hatred between Mary-Anne and Betty-Anne stems from their jealousy over Shores (“ Lettermen Spelling Bee “). Their plans for a sweep are threatened when they discover that Shores has become an official, and will serve as a linesman at the championship game.

When Tanks reassembles the Irish, Shores joins up as one of their stars, much to Reilly and Jones's chagrin. While he is able to score against the Shamrockettes in a matter of seconds, his ice time in both that game and against the Natives is most memorable for his relentless chirping, captured on tape as Tanks has had the whole team mic'd out (“ W's Talk, Baby “).

While Shores is initially on good terms with Reilly and Jones, his crude talk about Katy and his insults get under their skin. Shoresy's chirping at Reilly and Jones includes frequent and graphic descriptions of his alleged sexual adventures with their respective mothers.

On this IMD brief, we present a Streaming Passport to just a few of our favorites from and about the world's neighbor in the North. Edit Quick-witted, fast-paced snappy comedy about rural folk getting by in a small town.

Plot Summary | Add Synopsis Taglines: Ain't No Reason to Get Excited. Edit Trivia The Lettermen Irish Hockey Club that Jones and Riley play for, is named after the real life town of Lettermen in Ireland.

The first time Lil Wayne publicly referred to himself as Tune chi was on “Run This Town” on his 2009 mixtape No Ceilings : “Anybody’s beat, I’m on’ go Archie bonkers/ Tune chi be the wildest, let’s run the metropolis.” It immediately became one of Lil Wayne’s most beloved nicknames, inspiring variations such as LilTunechi, TunechiBitch, and Tunechithe Boss. Such a favorite nickname it is of his that in February 2010, Lil Wayne joined Twitter with the handle @LilTunechi.

Officers could see into the garage through a gap under the door and saw what they believed was synthetic cannabinoids, or marijuana, which is “often referred to in the street as 'tune chi,'” according to Wester field. The rapper refers to himself by this name in a lot of his own songs and whenever he is featured on one of his friend’s tracks, from Drake to Nikki Final.

Weezy fans also call him Tune chi, of course, especially on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram. Likewise, Little Tune chi is only following child star Jaylen Biggs, runway model and self-proclaimed “youngest fashion critic”.

If you read the brilliant Alan Moore masterpiece, The Killing Joke, and you follow it as the seminal Joker origin story (which most do), then you know, The Joker got dealt just as crappy a hand by fate as Batman did. But some say having your pregnant wife die and then falling in a vat of acid that scars you for life in a heist gone wrong is even worse.

Did you know that Green Lantern’s powers don’t work on anything yellow? So when Green Lantern wanted to “talk” to Batman about some of his more questionable methods of fighting crime, namely using Robin, a young boy, to help him, Batman decided to take protective measures in case things got out of hand.

It was also the moment when the Justice League realized Batman was probably not one to mess with, and was perhaps just a bit more calculating than they had thought prior. I began the list with this because it is just the slightest hint at just how tapped Batman can get.

Now I understand Moore’s whole point in this story was to show that the most extreme situation can break the weakest of us. It also shows us, in between the lines, that it is sometimes the most insignificant thing that can push even the strongest of us over the edge.

After the Joker has what can best be described as the worst day ever, and his sanity breaks (“all it takes is one bad day to reduce the sanest man alive to lunacy” is the best Joker line ever), we see him descend into darkness to do some truly terrible things. Joker paralyzing Barbara Gordon is truly one of the most chilling moments in comics.

So he paralyzes Barbara Gordon by shooting her through the spine, and then he kidnaps her Dad, the commissioner, and sends him through a fun house, driving him insane by drugging him and showing him the images of her, naked and bloody on the floor. Barbara is crippled but alive, Joker is caught, commissioner Gordon is alright.

Now flash to Batman and the Joker standing in the rain, and the cops are on the way. The laughter quickly becomes contagious, and the Joker and Batman are standing in the rain, laughing their asses off.

What you need to realize here is that, an hour earlier, this guy that Batman is laughing with crippled one of his closest friends and tried to drive another one insane. Some think the way the shot cops out of frame, that Joker actually gets choked to death by Batman here.

Trying to stop madmen, knowing the moment they go down, a newer and more diabolical one will appear in their place instantaneously. So you would think Batman would embrace any opportunity he would have to take off his mask and revel in just being a normal person for a few.

Cue love scene between Batman and the Black Canary, outside, on a rooftop, during a thunderstorm. So he laughs at a madman’s jokes and leaves his mask on during romance time.

And though the story (obviously) has a happy ending, there are still such strong implications to willingly ingesting a psycho toxin. This was the Gotham City equivalent of Batman being willing to eat one hundred hits of bad acid in hopes the trip would “just pass”.

Again, this gave us insight into just how far down the rabbit hole Bruce Wayne was willing to go. Though Batman of Zur-En-Arhh first appeared as an alternative universe version of Batman in the golden age, it was grant Morrison who brought him back, making him a sort of panic room in Bruce Wayne’s psyche if things get to be a little too much.

He hallucinates Bat-Mite in this state (and Bat-Mite is awesome, so I can’t complain) and he tends to worry far less about whether he hurts people or not. And anytime I find myself wondering who is more insane, more of a sociopath, and more of an overall madman, I no longer think of the Joker.

That poor man stuck at the moment from his childhood when he couldn’t do anything to stop the tragedy that would go on to both haunt and define him. And while he may fight on the side of good, it is only a matter of time before this man breaks completely, a moment many think has already happened.

What happens when the good guy with all the money and gadgets decides he can’t take anymore? There is much that comes with wearing the cowl, and torment and instability seem just as essential as heroism.

The Dark Knight Returns: From breaking the bones of the mutant leader, to killing Superman (and kind of dying at the same time) this proved old age Batman is the most insane and unstable, but also the most awesome, of them all. Year One: There are many moments, but the scene where he causes the car wreck, so he can escape the police car showed just how dark a road Bruce Wayne would travel down as Batman.

Kingdom Come: Batman couldn’t care less about protecting his private identity at this point, and walks around as Bruce Wayne, with people just calling him Batman. Final Crisis: Batman breaks his number one rule and shoots to kill.

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