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The Flaming Lips frontman and his longtime girlfriend said ‘I do’ during a beautiful (yet unique!) Ceremony on the rooftop of Plenty Mercantile in downtown Oklahoma City on Saturday.

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Cone and Weaver exchanged their vows inside the Flaming Lips’ infamous giant plastic bubble that is used to crowd-surf atop audiences during their concerts. The rock star, 57, who looked dapper as ever in a Paul Smith suit and shiny gold shoes, also shared a photo of Weaver in her Purely 3D floral gown and matching headband.

In November, the pair announced they were expecting their first child together when Cone posted a photo to Instagram of Weaver holding a positive pregnancy test. Lettermen mysteries arise as the humor in the show is largely derived from wordplay and in the interactions of the various characters and groups with one another, and the writers are not focused on constructing a consistent overarching universe for them to inhabit.

Some views of Fart book profiles suggest Katy's (and Wayne's) surname might be “Campbell. An extended riff on names features in Great Day for Thunder Bay, when Katy strikes up a conversation with “Zack Russell Terrier” and “Ty Food” about relations and mutual acquaintances, but none of these other individuals appear, or has ever been mentioned otherwise since.

Wayne and Katy's late Uncle Eddie was said to be in his 90s when he passed away (and may have been a great-uncle), and Dan's nephew Samuel is said to be 6. In Moderns 2, however, Jiving' Pete appears to be a contemporary of the Hicks, and too young to have a daughter for whom Wayne would express any interest.

In Relationships, Wayne is set up with a psychologist named Kim, who turns out to be GAE's mother. Katy is said to have won the Lettermen Adult Spelling Bee nine years in a row, then lost the tenth to Stewart.

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Katy seems to be close in age to Daryl, since she has stories about him getting boners in Grade 9 (“ Super Soft Birthday “). Stewart and Devon seem to be peers, and Roald mentions them playing Echo the Dolphin on Sega CD in grade 3; that game was released in Canada in 1993 (“ Sled Shack “).

Wayne and Katy were close to their Uncle Eddie, and speak fondly of him, but have never mentioned their parents except in passing. Wayne and Katy may be joint proprietors of the farm, perhaps inheriting it from their parents, or having it gifted by Uncle Eddie, but these circumstances have not been explored.

They go to Lettermen Central Credit together, presumably because the budget for Wayne's “project” exceeds the amount he can withdraw from a joint account he might have with Katy. In Bush Party Season, Katy answers several questions Marie-Fred has about the Mennonite life knowledgeably but in somewhat cryptic tones.

It is generally acknowledged that the fictional town of Lettermen is based on Jared Keep's hometown of Dishtowel, Ontario. Throughout its run, the series has featured a variety of actors in both long-term lead roles and inconsistent supporting appearances.

The pilot episode opens with the text “Lettermen consists of hicks, skids, hockey players and Christians. As a “good old boy,” he has a strict code of ethics and manners, but he often gets into fights to protect the community, his friends, and his farm.

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Wayne runs the small farm he and his sister live on, along with a produce stand on the property. Wayne's love life is a major arc in the series, as season 1 sees him getting over his breakup with his high school sweetie Angie, who convinced him to give up fighting.

Season 5 ends with Wayne being introduced to a Québécois woman named Marie-Fred who is similarly unlucky in love. He occasionally wears a turtleneck during the winter months, a clothing choice his companions consider questionable.

Daryl (Nathan Dales), often referred to as Day, is a dairy farmer who has been best friends with Wayne since childhood. Day is almost constantly in his barn clothes, and has trouble communicating with women, leading to most romantic prospects fizzling out.

In season 9, a broken-hearted Katy decides to go “scorched earth,” dating as many people as possible, before coming to the conclusion that no one in Lettermen is hateable. “Squirrelly” Dan (K. Trevor Wilson) is the hicks' storyteller with a tendency to append “-s” to singular words as his trademark, e.g. “That's what I appreciate about ALUs Ms.

Despite this vocal tic, Dan is very intelligent, at one point explaining that “sushi” and “sashimi” are irregular plurals when others mis-pluralize them. In addition, he is very modern and open-minded, taking a women's studies class at a local community college and being open to anal masturbation.

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Murray speaks generally with a clenched jaw, so many of his words sound jumbled or slurred. He thinks she is too young for him, but practically everybody else in town is enamored of her, often speaking her name in unison when she enters a room.

Angie (Karina Metric) is Wayne's ex-girlfriend and high school sweetheart, who later becomes sexually involved with several members of the Lettermen Irish hockey team. Rosie (Clark Back) is one of Gail's cousins, a bookworm who begins a relationship with Wayne after their dogs mate.

First mentioned in the episode “Relationships,” she surprised Dan by suggesting he “should have some attentions paid to butts hole.” Alexander (Jeff Scenery) is kicked into a pile of trash behind Modern's by Angie's new boyfriend.

Reilly (Dylan Play fair) and “Jones” Jones (Andrew Herr) are hockey players and best friends. At the beginning of the series, they are both dating Katy, and when she decides she wants a monogamous relationship with Reilly, he ends up breaking it off rather than be separated from Jones.

At the start of the series, they are accused of being poseurs who enjoy the hockey lifestyle but don't take the game seriously. In the following season, they become assistant coaches for the successful but hot-tempered Lettermen Shamrockettes, leading them to the championship for the second time in a row.

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Later, they become top scorers for the Kerry County Eagles, and end up representing Ontario in the National Senior Hockey Championships. In season 9, he joins a “beer league” amateur hockey team along with Reilly and Jones.

Joint Boy (Joël Roger Gagné) is a gym rat who later becomes an ally to both the hockey players and the hicks. Shores frequently insults Reilly and Jones, often alluding to his alleged sexual involvement with their mothers.

Shores is shown to be an extremely talented hockey player, often recruited by Coach when the team is in a tough spot. Shores's face has never been seen clearly; he is often seen in the shower with his back turned, in a toilet stall with the door closed, or wearing a hockey mask.

Bart's (Alex Spencer), Yorkie (Stephen Hussar), Shortly (Andrew Hanson), Risky (Jordan Johnson-Hinds), and Boomtown (Boomer Phillips) are five hockey players on the Lettermen Irish senior team. They first respond antagonistically to Reilly and Jones, but later the five grow to respect them after they start taking the game more seriously.

In season 7, it's revealed that they all have varying degrees of Native heritage as they play for the Kerry County Eagles. They enter conflict over their shared romantic interest in Shores, but they later appear to settle into a polyamorous relationship with him.

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Ron (James Day) and DAX (Gregory Waters) are gym rats who serve as homosexual counterparts to Jones and Reilly. Dirks (Tyler Hines) is a friend of Jake's who immediately gets under Wayne's skin due to his slimy and sexist nature.

Dirks accepts Katy's proposal to make their relationship exclusive, but is caught cheating by Wayne's old flame Marie-Fred, and later by Katy herself, prompting Wayne, Day, Dan, Murray, Stewart, Roald, Reilly and Jones to beat him up. He is revealed in the Season 9 finale to be the previous winner of the National Senior Hockey Championship, as well as AIK's new boyfriend.

They are the pride of the town to the point that the hicks, skids, hockey players and natives all believe their group should be the one throwing them a welcome party. Stewart (Tyler Johnston) is the dramatic leader of the skids with a passion for retro video games and electronic music.

He regularly dances with the rest of the skids in public, and he has performed as a disc jockey on several occasions. He has a large penis which has been compared to a tube of tennis balls or a tall boy can of Red Bull, which Katy is dismayed to learn after breaking up with him without having sex.

Roald (Evan Stern) is a deeply insecure and openly gay member of the skids. GAE (Sarah Gabon) is a later member of the skids, joining shortly after Devon's departure.

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Darren (Danny VanZandwyck) and Connor (Patrick McNeil) are two silent members of the skids who are usually around when they hang out. Any (Sash Stria) and Bianca (Nadine Baha) are two drug dealers from the city who enlist help from Stewart, often in exchange for sex.

Despite having a girlfriend in early episodes (who he didn't have sex with), his speech and mannerisms clearly point to his being homosexual, and he is barely able to hide his infatuation with Wayne. Not earning a full living as a preacher, he often takes up other odd jobs, including working at restaurants, at ice cream stores, and at Modern's as a bartender.

He remains blissfully unaware of the fact that his last name sounds like “dick,” causing frequent double entendres. His wife Anita Deck (Sarah Wayne Callie's) is similar to her husband but a bit more standoffish.

Their daughters Charity (Cora Expert) and Chastity (Olivia Colville) engage in a sexual relationship with Reilly and Jones during their “gap year” (Rumoring) but eventually return to the Mennonite world. Noah's younger sister Loving Deck (Brooke Bruce) was the object of Squirrelly Dan's affection as a child, and he still pines for her.

She admits it is not a “politically correct” market but justifies it as the proceeds go to improving the lives of people on the Red. In Season 7, Tanks seeks a role in the management of the Kerry County Eagles, hoping it will be a good influence on her young relatives.

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Phyla (Cara Gee) and Shania (Jade Willougbhy) are residents of the Native reservation and rivals to Tanks. Axe (Bradley Trudeau) and Slash (Dylan Cook) are Natives from the Reservation and Tanks' enforcers.

Along with their unnamed junior hockey counterpart, they are known for instilling other teams with a fear of playing against them dubbed the “Native flu.” During season 7, Bart's, Yorkie, Risky, Shortly and Boomtown join the team as they each have varying degrees of Native heritage.

Shores, Jones and Reilly join in Season 8, leading the team to a national championship. Tanks makes a bet with him that her reformed Lettermen Irish can defeat the Eagles, promising him oral sex if he wins.

AIK (Kim Cloutier) is a member of the Québécois faction of hicks (French : Louis) whom the Lettermen group meet while ice fishing. Jones and Reilly later recruit her to model with them for Produce energy, but the company representative decides to sign AIK without the two of them.

Marie-Frédérique (Magazine Lépine-Blondeau), usually referred to as “Marie-Fred” is a Québécoise woman with whom Wayne begins a romantic relationship in season 6.

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