Are Wayne And Katy Orphans

Christina Perez
• Tuesday, 08 December, 2020
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Religion that is pure and undefined before God, the Father, is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained from the world. It was such a patriarchal culture in which generations of families would plan their lives around the location and vocation of the male father/grandfather.

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Widows and orphans were complete outcasts within the culture and often times left without a way to provide for themselves and those under their care. The suburban facade we project makes our homes appear to be successful and perfectly put together.

In a culture where we go to extreme lengths to hide our problems/struggles, who are the oppressed and suffering who are living life around us every day? At the time of his death, in 1979, Wayne was the patriarch of a large clan, composed of seven children and twenty-one grandchildren.

Wayne’s first wife, Josephine Seen, was the daughter of a Canadian Consul in Los Angeles. Wayne practically lived for his work, which his wife found hard to accept.

Wayne met his second wife, Esperanza Bar Diaz, nicknamed Chat, in Mexico, while vacationing there. Chat accused Wayne of having an affair with Gail Russell, his leading lady in “Angel and the Badman,” which he denied.

The second marriage lasted seven years, coming to an end in November 1953, when a Superior Justice granted them a divorce under a little-used provision of a California law, reserved for cases where neither party concedes the other’s charges. There were indeed charges and counter-charges of unfaithfulness, drunken violence, emotional cruelty, and “clobbering.” Wayne described his wife as a “drunken party goer who would fall down and then accuse him of pushing her.” He deplored the publicity his divorce proceedings received in the press, though they did not hurt his career or popularity.

Wayne met his third wife, Polar Wendy (born Palette) in Lima, Peru in 1953, while he was scouting locations for The Alamo.” It was part of a South-American tour, a gift from Howard Hughes, with whom he had a contract. Younger than Wayne by 22 years, Polar and came from an upper class family; her father was a Peruvian politician.

She bore Wayne three children: Aisha in l956, John Ethan in 1962, and Marisa Carmella in 1966; he was then close to 60 years of age. Polar complained about Wayne’s lengthy absences from home, even when he was not working; he simply said that they had lost interest in each other.

However, the quality most desirable in a woman was being “simpatico,” which he defined as “being on the same wave length.” Comparing American with Latin-American women, Wayne observed: “Unfortunately, most women dress for other women in America, whereas in Latin America, they dress more for men.” He also revealed his preference for “understatement and simplicity in dress,” but that didn’t mean “scarcity of clothing.” He never cared for jewelry because “it’s so easy to overdo and look flashy.” James Grant, his favorite screenwriter, told Look magazine: “Pushy dames really scare him.

Like other male stars, who were romantically involved with their leading ladies, Wayne had several affairs with his onscreen women, such as Marlene Dietrich. Day Garrett, the director of Wayne -Dietrich first film together, Seven Sinners, has described vividly how they met.

I decided not to mention Wayne to her, but simply to place him in the Universal commissary where she couldn’t miss him. Dietrich swept past him, then swiveled on her knees and looked him up and down as though he were a prime rib at Chosen’s.

Wayne and Dietrich starred in two other pictures, “Pittsburgh” and “The Spoilers.” A good sport, Dietrich accompanied Wayne to football games and prizefights, and they fished and hunted together; she was his type of girl–glamorous but tough and down-to-earth, and with a good sense of humor. He was the least cooperative with reporters when it concerned his sex life, summing once his leisure activities as: “I drink as much as I ever did.

Trump administration loses the parents of hundreds of migrant children. John Madeira and Jamar Jackson break it down on The Damage Report.

The Trump administration instituted a “zero tolerance” policy in 2018 that separated migrant children and parents at the southern U.S. border. The administration later confirmed that it had actually begun separating families in 2017 along some parts of the border under a pilot program.

November 21, 2021 Greg is looking forward to two things in 2021: Baseball and Joe Biden! November 19, 2021 It is scary that Trump refuses to concede the election.

November 19, 2021 Thomas is disheartened that the Republican leaders aren’t fighting Trump’s claims of fraud. November 19, 2021 Scott believes the people need to know this was a completely fair and free election.

November 19, 2021 Laurie wants Republicans to “please insist that Trump concede the election.” November 19, 2021 Shawn believes the refusing to concede doesn’t make us look strong: it shows a lack of confidence. November 19, 2021 Chris wants our Republican leaders to stop enabling Trump’s poor behavior.

Nov. 20 (UPI) -- Coldplay released a new music video Wednesday for their song “Father” that uses 2D animation and puppets. The music video was directed by ASA Lander and produced by Yardman Animations with Brunswick & Grimes handling the puppetry.

“Father” and “Champion of the World” will both appear on Coldplay's upcoming album Everyday Life, which is set for release on Friday. Everyday Life will also include the single Orphans which Coldplay released a music video for in October.

6- “I think you can have it all, you just have to work really hard because great things don’t come easily.” 8- “Beautiful mind, tortured soul.

38- “All this money can’t buy me a time machine” I’m a good girl because I really believe in love, integrity, and respect.

40- “Throw your stick and stones, throw your bombs and your blows, but you’re not going to break my soul.” 41- “There are a lot of things that are personally uncomfortable to show, especially me without makeup and completely bloated or crying.

But I’ve realized that it’s time for me to show my audience that you don’t have to be perfect to achieve your dreams. 45- “I don’t want to completely self-sabotage everything that I’ve got and alienate everyone.

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