Are Wayne And Gary Lineker Brothers

Maria Johnson
• Saturday, 21 November, 2020
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Old times: GaryLineker's younger brother Wayne has paid tribute to the England legend on his 60th birthday by sharing a series of previously unseen childhood photos It's understood that Wayne, who co-owns popular Ibiza bar O Beach, and Gary were previously at the heart of a family rift following the pundit's marriage to now ex-wife Danielle BUX in 2009.

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Gary's oldest son George, 28, also shared a handful of images while congratulating his father on his special day. The posts included a series of family shots of Gary and his four sons with first wife Michelle Cocaine, who divorced the former footballer in 2006 after 20-years of marriage.

Elsewhere, son Harry posted a shot of himself and his father on the pitch in the early 2000s, several years after Gary formally ended his playing career. Meanwhile, Harry Linker, 24, shared a video of his father watching a compilation of his career highlights with the accompanying caption: Happy birthday to this hero @garylineker.

Football pundit Gary and his wild brother Wayne (left) were once best of friends but now no longer speak despite the BBC presenter tweeting this picture in 2012, years after they grew apart This weekend, after the couple nip back home to attend the opening of a new strip club managed by ex-footballer Paul Gasoline’s daughter Bianca, and pamper themselves with a spot of skin rejuvenation therapy, the scene will shift to Marbella, where they will ‘chill’ in a glitzy hotel favored by Premier League footballers and gold-bedecked Russians.

Then they will be off to the racy Ocean Beach Club in Ibiza, one of Wayne’s latest business ventures and the place where Danielle first fell for his laddish charms, on a night out last year (the next morning she cancelled her homeward flight and moved in with him). It all sounds totally ‘buzzing’ to coin a superlative this silver-haired Peter Pan (who has just released his first house music record) often uses to describe his crazy capers on Twitter.

I’ve definitely found the one,’ he swooned (though Danielle’s mother Jillian Sadhu later assured me that, much as she likes her daughter’s new boyfriend, talk of wedding bells is premature). Then came his bombshell revelation: if and when they do marry, Gary is unlikely to attend, because Wayne and his BBC presenter big brother have barely spoken to one another for six years.

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According to Wayne, the rift dates back to 2008, when Gary, then recently divorced from his first wife, Michelle, and planning to wed lingerie model Danielle BUX, took his bride-to-be to meet his sibling for the first time, in Ibiza. Wayne was invited to the sumptuous, £300,000 wedding ceremony on Italy’s Mali coast, but his then girlfriend, Ana Tanaka (yes, another young model), was left off the guest-list even though they had been together for 18 months.

Born 18 months apart, into a solid family of market traders, both had trials with the local football team, Leicester City, and by all accounts Wayne was by far the more gifted player. Yet they remained fiercely loyal to one another, and when Wayne hit upon the wheeze of cashing in his famous brother’s fame by opening an eponymous bar in the Canaries, Gary gladly lent him the money.

He later spoke of his admiration for Wayne, with his ‘ability to turn a penny into tuppence’, and watched with pride as his brother’s ‘little empire’ of raucous watering-holes spread to Mediterranean resorts. Commendably, he even stood by Wayne in 2006, when he and two associates were jailed for 18 months, for smuggling suitcases filled with foreign banknotes into Britain, in an audacious £220,000 tax fraud.

In 2012, his fanciful attempt to set up a social media site to rival Facebook ended in a costly failure for the investors he hoped to turn into millionaires. He says he lost more than £1 million on the business start-up himself, and that same year he was declared bankrupt for failing to pay the £60,000 he owed to his Mayfair tax consultants, Milestone International.

Though he drives a posh Mercedes SL sports car in Ibiza, and lives during the winter in a smart Essex apartment, he has sold off his Tenerife bar because of a decline in tourism at the resort. Since his Twitter feed is filled with gushing plugs for the swish restaurants, hotels and health spas he frequents, this fuels the suspicion that freebies help facilitate his glitzy lifestyle.

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Of course, he isn’t the first person to have milked his vicarious celebrity for all it’s worth; and, despite his flaws, he is regarded by friends as an engaging, amusing and highly generous man who never fails to do his bit for charity. However, it is difficult to envisage the gentrified Mr and Mrs GaryLineker OBE raving it up with zany Wayne and his ‘buzzing’ new girl at an Ibiza pool party this summer.

© Provided by Daily Mail The 58-year-old appeared alongside British actor Tamer Hassan (pictured left), 52, to debate whether women prefer men with 'dad bods' 'The guys with the better bodies get more temptation to distract themselves from their relationship, but as far as a decent boyfriend or husband is concerned I think once you're a cheat you're always a cheat. Yesterday, the club owner shared his bizarre list of criteria, which included being able to cook 'Wait rose ready meals' and 'loving R&B'.

Following the criticism of his criteria, Wayne added to his message: 'This post is purely tongue in cheek banter.' Taking to Instagram, Wayne wrote: 'So, my family have decided I need a girlfriend for my own sanity and health...so here’s my criteria.

He also refused to consider any women who have shared teeth whitening posts, appear on OnlyFans, or dating websites, and who are 'boring' or bad at geography. Despite finishing the post with '#banter', some social media users were left unimpressed with Wayne's criteria.

© Provided by Daily Mail Nightclub owner WayneLineker, 58, was once regarded as a better footballing prospect than his brother Gary He had all his children with his first wife, including three daughters Duane, Tia and Sean and a son called Freddie. The business owner and grandfather has reportedly been single since he split from his ex-fiancée Danielle Sadhu, 27, in 2018 after meeting at his club.

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The brother of the former England striker GaryLineker, a winner of the FIFA fair play award, has been jailed for two and a half years for fraud. WayneLineker, 43, who owns of a string of holiday theme bars built on his brother's reputation, was branded a “burglar and thief” by a judge.

Those predictions, made by the boys' father several decades ago, were further confounded yesterday as Wayne began his prison sentence. Southward Crown Court heard how Linker, 17 months younger than his brother and also a millionaire, gave an official at Nat West stockbrokers “perks and back Sanders” to launder bundles of currency brought into the UK in suitcases.

Until Stacey was recruited, Linker and his accomplices had been taking the assignments of cash to individual bureau DE change, but that had proved too expensive. Linker, of Field, Essex, and his manager and “right-hand man” Dave Hodges, of Waltham Abbey, admitted conspiring to defraud tax authorities.

Judge Stephen Robins told Linker yesterday: “You through your counsel accept prime responsibility for initiating the conspiracy which was sustained over a period of about 18 months and led to a loss of £90,000 tax.” As Linker begins his sentence in prison, where the boredom will be broken this summer by watching his brother fronting the BBC's World Cup coverage, he will also have time to reflect on how their career paths have diverged.

He had more dribbling ability and that sort of thing whereas Gary is more direct and probably thinks more quickly ... Wayne has a lot of talent, but he doesn't like the discipline.” Gary's career took off when he broke into the Leicester City first team in 1979, and by the time he hung up his boots his CV included stints at Everton Barcelona and Spurs, concluding with a lucrative period in Japan.

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The sibling connection made all the difference for Wayne as he set about establishing a chain of bars in holiday destinations popular with football-loving Britons.

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