Are Washington Trails Open

James Smith
• Thursday, 29 October, 2020
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You'll find nearly 700 miles of trails in Washington state parks, from short interpretive nature walks to challenging long-distance treks. Deception Pass alone has 38 miles of trails that wander through forests and sand dunes, along rocky saltwater headlands, and beside clear freshwater lakes.

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Spend an afternoon hiking in the timbered Cascade foothills to thundering, plummeting, 265-foot Wallace Falls. Bikers who breeze past waiting cars and onto the San Juan Island ferries are rewarded with lots of good mountain biking at scenic Moran State Park.

Water trails offer unsurpassed views of Northwest scenery and wildlife while providing access to pullouts, campsites, and other public amenities along the way. Battle Ground Lake has a primitive horse camping area and five miles of riding trails, while Steamboat Rock offers 10 miles of trails in a classic Central Washington landscape of sagebrush and bare basalt cliffs.

The Spokane River Centennial State Park Trail is open to hikers, joggers, bikers, and in-line skaters. The Columbia Plateau Trail travels 130 miles from East Pasco to Fish Lake (near Spokane), through the channeled scab lands and pine forests of eastern Washington.

The Kickiest Trail runs 31 miles through stunning Columbia River Gorge country between Lyle and the Golden dale plateau. As it leaves the Columbia to follow the Kickiest River, the gentle trail leads cyclists, hikers, birders and, in some places, equestrians through dramatic Scale Canyon.

The 100-mile portion from Cedar Falls (near North Bend) to the Columbia River near Vantage is open to hikers, bikers, equestrians, and horse-drawn wagons in summer, and to snowmobiles, dog sleds, and cross-country skiers in winter. Please check our Winter Schedule page for up-to-date information on the camping and day-use statuses of individual parks.

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Washington State Parks administrative buildings, including our Tum water headquarters, Eastern Region office in Wenatchee and Northwest Region office in Burlington are currently CLOSED to the public due to COVID-19. Our call center is contacting campers whose reservations are needing to be changed or canceled.

Open marine parks on uninhabited islands in San Juan County include transient use of moo rage and boys. Washington State Parks will announce reopening of these facilities on its website and through its Facebook and Twitter social media channels.

Check in time for roofed accommodations has been changed to 4 p.m. to allow for more cleaning due to COVID-19. Below are the open /closed status of individual parks roofed accommodations and interpretive centers.

Lincoln Rock (cabins) Mount Spokane (rustic shelters) Pacific Beach (yurts) Paradise Point. Making temporary changes to how you hike right now will help keep everyone healthier.

Plan Ahead: Choose a couple of alternate locations in case your first choice is crowded. If your alternates are also packed, use WTA's Trailblazer app to find another trailhead near you.

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Be sure to notify whoever you left your hiking itinerary with of the change. Go before you leave home, and bring supplies to manage things if nature calls while you're out there.

If you wipe after a pee, go a more sustainable route: get a Lula cloth. We usually encourage hikers to shop local and contribute to the recreation economy in rural communities, but doing so right now could put populations of smaller communities at risk.

As long as you're briefly passing one another, risk of transmission is low, and even lower with your mouth and nose covered. Trail etiquette states the person going uphill has right of way, but not everyone knows this.

Play it Safe : Choose lower-risk activities to reduce your risk of injury. Search and rescue operations and health care resources are still responding to the pandemic, and we don't want to put any extra pressure on them.

Leave No Trace: Respect public lands and communities and take anything you brought with you on the hike back out, including food waste from lunch, and dog poop bags. You'll need to bring them all the way home with you, since there's no trailhead trash service.

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Jay Inslee's plan to ease rules imposed to prevent the spread of the virus. Beaches and campgrounds would re- open under the second phase of the plan, although large gatherings would still be banned.

State officials plan to wait at least three weeks between each phase to see how the changes affect infection rates. Some farmers' markets are already open, including one in West Seattle where on Sunday people bought things like asparagus, radishes and onions.

Chalk arrows pointed to the market entrance, including the words “Yes farms, yes food,” with smiley faces every six feet to designated distance to wait between customers. Read ContentS top The lawful discharge of firearms for target shooting is currently open statewide.

Some campgrounds may be closed due to seasonal closures, renovations, or forest management operations. Day Use This includes the following recreation sites for day use only: Blanchard Lower Trailhead, Blanchard Upper Trailhead, Amish Overlook, Lily Lake, Lizard Lake, and Les Hide Trailhead.

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Natural Areas and San Juan Island recreation sites are mostly open. Point Doughty and Upright Channel's restrooms will reopen Oct. 17.

Access to sites in Morning Star NACA is dependent on snow level and other early-season trail conditions. Backcountry restrooms in Morning Star, if accessible, are available for use, but are serviced in infrequently.

Bear Creek, Copper mine Bottom, Cottonwood, How Oxbow, Lyre River, Minnie Peterson, South Fork How, and Upper Clearwater. Yahoo Lake access will be closed from Monday, Sept. 21 until Thursday, Sept. 24.

The portion of the Little River Trail that is on DNR-managed lands (from the trailhead to mile 1.5) will be closed due to forest management operations from Oct. 26 – Oct. 30, 2020. Starting December 2020, portions of the Sadie C reek 4×4 trail system will be closed due to timber harvest operations.

BBQ Flats, Clover Flats, Eagle's Nest, Indian Camp, Snow Cabin and Tree Phones, and Wends dispersed. Tearaway Campground is closed for renovation and will reopen in the spring as conditions allow.

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Nahum Ridge is open for day use and for dispersed camping. Green dot roads are open for day use in Ch elan, Hittites, and Yakima counties only, except where groomed.

Kickiest, South Yakima, Grant, and Ch elan Counties Open sites include Buck Creek Trail and Trailheads 1 & 2 (restrooms available), Beverly Dunes OR area (restrooms available), and Ch elan Butte Sky Park.

All McKenna trailheads and horse parking area is open from 8 a.m. until dusk. The Fall Creek trailhead will be open after 3 p.m. on weekdays and all day on weekends.

This includes Beaver Creek Trailhead, Eagle Crest, Elbe Hills OR Trailhead, Elbe Hills OR Trail System, Hidden View Day, High Point Day, Jenny’s Junction Day-use Site, Memorial Trailhead, Nicholson Horse Trail System, North Point, Sahara Creek, Valley View, Woodpecker Point, South District Mount Tahoma Ski Trails, and 1- Road Snowpack. The following sites are closed for the season of April 30 – November 1: 92-Road Snowpack, North District Mt.

Due to active forest operations management activities and storm damage, gate #412 on the 3 road in the Tahoma State Forest will remain closed between October 1 and December 15. Open sites include Granite Lakes Trail Connector Access, Mine Creek day-use site, Champion Beach Day-use Site, Granite Lakes Trailhead, Oxbow Loop Trailhead, Russian Butte day-use site, Mailbox Peak Trailhead and Far Side Trailhead (for Dirty Harry’s Balcony & Peak) managed by Washington State Parks.

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Access from Rattlesnake Lake Recreation Area & Rattlesnake Ledge Trail, managed by Seattle Public Utilities, is closed. Green Mountain and Tanya River Horse Camps are closed for the season.

Chirico/Poo Poo Point Trailhead (managed by King County Parks) is open. The following sites are open until further notice: High Point /Tradition Plateau Trailhead (co-managed by the City of Issaquah) and Chirico/Poo Poo Point Trailhead (managed by King County Parks).

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