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• Friday, 04 December, 2020
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Please check our Winter Schedule page for up-to-date information on the camping and day-use statuses of individual parks. Washington State Parks administrative buildings, including our Tum water headquarters, Eastern Region office in Wenatchee and Northwest Region office in Burlington are currently CLOSED to the public due to COVID-19.

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Our call center is contacting campers whose reservations are needing to be changed or canceled. Open marine parks on uninhabited islands in San Juan County include transient use of moo rage and boys.

Washington State Parks will announce reopening of these facilities on its website and through its Facebook and Twitter social media channels. Check in time for roofed accommodations has been changed to 4 p.m. to allow for more cleaning due to COVID-19.

Below are the open /closed status of individual parks roofed accommodations and interpretive centers. Lincoln Rock (cabins) Mount Spokane (rustic shelters) Pacific Beach (yurts) Paradise Point.

> NOTE WashingtonStateParks administrative buildings, including our Tum water headquarters, Eastern Region office in Wenatchee and Northwest Region office in Burlington are currently CLOSED to the public due to COVID-19. If you need assistance, visit our contact page for more information.

> FIND out which parks are open for camping, day use and roofed accommodations rentals. > READ translations of our Guidelines for Responsible Outdoor Recreation and FAQs in 33 languages.

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Visitors may find reduced or limited restroom services as staff begin the process to reopen facilities at wildlife areas and water-access sites. You are advised to bring your own soap, water, hand sanitizer and toilet paper, as well as a mask or bandana to cover your nose and mouth.

If you have symptoms of fever, coughing or shortness of breath, save your outdoor adventure for another day. Rule enforcement puts visitors and staff at risk.

Please follow all rules to reduce the need for interaction with rangers and other park staff. Keep up on personal hygiene and bring your own water, soap and hand sanitizer with you.

As part of the agency’s Transformation Strategy, the Commission has approved staff to offer online advertising on its websites. To ensure full compliance with the federal agency that owns “.GOV” domains, we have changed this site to be an entry page to the new website address where we will be offering online advertising.

C AMA Beach is located on the southwest shore of Camaro Island, facing Saratoga Passage. Came Beach offers visitors a chance to step back in time to a 1930s-era Puget Sound fishing resort complete with waterfront cedar cabins and bungalows.

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Self serve fee envelopes for check in at bulletin board in main campground. Bay View Partial Open None Sites 39 – 76 closed Nov.1 – May 1.

Reservations year-round Outdoor water spigots turned off in winter. Beacon Rock Partial OpenVPN Two standard campsites are available at the moo rage area and five utility sites at the RV camping area are available year-round on a first-come, first-served basis.

The main campground and group camp are closed during the winter. The boat launch and moo rage docks are open year-round except inclement weather.

The boat pump out and electrical hookup sites on the moo rage dock are closed during the winter. The south, southeast and southwest faces of Beacon Rock are closed to technical rock climbing and base access beginning Feb. 1.

Birch Bay Partial OpenVPN Campsites 1 – 74 open year-round. Blake Island OpenVPN None Water is typically turned off in Nov. 1 – March 15.

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At that time, a primitive campsite fee of $12 is charged at the west campground. When the water is shut off in the west campground, the restroom is closed, but a vault toilet is available.

Blind Island OpenVPN None Brachial Partial Open None Sites 30 – 42 closed Nov. 1 to April 1. Winter water supply is near dump station, site 12 and restroom.

Bottle Beach None Open None Bridgeport OpenOpenOpen Drinkable water is located near the trailer dump during winter months. Outdoor water spigots turned off in freezing temperatures.

Camaro Island Partial OpenVPN Sites 39 – 77 closed Nov. 1 to May 1. Sites 1 – 38 will stay open for first-come, first served camping.

Outdoor water spigots turned off in freezing temperatures. Cape Disappointment Partial OpenVPN Reservations are accepted year-round for camping, yurts, cabins and vacation houses.

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Centennial Trail None Open None Not maintained during winter. Clark Island OpenVPN None No water Camping first-come, first served.

Columbia Hills 10/28/20203/31/202110/23/20193/31/202110/1/20203/31/2021 Horse thief Butte, Crawford Oaks, and Dallas Mountain Ranch trails open year-round Crawford None9/15/20205/31/2021None Curlew Lake South campground 9/30//2020.

Deception Pass PartialPartial Open Bowman Bay closed Sept. 30 – April 1. North Beach parking lot and restroom closed Oct. 31 – April 1.

The CCC Interpretive Center is closed for the rest of 2020 due to COVID-19. Water at utility sites will be shut off after Thanksgiving and turned back on in March.

Be prepared for self-service check in and Discover Pass purchasing outside those hours. Dosewallips Partial Open None Sites 106-130 and platform tents 1-3 closed Nov. 1 – April 1.

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Water is turned off in late Nov. to Mar 1 except for sites 21-30. Doug's Beach None Open None No restroom facilities are available from Oct.16 to March 31.

Federation Forest None10/31/2020×3/31/2021None *Snow conditions may influence reopening date. Interpretive Center closed Nov. 1, reopens June 1.

Tentative reopen date for Interpretive Center May 1. Fields Spring OpenVPN None A Snowpack permit is required in winter.

The trailer dump is closed Nov. through the second weekend in March. Golden dale Observatory NoneClosedNone Gray land Beach OpenVPN None Campground and yurts are available for reservations year-round.

Park office hours are limited during Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day. Ike Kinsley Partial OpenVPN Campsites 42-73 and cabins 1-9 are available for reservation year-round.

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Village OpenOpenOpen Water at utility sites turned off in freezing temperatures. Emma Beach 10/01/20205/15/2021 OpenVPN Dock is removed Oct. 1, reinstalled mid-May.

The moo rage dock is available from early April through mid-October. The dock is removed during late fall and winter to prevent storm damage.

Joseph Whitney None10/1/20204/1/2021None Kanaskat-Palmer OpenVPN None Dump Station open with water. Marina and Beach loops closed Sept. 10, for dock replacement.

Lake Easton Partial×5/1/2021Partial5/1/202110/15/2020×5/1/2021 *Snow conditions may influence reopening date. Winter camping allowed with Snowpack permit in day-use parking lot.

Variable Partial OpenVPN Campsites 8-42, 49-51 and T1-T26 open year-round. Winter water located at dump station and main campground restroom.

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Lead better Point None Open None Lewis and Clark 10/1/20205/1/202110/1/20205/1/2021None The retreat center is reserveable year-round. Lincoln Rock 11/1/20202/28/2021 OpenVPN Cabins Closed Oct. 1 – March 30.

Lyons Ferry None11/1/202004/1/202111/1/202004/1/2021 Manchester Partial Open None Lower Loop sites 25-49 closed Sept. 16 – May 15. Sites 237-239 closed due to high water.

Due to erosion from high use, many sites are prone to flood. Moran Partial OpenVPN South end Campground closed Oct. 31 – Apr 1.

Midway Campground open year-round, Nov. 1 to May 15 partially closed. Olga dock removed second week of Oct. Winter water available at site 35 (Midway) year-round.

Mount Chuck None Open None Fire lookout closed in winter. Mount Spokane 9/16/20206/30/2021 Open None Quartz Mountain Lookout closed Sept. 14 – June 14.

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Note None Open 9/30/20204/1/2021 May close periodically due to weather. Some campsites in low-lying areas are subject to flooding in winter months.

Pacific Beach OpenVPN None Pacific Pines None10/1/20204/30/2021None Pa louse Falls Closed Open None Drinkable water is turned off October through April. Pa louse to Cascades Trail None Open NoneSnoqualmie Tunnel closed Nov. 1 – May 1.

Paths Island OpenVPN None Camping is first-come, first served. Peace Arch None Open None Parrying Lake 10/31/20204/5/202110/31/2020×4/5/202110/31/2020*4/5/2021 West campground closed Oct. 25 – April 5.

*Snow conditions may influence reopening date. Parking area and roads are plowed and maintained for day hiking, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing access in winter.

Penrose Point Partial Open None Sites 1 – 21 first-come, first-served Nov. 1 – May 15. ESSTIN Pinnacles None10/16/20203/14/2021×None *Park opening depends on trail conditions.

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Potholes OpenOpenOpen Cabins closed Nov. 30 to March 1. Potlatch Partial Open None Sites 36 – 54 closed Sept. 16 – May 15.

Sites 59 – 93 closed Nov. 1 – May 1 Dump station open year-round. Rainbow Falls OpenVPN None Sites 1-32 and 39-48 open for first-come, first served.

Dump station open Reservation season extended to Nov. 1. Radar OpenVPN None Campground water turned off Nov. 2 – March 1, weather depending.

Water available in restrooms, cabins and at trailer dump station. Nine Mile Recreation Area closed Nov. 1 – March 31.

The beginner OR riding area closed Dec. 15 – March 1. Rockport None Open None Outdoor water turned off in freezing temperatures.

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Sacajawea None11/1/20204/1/202111/1/20204/1/2021* Reopen date depends on ice in the river. Saddlebag Island OpenVPN None Saint Edward NonePartialNone Day-use shelters closed due to COVID-19.

Sea quest Partial Open None Sites 32 -54 and 57-76 closed Oct. 1 – May 1. Sequin Bay Partial OpenVPN Sites 27 – 64 closed Oct. 8 – May 15.

Spring Creek Hatchery NonePartialNone No restroom facilities available Oct. 16 – March 31. Group camp closed due to COVID-19. Tentatively scheduled to reopen in May.

Steamboat Rock Partial OpenVPN Jones Bay loop closed Sept. 30 – April 1. The watercraft launch docks are removed in October.

They are reinstalled in March or when the lake is no longer freezing. Stuart Island OpenVPN None No water September through March.

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Tommie NonePartialNone Day-use area is open Wednesdays through Sundays from Sept. 16 through April 17. Triton Cove None OpenVPN Float is removed mid-November and reinstalled mid-March.

Westport Light None Open None Yakima Sportsman 11/1/2020×3/1/202111/1/20203/1/2021None *Campground currently closed due to COVID-19.

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