Are Washington Quarters Worth Anything

James Lee
• Tuesday, 24 November, 2020
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Washington quarters of the early years are 90% silver forming a solid base and premium over face value. Notice on the value chart a major dividing line: Washington quarters are worth more in mint state condition by the largest margin.

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Additionally, certain dates are beginning to develop premiums in circulated condition. You can expect variations in value to occur subject to subtle grading points, collector demands and dealer needs.

First era Washington quarters ; 1932 to 1964 are 90% silver and a popular variety of the series with collectors. Availability of all dates and mint mark combinations attracts both new and advanced collectors with sets assembled in many grades of condition.

Mint state coins attract the most attention and are worth in line with initial mintage numbers. Identity of mint marks narrows the range of how much these silver quarters are worth.

San Francisco was part of the initial minting of the New Washington quarter. It holds the distinction of the fewest variety of any year, striking 408,000 pieces in 1932.

All early “S” mint mark Washington quarter are worth a close look as to condition. Find the “S” mint mark on the reverse just below where the olive branches meet.

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To determine your Washington quarters value, compare your coins to the grading images below. Obverse: Features Identifying Mint State Grade: A coin never handled through circulation remains with original surfaces.

No trace of wear is seen on the raised cheek area just under Washington's eye. In Mint State condition the texture of the neck is consistent over high and low areas.

Reverse: Features Identifying Mint State Grade: High relief areas are inspected carefully to detect smoothing due to wear. Any wear along this contour shows as a different color to the metal and smoother texture than the rest of the wing.

Obverse: Features Identifying Extremely Fine Grade: Light wear is evident on the high areas in the Extremely Fine grade. Also, the raised area of Washington's neckline is smooth and beginning to lose contour.

Olive leaves where they lay over the tips of wings remain bold and raised. Obverse: Features Identifying the Fine Grade: Flat areas now cover many parts of Washington's portrait.

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A faint separation is visible defining the cheek, temple, and forehead from the hair. Reverse: Features Identifying the Fine Grade: Moderate wear has begun to give the eagle a “faded” look.

A large flat area connects the Eagle's head, running through the chest and legs. Obverse: Features Identifying the Good Grade: Washington portrait remains bold and raised from the field.

Reverse: Features Identifying the Good Grade: Many feather details to the center of the wings remain. Video plus close-up images and detailed descriptions help judge condition and assign a grade.

Collector demand is the base to any coin rising above this bullion level. Many dates and mint mark combination have potential to collector level demand.

View closely the subtle difference in preservation of the major and minor design elements seen on the Extremely Fine grade coin. Both grades are affordable in most dates and a strong preference is given to the high-quality example by collectors.

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Set aside the higher grade Extremely Fine examples, do not include these as bullion quality. To meet the desires of future collectors; all have a strong potential to rise above “common” States.

Early quarters with “D” and “S” mint marks are typically low mintage varieties and desirable coins. Quarters of the twentieth century are very popular today, with certain key dates considered rare.

With today's high value of silver your old coins are becoming surprisingly valuable. Images and descriptions help recognize the dates and series US coins contained silver.

Seller: amphitheater Certification Agency: US Mint Condition: CIRCULATED Having been minted through WWII, it goes without saying that WashingtonQuarters have played a pivotal role in the history of the United States.

For collectors, the ultimate goal is to find these coins in supreme condition, but this is not always an easy thing to do, especially when you consider that most of these quarters were circulated for extended periods of time. Thanks to their being minted in large quantities and not an overly long time ago, these pieces are still somewhat abundant.

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For versions of the coin that have been well-preserved, the price you are going to be asked to pay can reach the hundreds, and sometimes even thousands of dollars. Earlier editions of the Washington Quarter, like those minted throughout the 1930s, are especially valuable in the eyes of collectors simply because a smaller quantity exist due to how old they are.

WashingtonQuarters are some of the newest on the market, so while their prices may be affordable at present, that much may not hold true 10, 20, or even fifty years down the line. All Market Updates are provided as a third party analysis and do not necessarily reflect the explicit views of JM Bullion Inc. and should not be construed as financial advice.

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