Are Washington Movie Theaters Open

James Lee
• Monday, 09 November, 2020
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“I can't meet that obligation right now where people would walk in and feel like they're 100% safe,” said David McRae, owner of Ark Lodge Cinemas in Seattle. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stresses the importance of proper ventilation indoors in order to reduce the risk of getting sick.

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AMC is reopening its 14 locations in the state, while some smaller, independently-owned theaters are choosing to stay closed, saying they can't afford to open yet. All K-12/higher education, health care, and childcare are exempt from the new restrictions and will follow current guidance.

Retail stores, including farmers markets, allowed up to 25% indoor capacity. Table size for outdoor dining is limited to a maximum of six (6) people and two (2) households.

Indoor receptions, wakes or similar gatherings remain prohibited. Indoor recreation and fitness for low-risk sports (dance, no-contact martial arts, gymnastics, climbing) are permitted for practice and training in groups of no more than five (5) athletes.

Appointment-based fitness/training is allowed for 45-minute maximum session with no more than one (1) customer/athlete per room or, for large facilities, per 500 soft. Indoor entertainment establishments such as aquariums, theaters, arenas, concert halls, gardens, museums, bowling alleys, trampoline facilities, wardrooms and event spaces are open for private rentals/tours of individual households up to six (6) people.

NameLocationStatusScreens5th Avenue Theater Seattle, WA, United States Open 1 7th Street Theater Requiem, WA, United States Open 1 AMC Alderwood Mall 16 Lynnwood, WA, United States Open 16 AMC Cascade Mall 14 Burlington, WA, United States Open 14 AMC Classic Kennewick 12 Kennewick, WA, United States Open 12 AMC Factorial Cinemas Bellevue, WA, United States Open 8 AMC Kent Station 14 Kent, WA, United States Open 14 AMC Kit sap 8 Silver dale, WA, United States Open 8 AMC Lakewood Town Center 12 Lakewood, WA, United States Open 12 AMC Oak Tree 6 Seattle, WA, United States Open 6 AMC Pacific Place 11 Seattle, WA, United States Open 11 AMC River Park Square 20 Spokane, WA, United States Open 20 AMC Seattle 10 Seattle, WA, United States Open 10 AMC South center 16 Tequila, WA, United States Open 16 AMC Vancouver Mall 23 Vancouver, WA, United States Open 23 AMC Joinville 12 Joinville, WA, United States Open 12 Admiral Theater Bremerton, WA, United States Open 1 Admiral Theater Seattle, WA, United States Open 4 Alderwood Stadium 7 Lynnwood, WA, United States Open 7 Alpine Theater Colville, WA, United States Open 1 Anacortes Cinemas Anacortes, WA, United States Open 3 Ark Lodge Cinemas Seattle, WA, United States Open 3 Auburn Avenue Theater Auburn, WA, United States Open 1 Auto Vue.JS Drive-In Colville, WA, United States Open 1 Bainbridge Cinemas Bainbridge Island, WA, United States Open 5 Bangor Cinema Plus Silver dale, WA, United States Open 1 Barnyard Cinema Winthrop, WA, United States Open 1 Battle Ground Cinema Battle Ground, WA, United States Open 8 Beacon Cinema Seattle, WA, United States Open 1 Bella Bodega Stadium 11 Redmond, WA, United States Open 11 “The ultimate website about movie theaters ” CloseFandango helps you go back to the movies with confidence and peace of mind.

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Popcorn, sodas, and most of the snack bar favorites have returned, but they’re now accompanied by cleaning wipes and face masks, along with other precautions to abide by state guidelines for reopening. “My husband and I are a huge movie buffs, and we missed them since the state closed down movietheaters, and we thought it would be fun to come back,” she said.

“It seems like they're doing the social distancing inside the theater, so I feel safe about it,” Ray Rails said. In addition to the increased cleaning, they had to make some changes at the snack bar, they're not accepting cash, and they can't do free refills.

Still, the popcorn smells just as enticing and the big screen can still give out that movie magic you can't get anywhere else. With no event films on the horizon, and the state of New York still not permitting theaters to open, Cineworld felt like the best option was to close the doors and wait for a better time.

A big reason why AMC believes it can weather the storm is the deal it made with Universal, allowing the studio to release films on video on-demand services just a short time after making their theatrical debut. Universal can put those movies online for purchase or rental as early as 17 days after they arrive in theaters, thanks to the agreement with AMC.

While it’s hard to be certain of every film theater in North America, the only one we know to be shut down is at Film of Lincoln Center, which is part of a larger strategy in New York City to close cultural gathering places and encourage virus-preventative social distancing. Paul Rudd, Scarlett Johansson, Robert Downey Jr., Robert Tiger, Brie Larson, Chris Hemsworth and Jeremy Runner announce Universe Unites Charity at Disney California Adventure Park, in Anaheim, Calif.

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With so much of the gross coming from now-delayed top titles, which get higher film rentals, there is even less margin for profit. Real estate and physical properties have hard costs, while studios can hope a new date for a movie will keep their revenues intact.

Theaters are not unlike restaurants or other public venues in which economic disruption could cause major losses or worse. Although exhibitors increasingly look to special events to supplement standard movie releases, their business relies on studios.

Closing theaters might be all the inspiration they need to seriously consider switching horses, especially if the same revenues can be achieved with less vulnerability. If major new films don’t open, older ones run out of gas (and have home viewing after 90 days, anyway).

Another way of looking at this: Shouldn’t settings that could increase spread close, in order to keep things from getting worse? In any event: Studios won’t release new films if key cities aren’t included.

Insurance coverage might be limited, depending on the circumstances, but if the government provides tax or other relief it’s possible that being closed puts a business ahead of one that stays open. It usually takes the declaration of a state of emergency, but as coronavirus spreads it feels absurd to think movie theaters will somehow be exempt from widespread closures.

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Menu Stores & Map SALES Dining Events Movies Visit Curbside Pickup Enjoy the latest movie releases with family and friends at Spokane Valley Mall’s movie theater.

Please check back or select another date above. 700 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20408 • Map • Top No movies scheduled for this date.

Independence Avenue & Seventh Street SW, Washington, DC 20560 • Map • Top No movies scheduled for this date. 401 Constitution Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20565 • Map • Top No movies scheduled for this date.

950 Independence Avenue Southwest, Washington, DC 20560 • Map • Top No movies scheduled for this date. 14th Street and Constitution Avenue Northwest, Washington, DC 20001 • Map • Top No movies scheduled for this date.

14th Street and Constitution Avenue, Washington, DC 20560 • Map • Top No movies scheduled for this date. 6th Street and Independence Ave SW, Washington, DC 20560 • Map • Top No movies scheduled for this date.

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Fourth Street & Independence Avenue SW, Washington, DC 20560 • Map • Top No movies scheduled for this date. John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Washington, DC 20566 • Map • Top No movies scheduled for this date.

Celebration Cinemas and AMC re-opened most of their theaters in West Michigan Monday, with things inside looking a bit different because of safety precautions in place. “This is a season where families love to gather around story, and movie traditions have played a big part of that historically,” said Emily Looks, director of community affairs for Celebration.

The National Association of Theater Owners, the trade group that represents exhibitors, expects some 90-95% of cinemas around the world will be opened by mid-July. A lot is still “fluid,” as AMC Entertainment's chief executive, Adam Aron, said in a call Tuesday with investors.

The Warner Bros. thriller, the latest from arguably Hollywood's most passionate defender of the big-screen experience, is slated for release July 17. Warner Bros. didn't comment late Tuesday, and the most recent trailer for “Tenet” was notably vague on its release date.

Aron said that AMC's conversations as recent as Monday with Warner Bros. and Disney, which has “Mulan” slated for July 24, have been reassuring. Only recently have state guidelines allowed the reopening of theaters in California (including in the country's top market, Los Angeles, where local officials have yet to agree).

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“After a period of time when billions of people have endured confinement and limited social interaction, we believe that there will be a significant pent-up demand to get back out in the world,” said Aron. AMC, like other chains, expects to limit audience sizes to facilitate social distancing, including keeping cinemas 25-50% full and blocking out seats.

Though a handful of movies has been steered to streaming or on-demand platforms during the pandemic, most studio films have been postponed until theaters reopen. Universal Pictures has moved more aggressively to put digitally distribute some of its films, drawing the fury of theater owners.

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