Are Washington Hikes Open

Brent Mccoy
• Wednesday, 25 November, 2020
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This page will be updated as lands reopen to recreation. Making temporary changes to how you hike right now will help keep everyone healthier.

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The Hiking Guide and sidebar here include closures. Plan Ahead: Choose a couple of alternate locations in case your first choice is crowded.

If your alternates are also packed, use WTA's Trailblazer app to find another trailhead near you. Be sure to notify whoever you left your hiking itinerary with of the change.

Go before you leave home, and bring supplies to manage things if nature calls while you're out there. If you wipe after a pee, go a more sustainable route: get a Lula cloth.

We usually encourage hikers to shop local and contribute to the recreation economy in rural communities, but doing so right now could put populations of smaller communities at risk. As long as you're briefly passing one another, risk of transmission is low, and even lower with your mouth and nose covered.

Try to step aside in a place where you can get well out of the way of each other without trampling trailside plants. Play it Safe : Choose lower-risk activities to reduce your risk of injury.

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Search and rescue operations and health care resources are still responding to the pandemic, and we don't want to put any extra pressure on them. Leave No Trace: Respect public lands and communities and take anything you brought with you on the hike back out, including food waste from lunch, and dog poop bags.

Subscribe to our free email newsletter for hiking events, news, gear reviews and more. You'll find nearly 700 miles of trails in Washington state parks, from short interpretive nature walks to challenging long-distance treks.

Deception Pass alone has 38 miles of trails that wander through forests and sand dunes, along rocky saltwater headlands, and beside clear freshwater lakes. Spend an afternoon hiking in the timbered Cascade foothills to thundering, plummeting, 265-foot Wallace Falls.

Bikers who breeze past waiting cars and onto the San Juan Island ferries are rewarded with lots of good mountain biking at scenic Moran State Park. Water trails offer unsurpassed views of Northwest scenery and wildlife while providing access to pullouts, campsites, and other public amenities along the way.

Battle Ground Lake has a primitive horse camping area and five miles of riding trails, while Steamboat Rock offers 10 miles of trails in a classic Central Washington landscape of sagebrush and bare basalt cliffs. The Spokane River Centennial State Park Trail is open to hikers, joggers, bikers, and in-line skaters.

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The Columbia Plateau Trail travels 130 miles from East Pasco to Fish Lake (near Spokane), through the channeled scab lands and pine forests of eastern Washington. The Kickiest Trail runs 31 miles through stunning Columbia River Gorge country between Lyle and the Golden dale plateau.

As it leaves the Columbia to follow the Kickiest River, the gentle trail leads cyclists, hikers, birders and, in some places, equestrians through dramatic Scale Canyon. The 100-mile portion from Cedar Falls (near North Bend) to the Columbia River near Vantage is open to hikers, bikers, equestrians, and horse-drawn wagons in summer, and to snowmobiles, dog sleds, and cross-country skiers in winter.

Hikers, rejoice: Today, May 5, marks the reopening of some of Washington’s state parks, as well as golf courses and hunting and fishing season. WTA is a non-profit hiker advocacy group with an extremely comprehensive online hiking guide.

You can search for a hike based on elevation, mileage, specific things like wildflowers, or find a trail that allows dogs. Hikers are expected to observe social distancing, so Ramos recommends avoiding popular trails that are usually swarmed with people.

“The governor did say that this is sort of a trial run and if places are too crowded, and we do see the virus spread picking up, then there is the potential to once again assess risk levels and close particular trails,” Ramos said. A great rule of thumb is if the parking lot is more than half full, you’re probably going to have some company on that trail.

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Last year, 5,000 WTA volunteers maintained more than 600 Washington state trails, but the shutdown has put a hold on these gatherings. Ramos said bathrooms also may not be open, so come prepared with toilet paper and consult the WTA website for the rules on How To Poop In The Woods.

It may be a challenge, but they’d like to hikers to try and give six feet of passing space without stepping off trail and trampling plants. Save Hike to My Backpacking in My Backpack.

Multiple avalanche chutes cross the Snow Lake Trail, posing danger for hikers in the winter. If there is snow present at the trailhead, hikers should have experience navigating avalanche territory and the appropriate safety gear.

One of Washington's most popular destinations in the summer, the trail to Snow Lake is a tempting destination in winter, too. But the steep terrain in the area puts visitors in a high-avalanche risk when snow is present.

Have proper gear and an understanding of how to read the snowpack before venturing out on this trail. Save Hike to My Backpacking in My Backpack.

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Multiple avalanche chutes cross the Snow Lake Trail, posing danger for hikers in the winter. If there is snow present at the trailhead, hikers should have experience navigating avalanche territory and the appropriate safety gear.

One of several feeder trails to the Kettle Crest, the Ryan Cabin Trail provides easy access to numerous route options in the Kettle Range. Save Hike to My Backpacking in My Backpack.

A Rail-to-Trail conversion through the heart of the Spokane Valley, the Apple way Trail provides a non-motorized option for traveling through town. Save Hike to My Backpacking in My Backpack.

Must-have permit from The Yakima Training Center to hike in the area. Easily obtained at the recreation center on the base.

The Lower Denseness Trail travels through mostly conifer forests high above the river with a fair bit of elevation gain for a river hike. Save Hike to My Backpacking in My Backpack.

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This Spark at the northern end of the Kettle Crest offers 9 kilometers of groomed Nordic ski trails as well as non-groomed ski routes. Save Hike to My Backpacking in My Backpack.

This easy-to-moderate hike brings you through lush meadows, planted forest trees, and a stump-filled clearing to the monument dedicated to Robert Henry Hauberk, the founder of the Chuck Tree Farm. The monument meadow has great views of the valley below plus the Sound and the islands, but be aware that this is on private property and visitors must fill out a release to hike here.

Save Hike to My Backpacking in My Backpack. This route provides both spectacular views and solitude at the summit, but keep in mind trail etiquette.

This is part of the William O. Douglas Trail, which runs from Davis High School in Yakima to Mt. Save Hike to My Backpacking in My Backpack.

Once a railroad, this trail allows visitors to travel between the towns of Chevalier and South Bend without having to drive! This makes an excellent outing, whether you want a quick jaunt or a longer bike ride, though the trail is in varying stages of development, so be sure you are prepared for pavement, gravel, or possibly dirt, depending on your route.

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Mount Bonaparte, the tallest mountain in the Flanagan Highlands, dominates its corner of the world. The summit is 2500 feet higher than nearby Strawberry Mountain, and is 3700 feet higher than Bonaparte Lake.

A very fine loop hike is available that will take you all the way around the mountain, with a short dash to the summit lookout included. Once you have completely surrounded Bonaparte, you can claim your own Waterloo success.

Save Hike to My Backpacking in My Backpack. Spencer Island is part of a larger area known as the Snohomish River Estuary and is a stop on the Washington State Great Birding Trail.

The mix of saltwater from Possession Sound and fresh water from the Snohomish River create a unique ecosystem, making it one of the best birding spots in Puget Sound. Save Hike to My Backpacking in My Backpack.

A birder's paradise, this wildlife refuge is the perfect get-away without a long drive. The refuge includes mixed wetlands and pastures with riparian strips lined with cottonwoods and white oak trees.

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More than 200 species of waterfowl and songbirds have been recorded here, making it the perfect place to slow down and enjoy nature. Save Hike to My Backpacking in My Backpack.

Rating: Average rating: (6 votes) Branch off from the Paw Print Connector to the east side of Tiger Mountain and explore this trail with many access points. This trail in Idaho’s Hepburn State Park starts off on a remnant of a historic wagon road, then winds through ponderosa pine forests to top out on Shuffler Butte.

The Queens River Trail is legendary for both its wild rainforest scenery and for the challenges it presents to the hiker. To begin, the trail can only be accessed after fording the glacier-born Queens River itself.

Most hikers skip this trail either because of the ford or because it dead ends at 11 miles. But anglers and Olympiphiles hold a special place for this valley in their hearts.

The Fletcher Canyon Trail is a disproportionately difficult hike for being little more than two miles long. Perhaps because the route is steep and often muddy, obscured by blowdown, or faded entirely, it earns its ire and accolades.

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Individual accounts may be forgiven for their embellishments, especially those recalled fireside at the lodge tavern on a wet winter’s eve. Those new to snowshoeing will appreciate the easy access and groomed trails found at Nielsen Creek Snowpack, along with the mountain views and options for extended exploration.

The flat terrain of this wide valley east of Snoqualmie Pass is the perfect place to practice snowshoeing with kids or first-timers. This is an area popular with cross-country skiers, and you may spot beaver dams and other winter wildlife.

From Made Lake to looming Kendall Peak before you, this is premiere terrain for winter enthusiasts. In spite of old-growth trees and stunning views of waterfalls and mountains, this trail is rarely visited.

The road is rough, but if you're willing to brave it, you'll be rewarded with a beautiful, quiet hike on this trail. This hike is sometimes called Last Promontory; Absolute Last Promontory and starts out as a road walk on the CCC road; then climbs another road to a viewpoint east of the Green Mt summit.

The Ollie Trail in Ollie State Park is a new (as of Fall 2017) trail dedicated to mountain bikers, but open to all forms of non-motorized recreation such as hiking and horseback riding. It takes recreators up the slopes of Mount Washington above the I-90 corridor.

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Stop at multiple viewpoints on your way up that look north across I-90 towards the rest of the Mt. This nature preserve has a network of trails that wind through the trees and out to bluffs above Puget Sound.

The O Denny County Park has history, hiking and old-growth trees all within the city of Kirkland. See wildlife wandering through the trees, swimming in the creek and flying high in the sky.

Dramatic mounds of snow, a frozen lake and sweeping views into the Alpine Lakes and Glacier Peak Wildernesses await snowshoes at Skyline Lake. Easily accessed from the Stevens Pass ski area, this steep and rewarding ridge walk is a classic on a sunny day.

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